Sunday, October 31, 2010

Timmy: "Don't Disenfranchise the Dead"

In a bold move by the Occhiipinti Campaign, they have just issued the following statement:

Occhipinti: Lenz Board of Elections HHA Ballot Investigation a scandalous attempt to disenfranchise the dead

In what can only be described as a calculated attempt to suppress the rights of the dead, the campaign of Michael Lenz has demanded that the Hoboken Housing Authority (HHA) turn over “a complete list of all living HHA residents.” Independent 4th ward city council candidate Tim Occhipinti called the demand, “a blatant attempt to intimidate the least-living of our ward’s residents.”

“This kind of bigotry is shameful even for a campaign that has set a new standard for shamefulness,” said an outraged Occhipinti. “To suggest criminality about anyone simply because they're six feet under, and to demand that the resident’s landlord turn over personal information to a political campaign, is blatant discrimination. Michael Lenz would never make such an outrageous demand from a living and breathing resident anywhere else in the city.”

“Make no mistake, this is a desperate attempt to try to intimidate deceased public housing residents into staying away from the polls. Fifty years ago they used ‘Literacy Tests.’ Today, it’s data mining in public housing to see whether voters are still in fact alive,” added Occhipinti. “Voting rights are as guaranteed for someone in the cemetary as they are for anyone on Monroe Street."

Occhipinti pointed to a pattern of continued disrespect and disregard of cold and stiff public housing residents by the administration. “This dead community needs economic opportunity,” added Occhipinti, who has hired workers from public housing to help promote his campaign. “My family had a couple of dead people, and I know what it’s like to have their civil rights trampled on. I won’t stand by and watch my decomposing neighbors be stigmatized. Michael Lenz, someone has to stand up for the voting rights of the no-longer-living. And that's me, Tim Occhipinti. Some have called me brain-dead, and I'm proud of it.”

Finally, the Occhipinti Campaign produced the Ouija board above to show how simple it was to divine the choice of dead voters.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Reached For Comment – No. 8

Edited by Griswell

In this edition:

· Renting White People

· Reform-Flavored Cheese

· Warren Zevon Visits Hoboken

And... a new sponsor

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Renting White People

RFC: Today we’re speaking with Edsel Winery, who runs Rented White People, Inc. in North Bergen. Among Mr. Winery’s clients are several Hoboken political campaigns. Tell us, Mr. Winery, what’s…

EW: Be right with, ya. I gotta take this…

This is him… Yeah… You pay by the bus load. 50 to a bus. 2 buses? Inbred or plain? Inbred? Can they bring their kids? No, not boys and girls, goats. Can they bring their goats? Inbreds go for more than plain, but with the goats I can swing a discount…. No, they ride on the bus. They got these special car seats. All right, get back to me by noon. Inbreds don’t stay on the shelf.

RFC: That was interesting. Inbreds?

EW: The DNC. They rent my inbreds all the time. It’s hard to keep up with demand. They use ‘em to pose as tea party protestors. Automatically makes any idea look more reasonable.

RFC: Why don’t they just get people from the tea party movement?

EW: They have jobs? There’s a recession and no one wants to get fired for getting on TV carrying a picture of Obama in a Nazi uniform? Pick 2.

RFC: I have to ask – goats?

EW: They like having their goats along. Long day, someone to talk to.

RFC: So what’s all this cost?

EW: You have to pay for transportation, goat upkeep, things like that. If they get arrested – which is by pre-agreement – you pay legal fees. I don’t discuss rates unless you are in the market though. But I’m reasonable – ask around.

RFC: You’re kidding. “Ask around?”

EW: It’s a competitive marketplace. Like half of what you see as the tea party on TV is rented. Watch the edges of your TV for goats browsing in the grass. Fox tries to edit them out, but they’re there. And there’s also rented enviro-protesters, rented WTO protesters, stuff like that.

RFC: Same deal?

EW: Yeah. No goats though. Just tons of weed. The goats would eat it. Hey, that could be a new line for me… Let me write that down. Stoned goats gotta be good for something... Anyway, the White Punks on Dope package is more seasonal. Same basic idea though – we rent socially unacceptable opposition for all occasions.

RFC: What about ‘socially acceptable’ support?

EW: What, like they get in Hoboken? We do that, sure. Not as sexy, but whatever.

RFC: Any pending orders?

EW: Let’s check the book… Hoboken, Hoboken, Hoboken… Here it is.

Date – November 2nd

Quantity - 1 bus load…

Event – “Buy a job for mommy’s new helper / Nancy Pincus made a picture with turds”…

Hey, I just write down what they tell me.

