NJ.com Censors Grafix Avenger- Update

(Original post, 10/23/20)
Who does the Occhipinti campaign know over at the Star Ledger?

Grafix Avenger's posting privileges have been blocked and posting attempts are 'disappearing' into the ether.

Which I am going to show you below.

First, a little context. For months, GA has been posting blog links as 'Clockwork3' over at the NJ.com Hoboken message forum. Posting links is permitted in accordance with NJ.com Community Rules as noted in their Rules of Usage legal disclaimer:

click on any graphic to read

FYI: GA's links are routinely deleted by political operatives who want to suppress readership over here.

Well, OK. These individuals represent their own private interests by doing so.

But what happens when the Fourth Estate participates with these private interests to suppress readership and to deny the public's First Amendment Right of Free Speech?

That's censorship. Which is not supposed to happen in America.

See for yourself. Here's what happened.

Last night I tried to post a link to GA's 'Timmy Sings' post after I went there and saw it had been deleted. That's when I noticed ALL links to GA previously posted were gone. Scrubbed clean.

So, I wrote my new post in the text field, but when I clicked on 'Preview' (only option), the comment disappeared. I tried several more times with the same result.

I then contacted a friend who created a new screen name. 'SleepingBlogger' and password for me.

I logged in as 'SleepingBlogger' and tried to post. The SAME THING happened... the post disappeared in the 'Preview' mode.

So, I asked my friend to log in as 'SleepingBlogger', and submit the same post for me.... and he succeeded-- from his IP address.

Here it is, posted at 8:33 pm last night:

What does that tell you?

NJ.com allowed me to log in, which means it recognized my IP and permitted me log-in access. But denied me POSTING PRIVILEGES.


GA has been amping up the satire and political rhetoric in this 4th Ward special election season. Frequency of deletions are up, rhetoric's exploding. It's no secret I support Mike Lenz for 4th Ward Councilman.

Well, I tried to post again this morning. As Clockwork3. Here's what I tried to post:

And here's what happened when I clicked 'Preview':

'Nuff said?

Repeat: GA's ability to post disappeared after with ALL links were deleted from the board.

Now, if anyone wants to claim this is a 'technical' error, why does a post disappear when I submit it when the same post succeeds with the same user log-in from another IP address?

Anyone have the answer?

Let's see if this 'glitch' gets 'fixed.'

(Updated, 10/25/10 9:30 am)
Well folks, the 'glitch' has been fixed.

posting privileges have been restored at the nj.com forum. It happened sometime over the weekend, I guess. Hmmmm.

What is the take-away from this?

That the nj.com Hoboken Forum has been co-opted by Jersey City and Weehawken political operatives. They 'know' people over at nj.com and have enough influence to deny access to individuals whose speech runs counter to their political and financial interests. It's always about power and money- their access to it. And if that means burning the First Amendment, oh well.


How to deal with it?

First, make noise. Second, contact advertisers. Third, make more noise.

Suppression of Hoboken residents' free speech by an out-of-town gaggle of man-whores inserting themselves into our city's affairs will not be tolerated.

If it happens to you, please contact GA.


  1. Dear G.A.

    The same thing started happening to me as of last Thursday. I either couldn't post because of some "technical" difficulty or my post disappeared after I hit the "Post" button.Then, when I went to my screen name to see a listing of my posts, the most recent ones that dealt with the Fourth Ward race were gone. (I am also a Mike Lenz supporter). You know the old saying... "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean people aren't out to get you". Well, I think it applies here. I'd love to know just what is going on and who's behind it...preferably before November 2, 2010.

  2. There seems to be a simple solution for this problem: Treat NJ.com the same way as the other anti-free-speech pro-censoring website in Hoboken - i.e. ignore it.

  3. rudydawg,

    I'm waiting to get all my ducks in a row before I mention who I believe is behind this. For now I will say it is a person at the epicenter of the Occhipinti campaign with numerous contacts in the media.

    I ran this by a friend with IT expertise, and he is on board that it's no accident.

    An Occhipinti op 'patiofurniture3' on nj.com appears to be nervous that we're onto their censorship operation; he is now accusing other posters of being me, an attempt to discredit this explosive censorship scandal.

  4. HR,

    I have to disagree. The Star Ledger is a so-called news media outlet, not a blog or an opinion journal.

    If they are acting on behalf of a political campaign then this verbiage should be on every web page:

    "Paid for by Occhipinti for Council, 422 Monroe St., Hoboken, NJ 07030"

    And the value of their in-kind service included Occhipinti's ELEC filing.

    More: do their advertisers know that they are censoring free speech on behalf of a political candidate?

    Banning pro-Lenz bloggers is not an editorial endorsement. It's censorship.

  5. Thanks, GA, with you on the case and your IT-Gifted Friends, I feel confident we'll find out what's going on.

  6. The fact that the other side feels the need to censor you, should tell you how effective a campaign you're waging against them. My suggestion is that you get all of your friends to post your blog site on Nj.com

  7. Great suggestion, Sully.

    How about it, friends?

    I see at least one already has. Thank you.


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