H411 Attacked Outing for Special Ed Kids

Blow-back has arrived and it's not pretty.

Remember this?  Last week Hoboken411 attacked the BoE for funding a school trip to Medieval Times, ridiculing it's educational  value:

GA's rebuttal pointed out that Klaussen deceptively linked to the entertainment portion of the site, totally excluding the dedicated "Partners in Education" program designed for classes with downloads for teachers. GA also posted some of the educational materials from the web site, proving the lie served up by the virulently dishonest web site.

Well, not only did Klaussen's malevolence offend adult readers, but kids as well.

Here is one of them, a Hoboken high school student who informs Klaussen that the trip he was mocking was for Special Education students.

The teen, HobokenRedwing, shames Klaussen; tells him his article is "immature"  then responds to H411's resident genius, mooshu:

Not only is there a lesson in HobokenRedwing's words for the deaf ears of Klaussen, but for the chorus of BoE critics who appear to be rooting for the failure of our kids.

Well, our kids are listening.

So how about taking your partisan political agendas back home with you.  And don't come back until you've got something constructive to offer.

And Beth Mason calls  it a "news source".


  1. I didn't realize it was for Special Ed children. The website was comprehensive and this was a separate program than the nightly jousts. It would make sense for any child. Bravo to Redwing for sticking up for his/her fellow students. 411 has no interest in the truth, only negative spin to the positive agenda of Kids First and Mayor Zimmer's team.

  2. Oh man, I just love it when people complain that "I pay taxes towards local school districts and I DON'T HAVE ANY KIDS SO IT DOESN'T BENEFIT ME ABLOO BLOO BLOO"

    If you can't see that improving the quality of education improves the quality of your community, county, state, and country at large, then maybe you weren't educated all that well yourself. But that doesn't mean you should punish your peers with your short-sightedness.

  3. This is a very sad example of how blind Zimmer supporters are. And I'm a Zimmer supporter (when her administration deserves it - I'm not a member of the cult). If this happened under Roberts, Russo, or Cammarano, the exact same people who are defending this (and it is frankly indefensible) would be mocking it - which it deserves to be. Whether this is Special Ed students is beside the point - the idea that this constitutes an educational experience is so beyond reason I hardly know where to begin. Ever hear of the Cloisters?
    The other thing that needs to be pointed out is that Hoboken is the only school district I've ever heard of that pays for its students' field trips. What happened to parents? While there are definitely hard-pressed parents in Hoboken, this is not WNY, UC or JC, which have a much larger demographic of poorer homes and they do not fund field trips. That is the real outrage.

  4. hudsonette,

    I'm a fan of your posts, I am a Zimmer supporter, I'm not blind, and yes, I've heard of the Cloisters- been there, in fact.

    First, your assumption that Hoboken fully funds field trips is wrong. Where'd you get that? I just forked over $7.50 to my kid today- her class is going to a pumpkin farm tomorrow. That kingly sum buys her a pumpkin, hayride, a doughnut and apple cider. From my pocket. I've been paying for her class trips for some time.

    The Medieval Times trip was one of approx. 80 trips on the BoE agenda and many of them were not being funded, as in zero. As for those other municipalities you cite, I will bet they are at least partially funded- as in bus transportation- and any kind of insurance the school is required to carry when children are taken off-site. And how sure are you that ALL are not being at least partially funded?

    While a trip to the Cloisters sounds wonderful, and a place like Medieval Times is not my bag, they have a "Partners in Education" program that does have age-appropriate educational material on medieval history, etc. so to suggest opinions expressed are those of a Zim-bot, a member of 'the cult', somehow implanted from the outside is absurd, and I'll stop there. If you can think of anyone who's taken more sh*t for putting her opinions out there than I have let me know.

    I don't see anything outrageous here other than those who wish to politicize a school trip.


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