Hoboken's own Cruella DeVille shall not be denied.

A robocall swept our city last night, but if you're like me you don't pick up unrecognized incoming calls.

Well, here's what I found in my Inbox this morning from several GA readers:
Just got a robocall about Mayor Zimmer selling the hospital to an out of state developer...

retiring the $52 Million bond and getting tax abatements to build a high rise in the middle of the city.. I was asked if i agree press #1 if i disagreed press #2

The call came in on a cell phone # 201-895-2945
Did you get a robocall call tonight saying:  "Mayor Zimmer sold the hospital to a developer.  They will be building a high rise on top of the hospital.  Do you want a high rise building in the middle of the city?   Do you approve or disapprove of the sale of the hospital?"
my friend and I were talking on the phone she got a call from that number and so did I on my home phone.  She called it back and said the phone was out of service............does anyone have a account with the reverse phone look up?  I may have to pay the fee to find out who this loon is from Oakland NJ?
pure evil....with endless money...a massive ego and an ax to grind.... bad combination.  pathetic... what a bunch of MFS they are.... I guess they haven't  finished with their sabotage
I just got a robo-call survey re the sale of the hospital which seemed to come from camp Mason.

Seriously, folks.  What the hell is wrong with those two?  What's the point?  This smells of desperation.

The hospital closing is in another week.

Is this call supposed to incite a torch-wielding citizen-mob to stop the hospital sale and send Hoboken into a financial death-spiral?

This smells like the hateful act of a couple who know they're going down, and see us as the source of their troubles.

GA heard from a source that the Masons feel like victims, feel they are disliked because we're jealous of their wealth.

Yeah?  Well there are plenty of GOOD, philanthropic rich people... it's HOW you spend your money that matters. And spreading filth for your own self-interest and ego gratification, trying to pull our city toward chaos, makes you enemy of good government. Not a victim.

Give it up, already.  The dream's over.  Move on.


  1. awwww, poor ricky and beth. on second thought, they should be thankful appalled hobokenites haven't staged an #occupythemausoliumonhudsonstreet.

  2. never got a call like that. If i did, i would reported the phone number to this telephone scams watchdog site called that would have exposed them to more people.


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