Creating Our Monster

This Sunday, the future of our hospital, 1,200 jobs, our tax bills, the city's bond rating, hang on a single word...

...of one who condemned at least 100 Hoboken families to lose their incomes at Christmas.; the  imminent LAYOFFS  of City workers, the result of a single word..

Because of her enabler's unwillingness to enforce one word: STOP.  

GA fears for our city, and the victims of the Mason Layoffs.

But why not greet the Apocalypse in style?

If you'd like a T-shirt like the one our model is wearing above, please visit the Recall Beth Mason Gift Shop.  

And you can  click right here to buy Today's Featured Product:


  1. "Ricky was a young boy, he had a heart of stone..."

  2. anyway boys and girls, don't be spoon-fed your next serving of Old Guard pablum without this years must have fashion accessory, the one everyone's drooling over, the "Recall Beth Mason" baby bib. The gaily printed image will compliment upchuck perfectly! It also a great match for the infantile dialog of baby's feeding time or Mr Occhipinti's monologues. Looking to accessorize? It's really a knockout combo with our new Vote-By-Mail ballot/ place mat, on special this week for $40. By the way, don't miss out on the merry mix-ups in Mr Occhipinti's new hit children's video "Let's Count the Transponders", which went on sale this week.

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  4. Deluge your M.O.R.T.'s with calls & emails, folks! Draft that recall petition & start getting 2nd Ward signatures!

    How about Recall Mason bumperstickers, suitable for cars, bikes, strollers, etc.?

    Especially if services get cut, perhaps slap Recall Mason bumperstickers all over your trash cans. And/or a decal, like the one used for recycling cans, that reads, "Hoboken Recalls Unethical Politicians." That way, you can make your statement with the trash & recyclables that might have to languish behind gates for days before the next scheduled pick-up.

    The neighborhood watch patrols who may have to organize if the HPD is forced to cut beat cops could sport the baseball cap.

    Does Hoboken have a puppet-maker? A real one, not the political machine version. How about some Recall Mason marionettes? Folks could busker with them, while getting signatures on the recall petition. Perhaps in front of 1200 Washington, whatever required distance from her office to make it in the legal public sidewalk space. Also right across the street, in front of the sycophant Kreim family's building.

    Endless creative possibilities. But do get that petition going. Voter registration & VBM too!

    It's now or never for Hoboken.


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