Recall Beth Mason Gift Shop

Just in time for the holidays!

GA is proud to introduce Hoboken's only Recall Beth Mason Gift Shop!

After last night's nutty performance at the City Council, it was only a matter of time...

The Recall Beth Mason Gift Shop is exclusively for fans of competent government and elected officials who DON'T  spend piles of their husband's money to blow up our town.

And here it is!

Click here to visit the Recall Mason Gift Shop

Folks, this is a real gift shop where you can BUY stuff!

Emblazoned with the slogan that seems to be catching fire around town... RECALL Beth Mason.

Here is the artwork (enlarged) which appears on most of the gift shop items:

And for those of you who'd like to recall Beth Mason for Christmas, we have this design:

HO HO HO!  Isn't it jolly?

If anyone would like one of these designs on another of the available products, simply contact the Gift Shop at

More designs to come!  


  1. I have a few friends that celebrate Kwanzaa, and of course Hanukkah is Dec 20 this year. Any chance the line will be expanded to cover these holidays? I like to think that there are no racial, ethnic, religious or class boundaries to getting screwed over by Beth. In her own thoroughly perverse way she brings us all together at this special time of year...

  2. Yes, Info... I agree. The line will be expanded.

    However, GA readers must understand that Mason pays surrogates to pull stuff off this blog, to tote around out of its context and distort it's meaning in the worst possible way.

    While GA rejects restrictions on free speech, I may be required to add an EASEL-WEASEL 'watermark' so that when the theft of my intellectual property occurs, it is WEASEL-proofed. Capish?

    That may actually make it funnier...


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