Package - “Home from College” and he checked the ‘no weed’ box.

Home from college and no weed. You guys just live in fantasy land down there, don’t ya? Whatever. You’ll be getting a bus load of 17 – 20 year-old white kids –weedless…- to hang around on… 1st Street… and shill for… hold on… Ah, Ocho… someone? OchoPinto? Does that ring a bell? Maybe that’s the whole name? Who cares. I sure don’t.

RFC: Kind of aloof from the whole process, aren’t you? What if your rented crackers do some real damage like getting a real low-life elected?

EW: They don’t vote. Stupid people elect low-lifes. If you’re stupid take it up with mommy and daddy, not some inbred talking to his goat.

RFC: None of this works with black people?

EW: Not on this planet. Unlike Mr & Mrs John Q Pretense, they know nothing will change. You want their vote, you have to do better than a bus load of toked-up liberal arts majors. Rent white, buy black.

RFC: Eh?

EW: Good day to you sir.

Reform-Flavored Cheese

With one week to go in the race for the 4th Ward between the incumbent, The Don, and upstart challenger, OchoPinto, the stench of mutual loathing fills the air. And thank you, Jesus, from all of us here at RFC.

It all started with a smiling picture. Doesn’t it always. Known more for oxygen-depleting oratory than glow-in-the-dark cheesecake, The Don was suddenly appearing in campaign materials that, well, glowed. Literally. Before long, team OchoPinto was whispering its suspicions in the media.

Was the smile augmented? Didn’t The Don previously have at best a warning track smile; now suddenly it reaches the last row of the bleachers? How was this possible by ‘normal’ means? What lesson was this teaching our children?

At a hastily contrived press conference, OchoPinto testily droned, “For too long the teeth of the 4th Ward have been ignored.”

But hand-wringing soon gave way to resignation, as the challenger’s handlers realized they had to match The Don’s blinding radiance or disappear from view altogether.

Campaign manager, Elmer Crayon, put it this way. “We welcome the chance to go smile for smile with The Don. Let the public be the judge.”

“Really,” countered The Don’s campaign manager, Clam Frigs, “he said that? We’ll see. We’ll just see,” said Frigs, laughing off the challenge.

Not surprisingly, OchoPinto’s debate performance relied heavily on context-independent grinning while reading prepared text verbatim. Disconcerting at first, then in the middle, and finally more so at the end, it seemed to work for the boisterous fans of the remotely controlled up-and-comer.

Otherwise Unemployable Raisin Apologist Jane DeBlarney, looking dapper as always in a Sponge Bob after-dinner ensemble, was seated front row center working what appeared to be a computer joystick. For his part The Don left his portable glow in a dish in his dressing room and risked all on the audience’s reaction to carefully crafted essay answers to a generally poor selection of ‘questions supplied by the public’. Suspecting the strategy of thinking on one’s feet to be a trick at first, OchoPinto soon realized that his rival actually believed he was at a debate rather than yet another publicity stunt. Winking at his handlers like a fighter who had just realized his opponent only planned to use one hand, OchoPinto settled back into his cocky indolence and drifted happily to victory in another man’s boat. After the debate, Reached For Comment cameras caught up with the celebratory duo.

RFC: How’d you think it went out there tonight?

OP: Are you kidding, we killed.

RFC: What was the difference-maker - in your estimation?

OP: The Don didn’t have his answer book to read from. He must have forgot it at his pet store. What a loser. He had to make up answers to all the questions on the spot instead of reading the ones his trainer wrote. That just tells the audience you don’t care enough to get a trainer to write down all the answers for you. Plus, since I didn’t have to think, I was able to really work on my smiling. It wasn’t even close.

RFC: Still you looked a little nervous in the beginning. Did you have a problem with the format?

OP: I thought there would be more multiple guess questions. And there was only one TV question.

RFC: Was that the big concern?

OP: Well the big thing was, that was a long sit-stay for me. I kept starting to wag and wanted to get up and walk around and sniff things, but Otherwise Unemployable Raison Apologist Jane DeBlarney gave me helpful electric shocks on my collar.

RFC: It’s possible you’re spending too much time at the pet store.

A question on tactics: You’ve been referring to your opponent as an “unelected rubber stamp.”

OP: Yes, I get a herring snack every time I say that. Unelected rubber stamp. Unelected rubber stamp. Sorry, go ahead.

RFC: Right… So anyway, you’re unelected…

OP: Correct.

RFC: And you say whatever you’re told to say…sort of like a rubber stamp…

OP: Thank you. Yes, I do.

RFC: So… unelected rubber stamp… That’s kind of what you are. So I was wondering if you were calling your opponent an unelected rubber stamp to be ironic.

