Angelina vs. Christie

I vote for Angelina Ballerina!

GA was perusing for some news, and found this instead:
Many local and national TV stations broadcasted Gov. Chris Christie’s Big Decision today, but NJTV wasn’t one of them. Instead, the new operator of the state’s public TV network stuck with "Angelina Ballerina" and the rest of its regular lineup.

And that angered several New Jersey lawmakers, who called NJTV’s decision "an embarrassment" and "a boondoggle."

"This was an event of great interest to the people of New Jersey and something many would want to view first-hand," Assemblyman Patrick Diegnan (D-Middlesex) said in a statement. "Every news outlet in New Jersey and several across the nation were covering this event, and yet New Jersey’s own television station was showing a cartoon."
Hey Assemblyman Diegnan, how about buying yourself some looser jockey shorts?

So a couple of self-important windbags in Trenton are bent out of shape because our public station decided to keep faith with it's pre-school audience?

It's not like New Jersey TVs couldn't tune into the Christie announcement on a smorgasbord of local and national network and cable tv stations.  I'm actually liking NJTV better since they aired Angelina Ballerina instead of the Governor.   It shows a demented kind of loyalty to its young audience that GA can appreciate.

I mean, do 4 year-old girls  really want to see Governor Christie prancing around in a pink tutu?

Yet, in spite of its wisdom to air a cartoon instead of a bloviating politician,  public station NJTV may lose it's state funding because of it:
As part of the contract, the state provides more than $4 million a year in federal grants and state revenue to the nonprofit Public Media in exchange for Jersey-centric programs, as well as public television staples like "Masterpiece Theatre" and "Charlie Rose." The contract requires NJTV to coverage election night.

"This station has been an embarrassment," he (Assemblyman Diegnan) said. "Since the governor has decided to continue to serve the citizens of New Jersey, I suggest he start by directing his legal staff to nullify the contract with NJTV."

This guy's a frickin' Scrooge. What's he got against dancing mice?  Or little girls that like them?

We at the Avenger household own a couple of Angelina Ballerina books and videos.  But NONE of Governor Christie.

So WHO'S more popular?  It depends on who you ask.

Governor Christie has 4 kids, and one's a little girl:

Angelina Ballerina fan?

I wonder who she was watching yesterday at 1 pm?  Hint: