The Mayor Wants an Apology

Philip S. Schaengold, HUMC-HoldCo Chief Transition Officer at the mic.

GA just got back from this morning's HUMC presser.  I usually avoid things that involve leaving the house, but this was an event not to miss.  A day to celebrate.

A day that  nearly didn't happen.

But not for the outstanding efforts by outstanding, committed people, and the interest (and patience) of a single bidder, HoldCo, to take the 52 million dollar albatross off our Hoboken necks, all the while under an intensely negative campaign by elected officials, their paid political operatives, their cronies in the media... and  lastly, but not for the 11th hour 5.5 million dollar 'gift' from a Republican governor friendly to our Democratic mayor, well... we might be looking at a dark future for our City.

Here's the probable scenario we dodged: a 50% tax hike, a 25% cut in City services and layoffs of City workers, a downgraded credit rating, loss of 1,200 hospital jobs and NO hospital to serve our community.

So GA was delighted to leave the house for the announcement of the bankruptcy Judge's approval of the HUMC sale to HoldCo.  Others who left the house for it were City Council members Peter Cunningham and Jen Giattino.

The speeches were brief, heartfelt and highlighted an appreciation for the HUMC staff who, in spite of the uncertainty hanging over their futures, were focused on what counts: providing excellent care for their patients.

(GA can tell you that the care LA (Little Avenger) received last week as an emergency room patient was indeed excellent)

But anger about the mistreatment- the protracted smear campaign against those working tirelessly to save the HUMC- was evident in the words spoken by Mayor Zimmer:

The Judge’s ruling today makes it crystal clear that the allegations we’ve been reading about had no basis in fact or law. These were unfounded claims recklessly promoted by politicians and others in pursuit of their own personal agendas and unrelated to the best interests of our community. I call on the elected officials, both in Hoboken and elsewhere in the State, and they know who they are, who have promoted these allegations to immediately and publicly apologize to these heroes of Hoboken. This is important, because politicians all too often exploit the cynicism in their communities when it benefits their political purposes. It’s time that they be held accountable for their false and misleading statements.

You're RIGHT, Mayor Zimmer.

But don't hold  your breath.

Hoboken Municipal Hospital Authority Chairwoman Toni Tomarazzo spoke passionately and very effectively about how transparent the process was- she and other members of the HMHA much maligned by those hoping to sink the HoldCo deal. GA was surprised to hear her say that 170 RFPs had been sent out.

Out of 170 RFPs, 8 bidders and only ONE was viable, HoldCo.

Imagine that.  How lucky we are to have seen this day.

In spite of the best efforts of our homegrown saboteurs to stop it.

GA will post more pics later, gotta run.


  1. She most certainly deserves one. Not gonna happen, the Beth Russo hydra has no shame.

  2. The short version is the Old Guard's character has no content. It's just "whatever works for us" evil. One could say / spin that the Mayor is asking too much, too soon, but one would be wrong.
    What is actually going on is the Mayor is simply holding the Old Guard up to being capable of a minimal level of human decency, and they are failing miserably. As Weezer used to say on the Little Rascals "they'll never learn".

    By the way, please let me also chime in with "Thank you Mayor and hospital committee. You're crushing it. Although it was basically a miracle to pull off in the first place, thank you for not wavering when you were besmirched for no good reason and on top of that it was intentionally made to be about 30 times harder to pull off than it should have been. Hoboken is very proud of you."
    We should have a ticker tape parade.

    Sizing up the desperation of Old Guard Clan now is akin to watching the Wicked Witch of the West melt, and as well, this will likely be the motif for Mason for Mayor 2013, same type of pathos. It would be sad if it wasn't intentionally and maliciously sown. .

  3. good for her. i really respect that zimmer has the nerve to call them. one.


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