OP: Ironing? Are you saying this suit is rumpled? I just put it on. Mr. Squid says I am completely in charge of dressing myself. That’s my biggest job on the campaign. Dang.

RFC: No, sorry, I said ironic not ironing.

OP: Oh, thank God. I’m not going to tell you the electric collar never hurts.

RFC: So, anyway, is it meant to be ironic – an unelected rubber stamp always calling someone else an unelected rubber stamp?

OP: Wait, is this part of the regular test or extra credit?

RFC: No, it’s just a question.

OP: Ok, I’d like to use a life-line and phone-a-friend.

RFC: No, I’m just asking-

OP: Ok, I’m only risking 1 dollar on this. Final Jeopardy answer: what is … tobogganing?

RFC: I’ll get back to you on that… And joining us now is Otherwise Unemployable Raisin Apologist Jane DeBlarney. How did you score it tonight?

OURAJD: Mommy’s new friend is newer than all the other mommy friends put together. Mommy wins! And Nancy Pincus-

RFC: We know.

Well there you have it, folks. A celebration is underway here. Looks like herring snacks for OchoPinto and some kind of strained fruit for his trainer. Meanwhile, pundits everywhere will be sharpening their pencils and trying to estimate the net impact OchoPinto would have on the city council.


And speaking of a 50 point drop in IQ… Friends, Reached For Comment is excited to welcome our new sponsor. Let me paint a picture for you. You’re watching the playoffs, and your team is stinking up the field. Not only that, they are stinking it up to the tune of about twice what the other team makes. And the play by play?

PBP #1: Ooo, he let that one jump over is glove.

PBP #2: Tough break, I bet he wished he had that one back.

PBP #1: Happens to the best of players.

PBP #2: And 2 more runs will score.

Sound familiar? Are they kidding? Is that what you said when you saw it? Your friends at the Profanity Channel© sure don’t think so. Let’s see that again, but this time, from the Profanity Channel broadcast booth at Yankee Stadium.

PC #1: What the fuck was that?

PC #2: Hey, asshole, catch the fucking ball.

PC #1: What are we paying this asshole?

PC #2: Too fucking much whatever it is.

PC #1: Wake up, asshole. 2 more fucking runs.

Now, that’s real sports coverage! And the genuine stadium experience, that, let’s face it, you can no longer afford unless you’ve figured out how to donate organs you’re still using.

And coming this fall the Profanity Channel will expand its programming to cover the world of politics.

PC #1: Senator Menendez, does the bullshit ever end with you?

SM: Fuck you.

PC #1: So, I’ll take that as a ‘no’.

SM: Fuck you.

Travel, anyone? You’ll enjoy the international flavor of our helpful guide for road warriors called, “What Did the Cab Driver Just Call Me?” Each week, we’ll bring you to another exotic port-of-call and teach you the basic swearing you know you’ll need. Let’s face it, your suitcase isn’t really packed until it contains “which one of you fucks is in charge here?” in the language of your soon-to-be hosts. Before you know it, you’ll be cursing like a native no matter where you happen to find yourself.

So listen to your old pal Griswell and call your cable provider today and let them know you’ve had about all the civility you can swallow.

Make the switch to the Profanity Channel – Don’t be an asshole©.


Warren Zevon Visits Hoboken

And if California slides into the ocean
Like the mystics and statistics say it will,
I predict this motel will be standing
Until I pay my bill.

-Desperados Under the Eaves, Warren Zevon

Well, it had a good run, but it does appear that Hoboken is sliding out to sea, in chunks, via the Hudson River. First the soccer field, then upper Sinatra Drive. Who knows what’s next. RFC has 1 Marine View in the $50-a-box catastrophe pool at Willie McBrides, but that’s neither here nor there (sweet pick though; crappy construction on the encroaching waterfront - don’t pretend you’re not jealous). It’s not a matter of whether Garden Street becomes river front property, but when. And whenever it is, rest assured, the proverbial motel will still be standing until you pay your bill. That much is certain. You shouldn’t have had all those salty margaritas.

Yes, before long you’ll be wishing the surplus really was $20million. And even that won’t be enough. Death and destruction can be sooo expensive. You have to hand it to the people of Pompeii. Now those guys knew how to check out, so to speak. Over and done with in less than a minute, the whole society flash-fried for the ages.

What would archaeologists make of Hoboken if it were destroyed all at once and found relatively intact 1000 years from now someplace off Staten Island instead of slipping away one $50 catastrophe pool box at a time? A house divided at the peak of ruinous confidence? The last wretched excesses of a mile square cold war? A still-born culture mocking a dying culture mocking a still-born culture? Should be some cool t-shirts at the museum gift shop in any event.

