The REAL Russo Haunted House


GA's obtained photos of the REAL Michael Russo Civic Association Haunted House 2011 (co-sponsored  by his cousin Terry Castellano). 

Although the event takes place tomorrow evening at 7pm (AFTER the City Council meets to vote on the FATE of our hospital)  the images you see below were provided by the Ghost-of-HUMC-Future (with Mike Russo as "Scrooge")... BEHOLD.

Follow the spirit, Scrooge-Russo... The Ghost-of-HUMC Future shows what awaits... is this what you want?

Look here, Scrooge-Russo... at your legacy, if you follow that batshit-crazy Beth Mason...

Here is how you'll be remembered, Scrooge-Russo...

If you love this City you'll SAVE OUR HOSPITAL. And SAVE OUR CITY.

Folks, please come to City Hall tomorrow at 6 pm and show your support for our hospital and our City.

And, one more thing...

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And don't forget to recall Beth Mason!