Gumby and Nurse Ratched Sighting

Taken near Wallace school

Oh no, she stuffed him in a sack!

That's none other than Nurse Ratched's personal bodyguard, Matt Calicchio zip-locked inside of Gumby's epidermis. It must be pretty steamy in there without any air holes for breathing.  What, the help don't get oxygen?

Well, you could seal me inside a vinyl sack for the right price. It wouldn't even cost you that much.  How about it?

It's an interesting choice of costume on Mason's part.  A hospital theme.  That's kind of like Dr. Kevorkian dressing up as an ALS patient. 

So, GA's been getting texts, emails- and pics, from readers who've spied this odd couple around town.

A word to the wise: if these two come knocking at your door today, you'd better have treats or this Gumby will key your car.

This (raga)muffin is missing a few raisins


  1. I don't remember Gumby being so chesty.

  2. Gumby got heavy overnight, did he eat some signs that went missing last night?

  3. Better living through prozac, I guess. Nice rack, Gumby...

  4. That's the pre-op Gumby, Info. It looks like the estrogen's kicked in!

  5. This is evidence enough to say on one front everything is complete now. Ms Mason is a complete narcissist, she thinks the hospital (and to wit Hoboken and everything in it) is a complete joke, and after having spent months completely selfishly trying to completely tank the hospital sale, and then having the complete disrespect to walk into council chambers and present the completely inappropriate agenda of presenting a line of complete bullshit to try to cover her tracks, Ms Mason thinks it's completely okay to dress up as a nurse in six inch pumps the next day and believe the whole hospital incident is completely behind her, and she can completely tongue-in-cheek get back to her Mason for Mayor 2013 agenda without a care in the world. What complete un-self-aware caprice and evil. Textbook example grade evil.

    On another front, there is still work to do to get closure. While I am elated the hospital sale is soon to be whole ans a result of 8 "yes" votes, let me, as if by proxy, apologize to everyone who works at the hospital, the hospital sale committee or the "higher exposure to layoff municipal workers" for what the minority council needlessly subjected you to in the past few months. You need to hear that apology from someone, because there are many like myself who noticed, and realize you didn't deserve to be treated like that, and a pack of lies before voting "yes" under extreme scrutiny didn't suddenly make it all okay.

  6. Nurse Ratched is a spot-on description, GA. Except for one thing- If Bet Mazin is Nurse Ratched, then the lunatics have definitely taken over the asylum! Hey Bet, ding-a-ling-a-ling-a-ling, time to come on over to the window, it's... medication time! medication time!

  7. Perhaps nurse Mason can get a Dr. to prescribe some anti-psychotic meds.

    This Gumby has grown fat on sugar-mamas.

    Surreal. God they are fucking bizarre!

  8. Looks like Gumby ate Pokey. His moobs are epic.

  9. Pretty callous of the witch who tried to kill the hospital to dress up as a nurse.

  10. Disturbing imagery on a variety of levels. Separate from the tasteless reference to HUMC.

    Reeks of S&M undercurrents. With the retro uniform, BM alludes to the paradigmatic sadistic nurse. But then the prim Ratched-garb is combo'd w/red stilettos. How masochistic, for marching in a parade-?!

    Add the bizarre character-pairing with a tacky, lumpen Gumby-costume. MC's interpretation looks like some novelty prophylactic gone very, very wrong. A symbolic scumbag.

    Pathology on parade! A tableau vivant of political pornification. Creepy. And very sad.

  11. Do you think that a week ago she had this costume ready? I mean at that point she was still hopeful that she would be able to kill the hospital right? So she must have within the last couple days decided this was the right costume. This woman is so self-absorbed as to not even consider what she has put the town through and thinks this was appropriate.


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