Already candidates seeking election in 2011 are adjusting their messaging to fit Hoboken’s emerging submerged future. One such was the blissfully pathological Meth Raisin. Proving once and for all that she would in fact interrupt a eulogy to talk about herself, Raisin announced her re-election bid as all eyes attempted to focus on the last bitter days of the 4th Ward race. In consideration of recent events along the waterfront, candidate Raisin has slyly updated her campaign slogan from “Develop or Die” to “Develop and Die.” Too clever by half.

Hail Atlantis.

Friday, October 29, 2010

REVISED - Voter Fraud Case Update

Hear ye, Hear ye... news from Lenz for Council:

The reports by our opponents and certain journalists that our case was “thrown out of court” are incorrect and represent wishful thinking on behalf of the Occhipinti campaign. Judge Maurice Galipoli ruled that our application to have Vote by Mail ballots sequestered was “premature” in part because the Hudson County Superintendant of Elections is in the midst of an ongoing investigation into the clear and solid evidence of allegations of pervasive Election fraud by the Occhipinti campaign. He did not issue any opinion or rule on the merits of the allegations that are still being investigated.

Evidence of fraud will, in any event, be presented to the Hudson County Board of elections during the challenge process now and after the election. In light of the substantial evidence already developed and the investigations being conducted by the Superintendent of Elections, we are confident that the ultimate judgement will be in our favor when the allegations are considered on their merits.

This was wrong, apologies to The Judge.

(Posted at 3:05 PM)
A source confirmed at 2:45 pm that the Judge threw out the Lenz campaign suit WITHOUT MERIT.

The complaint contained 4 signed witness statements. Individuals 'alledgedly' committing voter fraud were named. The witnesses were brave enough to come forward to 'do the right thing'. I wonder what they're thinking now.

The judge sent this message to all good citizens: fuck you. Don't bother. I won't even HEAR your case. Take the money and keep your mouth shut.

What a sham.

It's not over.

Timmy's Emboldened Ops

Earlier, when the ops (and GA) believed that Judge Gallipoli had thrown down with Team Timmy, his operatives had runneth over with glee and were gloating up a storm.

So sure were they that they had this election in the bag, that their hubris runneth over... forgetting THE ELECTION IS TUESDAY.

But Timmy's foolish operatives have started the Victory Party over at

Where GA is still banned from posting. As is Da Horsey.

The Timmy operative called lenzrottweiller is threatening to VIDEOTAPE my HOUSE where my 8-YEAR OLD DAUGHTER LIVES.
Timmy's pedophile wants to watch her "comings and goings". To check out her handmade Halloween decorations. To see WHO she has play dates with. Maybe his recorder will pick up the sound of her piano practice.

4th Ward Voters: please turn out in overwhelming numbers to repudiate Timmy's pedophile.

Pet Shop Boys

No, not these Pet Shop Boys.

These Pet Shop boys.

video still courtesy of MSV, see video here

MSV has the scoop on Monday's midnight Pet Convention over at Timmy Occhipinti's Pet Shop headquarters. It seems that the Owners and Masters of the 4th Ward's most obedient and eager-to-please pet, Timmy Occhipinti, gathered for what looked like a Soprano Family sit-down.

A friend of mine who lives near there and walks his dog past the Pet Shop every night has been telling me he always sees guys that look like 'hoodlums' and 'glum-faced thugs' hanging around there inside and out. I didn't want to repeat such an observation without a pic to back that up... well.

We have one, above.

It's a still from a whole video showing the creepy enclave crawling with Occhipinti's machine... MSV cites several attendees in addition to those shown above; they are the candidate, Timmy, 3rd Ward Councilman Mike Russo and his mother Michelle Russo.

What was this late-night meeting about?

Did they know about the coming Lenz Campaign's election fraud lawsuit filed in NJ Superior Court?

Sources tell GA that the Occhipinti Campaign was blindsided by the Lenz lawsuit. They confirm that Timmy's people expected something to come down regarding the Mail-In Ballot 'buzz' on the internet and in the street, but believed it would be a tactic like soliciting the office of the AG. One source said "they didn't think Lenz would have the guts to take it to court".

Surprise, surprise.

The Occhipinti people are in shock. And seriously demoralized. Even if Timmy prevails, the cloud over his 'victory' will not go away, and outcome could even be reversed in court.

GA believes the Monday meeting was most likely a strategy session to develop a counter-strike to the Mail-In Ballot coming 'attack'- the silly Lenz Hearts Developer charge.

Just got word: the Hudson Reporter has the Timmy- lawsuit story.

