Klaussen BoE Dumpster Dive

Hoboken411 has become totally irrelevant except as a staging area for the latest anti-Administration lie.

The only reason GA ever checks it is to preview the new piece of drek before it debuts at the City Council.

And now, at the BoE.

Yep, it looks like the mud factory is gearing up for the next fight: control of the School Board.  So while I normally don't entertain his low-wattage drivel,  this one tickled my funny-bone.  Another pretend-letter, from imaginary reader 'Kay' - as in Klaussen.

Kay-laussen attacks the notion of a trip to Medieval Times- on the BoE agenda for approval, as having any educational merit,  and attacks the School Board for such a frivolous use of taxpayer dollars.

Then he links to their Medieval Times MAIN web site, even posting an image from the "official MT website":

Doesn't look educational, right?

What Klaussen doesn't tell you is the Medieval Times has a Partners in Education Program for schools, that feature special presentations- history lessons/performances for classes.  The Education Program also has it's own website, with educational content and downloadable handouts for teachers.  And that Klaussen doesn't link to.  Of course not- the guy is so thoroughly dishonest.

Here are a few pages from Medieval Times' Partners in Education website:

And there's plenty more.

So, to answer the imaginary letter-writer Kay-laussen: Medieval Times is educational?

The answer is YES.


  1. If you must read H8411 to see what the corrupt destroyers are up to, please do so through Google Reader so he doesn't get credit for the hits.

  2. geez...between this and your earlier post about augie, i really feel like there should be some sort of journalism police we can call and have these two arrested for dereliction of duty.

  3. They seem to be reporting from their bar stools. Pathetic.

  4. You realize the man is an uneducated hack who barely can think straight, right?

  5. also, what's the deal with the year-round cargo shorts? i swear i see him walking oscar in february wearing the same freakin' cargo shorts. how old is he? still dresses like a teenager, talk about arrested development

  6. Pants cost money.

  7. Agree, Red. But H411 is a springboard for the talking points we're going to read on the blogs and hear at the BoE. So best to kick the horse in the leg before it leaves the barn.

    I'm not talking about you, Horsey!

  8. Hey, I fully support your efforts in highlighting how big a fool the fool is. Just pointing out that there is a reason he is such a fool. He'd also fit in quite nicely at MT. He could be the court jester.

  9. What can you say? The deranged outbursts will just keep coming.


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