Timmy Sings!

An original music video from GA reader yogregory...

Timmy Occhipinti


  1. And "high praise" from Auggie Torres in an Auggie-drive-traffic-towards-something kinda way. I guess we know what Auggie's humming these days:


  2. Whoa! hulla, you're too modest.

    Big props to 'yogregory' on Torres' recognition of his original work.

    Auggie says:

    "Then there's the clever little ditty going around the cyberhighway that tries to equate Occhipinti with disgraced Mayor Peter Cammarano. It has the candidate singing "I want to be like Peter Cammarano." This clever video even has talking heads, supporters of Cammarano as a background chorus singing, "He wants to be like Peter Cammarano." It ends with a Councilman Michael Lenz character stretching out his hands loaded with bling spelling out "Vote for Lenz" with hip-hop music in the background.

    This one you can catch on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ux6a55kzXgE&feature=playerembedded or go to YouTube and search "Tim Occhipinti Sings.""

    Not only that, Auggie... you can watch it right here on GA!

  3. I hope that Gregory Bond has the good manners to send Mr. Torres a thank you note ;)


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