Pet Shop SALE!

Read more about it here.

GA would like to thank plywood for this concept.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Defendant Occhipinti

Breaking: Mike Lenz for Council Files Complaint in Superior Court on ELECTION FRAUD!

click on any graphic below to read


CONTACT: Sam Briggs 201-428-0416

The Mike Lenz for Council campaign has filed a complaint and order to show cause today in New jersey Superior Court as a result of what we believe to be strong evidence that the Occhipinti campaign has embarked on an organized program of paying voters $40 or more to cast Vote by Mail ballots. Mr. Occhipinti’s own ELEC filings reveal that out of 79 individuals identified as campaign workers, 78 cast vote by mail ballots contemporaneously with receiving the payment. In addition, several individuals have provided affidavits confirming that they were paid in exchange for casting Vote by Mail ballots.

Election Fraud is a serious matter, and the Mike Lenz campaign is confident that the Board of Elections, the New Jersey Attorney General and the Superior Court will review all of the evidence and make the decisions necessary to ensure that Hoboken’s 4th Ward residents receive the honest and fair election to which they are entitled

Complaint is attached and posted on our website at

Witness Deposition Cover Letter

Deposition No. 1

Deposition No. 2

Deposition No. 3

Deposition No. 4

Letter from the Lenz Campaign to the Superintendent of Elections

VBM's are a Boy's Best Friend

The French are glad to die for love...

A vote in the booth may be quite continental,
But VBM's are a boy's best friend
Democracy may be grand but, won't pay for your W Hotel flat
Or help you feed your pussy cat

Men grow cold as girls grow old
And we all lose are charms in the end
But Mail-in ballots in a box or bag
Don't matter if you're a hag
VBM's are a boy's best friend

Tiffany's................Cartier...............Lenz's Ward

'Cause we are living in a material world,
And I am a material girl

*kisses the crowd*

(spoken) Come and get me ,boys!


There may come a time when you need a lawyer
-but VBM's are a boy's best friend
There may come a time when your cell mate keeps you up all night,
But get that ice or else no dice
He's your boy when ballot prices are high
But beware when they start to descend
It's then that those louses go back to their spouses
VBM's are a boy's best friend

Stealing elections is strictly platonic
'Cause VBM's are a boy's best friend
Time rolls on and youth is gone
And you can't straighten up when you bend
But stiff back or stiff knees
You stand straight at Tiffany's

I don't mean rhinestones

But VBM's

VBM's are a boy's best...
VBM's are a boy's best...
VBM's are a boy's best...
VBM's... are a... boy's... best... Friend!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Banned from Updated

Friends, lightning strikes twice.

Timothy Occhipinti's political operatives have wrapped their poison tentacles around's management to silence free speech. Or simply put, to stop me from posting links to GA.

A particularly loathsome operative who hides behind screen names 'patiofurniture' and 'patiofurniture3' lobbed a threat at GA which I can no longer reply to. So I will do it here.

Bring it on.

Remember this?

Quite foolish of you, patio, but you admitted right there to committing a crime. Against me. Stalking. A "prima facie stalking case" is how you put it.

I haven't flunked law school myself yet, so had to look that up:

"prima facie denotes evidence which – unless rebutted – would be sufficient to prove a particular proposition or fact. The term is used similarly in academic philosophy.

Most legal proceedings require a prima facie case to exist, following which proceedings may then commence to test it, and create a ruling. This may be called facile princeps, first principles."

And there's more where that came from.

I documented the entire months-long harassment campaign launched by Jersey City and Weehawken political operatives against me who, at the time, were using me in order to embarrass Dawn Zimmer.

I have it all.

So if a public discussion of message board etiquette is on the table, that's a conversation I'd be delighted to have. I'm ready to publish the whole lot.

You may want to run this by your 'employers' first.

(Updated, 10/27/10 9:30 am)
I was surprised by the response this post received... numerous offline inquiries. It reminded me that only a handful of people were aware of what was done to me last year. And by whom.

Folks not 'in-the-know are shocked by the gratuitous viciousness and malice of these paid political operatives whose actions seem less about achieving political objectives than acting out mindless hatred, desire for personal destruction. Nasty, evil stuff.

From nasty, evil people.

To satisfy some of these inquiries, I'll post a few more examples because there's a point to make relevant to the current 4th Ward City Council election.

The same political operatives who harassed me months ago are supporting Timmy Ochhipiniti now.

Look at the quality of the people Timmy is surrounded by. A thug who tries to break my hand. Vicious paid operatives. Making threats, their M.O.

Here's one of Timmy's stalwart bloggers, 'patiofurniture'/ 'patiofurniture3'.

