Words to Remember

"I find it appalling that in the United States of America there are those who would vilify a company for finding a way to take a hospital that’s on the verge of closing and make it profitable again."
-Thomas J. Azzolini, DPM
Hoboken University Medical Center
October 30, 2011


  1. Dr. Azzolini has worked tirelessly to help get this deal over the finish line, in the belief that the continued operation of the Hospital benefits everyone. He's a great guy...if you ever have a foot or ankle problem, he's your man. Seriously though, the Council Minority went way too far into the ozone with this issue of the Hospital sale because Beth Mason, in her dogged devotion to the goal of personally and politically destroying Mayor Dawn Zimmer,doesn't know when to stop. She has the irresistable compulsion to pound the Mayor into sand over each and every issue, big or small. She just cannot help herself. It is high time that the public start demanding accountability and decent behavior (at least)from the members of the Council minority. Last night, frustrated members of the Public who have have endured more than enough of the antics of the Council minority finally pushed back and said "No More". The insanity of Beth Mason and her Council enablers simply must stop...once and for all for the good of our City. They cannot be permitted to ever push things this far again.

  2. Dr Azzolini is great and we are fortunate to have him in out community. Shame on Beth Mason, Michael Russo, Terry Castellano and Tim Occhipinti for playing pathological politics with people's lives and livelihoods. Recall. Recall RECALL!

  3. i have one wish: no more emergency votes requiring a supermajority of six votes to pass. if they can keep matters to a simple majority, reform can make mason/russo pretty much irrelevant by just streamrolling past them on resolutions.


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