Had enough? Feel nauseous yet? This creature did everything but give walking tours to my home. Where my young daughter lives.

I have loads more examples.

As I said, this went on unabated for months-- until, let's say some 'electronic fingerprints' were left. Which I have.

Other operatives were part of this evil campaign.

One called 'insidersedge' barked a lot like the Mason chihuahua; focused on discrediting me on the Zoning Board by making a personal appearance to show my graphics or read my blog posts-- sound familiar?

OK, is there anyone out there that doesn't think this is the handiwork of Mason's chihuahua?

And look, another operative, 'horsesbehind' steps in to let Da Horsey and I know what the angry chihuahua "has in store for us":

Oh my, and do you know who this person is, and which City Council member he's a close friend and confidante of, and serves as webmaster for?

So 4th Ward voters, be warned: these slimy, unethical operatives are Timmy's people now.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mason's Announcement

I received this in my Inbox this morning, from 2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason.

Monday, October 25, 2010

How Many Mail-In Ballots will Timmy Get?

There's been a lot of speculation on various blogs and in the press on the final total of Mail-In ballots for 4th Ward candidate Timothy Occhipinti.

As you know, 'machine' forces have aligned against his opponent, Mike Lenz, in an unprecedented drive for 'Mail-In Ballots' from HHA residents; results are sure to be decisive. MSV reports today the number of Mail-In ballot applications so far to be about 500. Wow. Well, that number is expected to climb so how high can it go and what will it be?

In a GA Exclusive, we have the final amount... well, not exactly the numerical amount.

GA has put the boxes of Timmy's Mail-In ballots on a scale with a heavy object on the other side.

See how the scale is tipping?

Now, mind you, the object on the other side is very heavy. Actually, it's David Cruz, Occhipinti's Communications Director.

David is a wonderful fellow! I adore him.

I had the pleasure of meeting David at the Lenz-Occhipinti Debate last week, and he impressed me so much with his firm and manly grip that I decided to put him on the scale.

Yes, David is a strong fellow; one can assume he gets his bulk from cracking the bones of elderly and infirmed women or punching out little girls. I hear there's a word for big strong guys who like to hurt women... starts with a 'p'... oh, it slips my mind. Do you know it?

Please post below if you think of the word.

Anyway, as you can see from my Scale of Injustice, it looks like the quantity of Timmy's Mail-Ins is so enormous it exceeds a David Cruz. Wow.

4th Ward Voters... only massive turnout can tip the scale back from a pre-weighted result.

Please vote on November 2nd.

Guest Artist- Al Sullivan

You know him as a political columnist for the Hoboken Reporter and more famously, my boyfriend of 13 minutes and Grafix Avenger fan, but did you know he is a prolific writer of novels, screenplays, is an award-winning photographer and video auteur?

I'll bet you didn't. Neither did I.

Before I met him, I thought Al Sullivan was some dried-up old geezer who wrote his columns with one eye open, half- asleep. WRONG. I found out that Al's a vibrant, creative, artistic, handsome devil who writes his columns with one eye open, half-asleep.

I adore Al. And the feeling is...uh... well. He hasn't filed a restraining order.

So as today's Guest Artist you'll enjoy one of his (many) video works; each is unique, none representative of a single style or theme. Al plays all the parts, created the music for this one and shot it. It's called "Paranoia", and is a tribute to the classic, b&w horror film genre with a Hitchcockian psychological twist.

Al said about it:

I made it late last year. It was shot in Greenwich and downtown Jersey City. I deliberately created strange music based on the old horror movies I saw as a kid.

I love paranoia, and the fear of things that may or may not be real.

Wasn't that creepy? And kind of funny? I don't know if it was supposed to be funny...

As a hardcore fan of the classic 1950 style horror genre, I find this kind of project very exciting. So, Al if you are interested in doing another horror video, I'd like to collaborate with you!

I've even got an idea for our film. It's a horror flick loosely based on the current Hoboken 4th Ward election. It's called "The Little Pet Shop of Horrors".

It starts like this:

Aliens land in Hoboken, New Jersey and take over a Pet Shop on Observer Highway. They're looking for an earthling whose tiny brain they can devour and replace with a microphone wired to his mouth... so when the earthling's mouth moves, the aliens' words come out. The invaders look far and wide throughout Hoboken's 4th Ward to find the perfect subject: not evil, not overly bright, but very ambitious so he can't see that they're only using him to suck out his brain and take over his body! At last, they find the perfect specimen. After removing his brain, they trot him around to recite their words at City Council meetings, debates, various forums, while more aliens swarm the HHA buildings depositing giant space pods filled with cash that turn into votes on November 2nd! Finally, it looks like the aliens will take over the City Council, so they can appoint other aliens to municipal boards and important city jobs. So what happens next....

What do you think, Al?

Saturday, October 23, 2010 Censors Grafix Avenger- Update

(Original post, 10/23/20)
Who does the Occhipinti campaign know over at the Star Ledger?

Grafix Avenger's posting privileges have been blocked and posting attempts are 'disappearing' into the ether.

Which I am going to show you below.

First, a little context. For months, GA has been posting blog links as 'Clockwork3' over at the Hoboken message forum. Posting links is permitted in accordance with Community Rules as noted in their Rules of Usage legal disclaimer:

click on any graphic to read

FYI: GA's links are routinely deleted by political operatives who want to suppress readership over here.

Well, OK. These individuals represent their own private interests by doing so.

But what happens when the Fourth Estate participates with these private interests to suppress readership and to deny the public's First Amendment Right of Free Speech?

That's censorship. Which is not supposed to happen in America.

See for yourself. Here's what happened.

Last night I tried to post a link to GA's 'Timmy Sings' post after I went there and saw it had been deleted. That's when I noticed ALL links to GA previously posted were gone. Scrubbed clean.

So, I wrote my new post in the text field, but when I clicked on 'Preview' (only option), the comment disappeared. I tried several more times with the same result.

I then contacted a friend who created a new screen name. 'SleepingBlogger' and password for me.

I logged in as 'SleepingBlogger' and tried to post. The SAME THING happened... the post disappeared in the 'Preview' mode.

So, I asked my friend to log in as 'SleepingBlogger', and submit the same post for me.... and he succeeded-- from his IP address.

Here it is, posted at 8:33 pm last night:

What does that tell you? allowed me to log in, which means it recognized my IP and permitted me log-in access. But denied me POSTING PRIVILEGES.


GA has been amping up the satire and political rhetoric in this 4th Ward special election season. Frequency of deletions are up, rhetoric's exploding. It's no secret I support Mike Lenz for 4th Ward Councilman.

Well, I tried to post again this morning. As Clockwork3. Here's what I tried to post:

And here's what happened when I clicked 'Preview':

'Nuff said?

Repeat: GA's ability to post disappeared after with ALL links were deleted from the board.

Now, if anyone wants to claim this is a 'technical' error, why does a post disappear when I submit it when the same post succeeds with the same user log-in from another IP address?

Anyone have the answer?

Let's see if this 'glitch' gets 'fixed.'

(Updated, 10/25/10 9:30 am)
Well folks, the 'glitch' has been fixed.

posting privileges have been restored at the forum. It happened sometime over the weekend, I guess. Hmmmm.

What is the take-away from this?

That the Hoboken Forum has been co-opted by Jersey City and Weehawken political operatives. They 'know' people over at and have enough influence to deny access to individuals whose speech runs counter to their political and financial interests. It's always about power and money- their access to it. And if that means burning the First Amendment, oh well.


How to deal with it?

First, make noise. Second, contact advertisers. Third, make more noise.

Suppression of Hoboken residents' free speech by an out-of-town gaggle of man-whores inserting themselves into our city's affairs will not be tolerated.

If it happens to you, please contact GA.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Timmy Sings!

An original music video from GA reader yogregory...

Timmy Occhipinti

Stood Up

Sully, you S.O.B.

You promised to take me to Beth Mason's 50th Birthday Party last night at LUA... I was so excited I even combed my hair, plucked my eyebrows, shaved my legs, wore my best party frock then waited.. and waited... and waited...

But you never showed up. You louse.

In my despair I downed a bottle of Jack Daniels, a six pack, eleven Xanax, and would have blown my brains out if my gun were real and not a toy.

So, let's hear your excuse, buddy.

And anyone who made the Mason gala, please share.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lenz the Swinger

The Occhipinti campaign is trying to stir up trouble.

Today, one of their people sent me this photo with the message:

Mike Lenz is a swinger. He swings both ways. Sometimes he pushes from the rear. Hard. With both hands. Or uses the left, then the right. And he does it in the park, standing up. The bastard.

What is wrong with the Occhipinti campaign? They'll pick on anything.

So what if a Dad swings his kid (Jonny) in a Hoboken park. With his other kid (Ben) watching.

Jeez, those negative-campaigners- what will they attack next? Lenz's penchant for polyester slacks? His fondness for horizontal-striped polo shirts? His dated brown loafers? (pssst... Mike. Call me for some 21st century fashion tips.)

I don't live in the 4th Ward but I hear Timmy's Nasty-grams are arriving in mailboxes all over that ward.

Please, someone: save them and forward to GA.

Thank goodness, Mike Lenz is running a positive campaign.

He CAN because he KNOWS the issues and actually can talk about them extemporaneously without reading a David Cruz script from a binder.

Timmy's magic binder that puts words in his mouth.

Poor Timmy.

He CAN'T run a positive campaign because he CAN'T talk without his binder. And he CAN'T talk to anyone who may ask a challenging but fair question. Like Da Horsey.

He won't return his calls.

Message to Mike: don' t listen to the Occhipinti campaign.

Keep pushing that kid! Next to
that bush! Push, push, next to that bush!

Binder Photo courtesy Da Horsey, Mile Square View

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Oh, do I love our mayor.

That's right. Big, BIG props to Mayor Dawn Zimmer on busting up a discreet Brian Stack-Timmy Occhipinti rendezvous, disguised as a 'constituent meeting' over at the HHA yesterday.

Yeah, right. A 'constituent meeting' in the 4th Ward 2 weeks before a major contested 4th Ward election... and Stack hasn't been to Hoboken's 4th Ward since 2007, according to

Well Zimmer was right on top of it. You go, girl!

When a little birdie whispered in her ear that the mayor of neighboring Union City, Brian Stack, had a 3-hour "mobile office meeting" event planned in Hoboken yesterday, without notifying City Hall as common courtesy would dictate, she decided to bust up the lovers' embrace!

According to

The tradition, Zimmer said, is for the visiting official to reach out to the mayor, at least for a heads-up.

“That would be my understanding,” Zimmer said. “But I do appreciate that he was here. I hope he comes back and visits all of our wards.”

Stack, honey... you are SO busted.

Your little 'unofficial' Timmy endorsement party crashed, by Hoboken's Mayor, a Mike Lenz- supporter, whom you side-stepped tradition and courtesy by neglecting to call.

I would even say this was a show of disrespect. But that's just me.

So Zimmer swooped down upon the private party with a team of directors, staff, and Hertz reps who were pitching the city’s innovative car share program , and ended the day with 10 new applicants.

Again, big props to Zimmer, Hoboken's Woman of Steel.

(On edit: an attendee emailed me that she didn't see Timmy but a cadre of his supporters were there including Perry 'Best-Hoboken-Hair' Belfiore and HHA Ballot-Harvester-Extraodinaire Nick Collicio (sp?).)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Boy and his Binder

Well folks, it turns out that this bit of snark I wrote the other day about last Wednesday's Lenz-Occhipinti DUH-bate was prophetic:

Another problem with Timmy's performance, other than the canine attack, attack, attack mode was his utter reliance on notes he had tabbed to various topics, suggesting if a Chinese menu were placed in front of him he might order the egg foo yung lunch special with wonton soup instead of proposing solutions for flood remediation in the 4th Ward.

Because today Da Horsey published a bombshell which includes this photo:

That's Timmy's binder, complete with topic-tabs for quick-flipping!

So when Timmy warned us at the start that he may speak haltingly because he's "thinking"... shouldn't he have said "page-flipping"?

Now, Da Horsey has an actual page transcription, but take my word: Timmy is not referencing an outline, or 'targets' to hit when he responds; this is a SCRIPT... to read VERBATIM... with vocal cues in bold font on where the 'emphasis' belongs-- perhaps in decibels or pencil-thumps.

Bold font = bold Timmy.

Oh, Lord, what next? Big words written phonetically?

If you didn't understand that last word, it's pronounced: FOW - NEH- TIK- LEE. Got it?

There was one pic which Da Horsey thought was a little too embarrassing for Timmy... of course he let me have it. I will publish later, but gotta run right now.

(Update, 3:50 pm)
Here's the pic that Da Horsey (a.k.a. Roman Brice) balked on publishing... Timmy was doodling in his binder whenever it was Lenz's turn to speak.

Timmy was so annoyed that Brice kept snapping his picture that he drew him.

Photo courtesy Da Horsey, Mile Square View

Monday, October 18, 2010

She's 50, Again!

Congratulations to 2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason, who I understand is turning 50 again with a huge party at LUA!

I'll say it: you are some bitch, GA.

Very, very bitchy. Meee-ow.

Yeah, well... maybe I'm upset because I didn't get one of these:

ALL my friends got one: Paul Swibinski, Fin Boy, Team Occhipinti (including the guy who almost broke my hand)...

Rumor has it that Timmy will be there in disguise- I wonder what he'll be wearing? The reason: his presence could create the perception that Ms. Mason is endorsing his 4th Ward City Council run.

And we know that's not true.

*wink, wink*