Occhi-BULLIES, Occhi-THUGS - Update


Timmy, CONTROL your people.

Vandalism. Intimidation.

So, that's how you roll?

'Incident reports' are flowing into GA. From multiple sources.

  • Friday afternoon, a 4th Ward resident who is a well-known Lenz campaign volunteer crossed Observer Highway and was passing the Occhipinti Campaign headquarters. Out runs Occhipinti Communications Director, David Cruz, screaming, "You guys are fucking dead! You guys are fucking dead!" The victim of Cruz's verbal fusillade yells something back. Then out runs Beth Mason Boy Friday Lane Bajardi with a "smug smirk" on his face, and taunted the Lenz campaign worker with a remark noting his physical disability, "What's that? I can't hear you from down there!"

  • A witness reports (3) separate incidents of 'drive-bys' of the Lenz campaign headquarters last weekend. Specifically, insults and expletives shouted from slowly passing cars. Though this witness saw (3), GA was told this went on all weekend. Mind you, this is a residential neighborhood.The first: someone in the car yelled "Asshole!" at Lenz Campaign Manager Sam Briggs. Second, "Mike Lenz sucks!" The third, "Occhipintiiiii!!" Does Timmy know that this shouting and screaming and cursing is happening on behalf of his campaign on a 4th Ward RESIDENTIAL STREET? Has he sanctioned this behavior?

The last incident is the worst.

Because it's criminal. By faceless thugs. You won't believe this, folks. See what happens if you don't hop on the Occhipinti campaign bus.

Patricia Waiters, well- known community activist is supporting Mike Lenz ; she attended his campaign HQ kick-off and has 'gone public' advocating for Lenz. Here's what she got from the other side.

Her car was vandalized.

I asked a friend of her's to confirm the incident, and got this email last night:

Hi -- They wrote "Mike Lenz Sucks" on her car with a permanent-ink market and also with some kind of soap or shaving-cream-residue-like substance. It took her a couple of days to get the marker off and she filed a police report.

A police report filed. Her car 'decorated' with permanent marker; anti-Lenz graffiti. Punishment. And a message to others who may consider leaving the Occhipinti flock: this is what happens to 'Timmy-traitors'.

Timmy, do you condone this?

If you are more than what your harshest critics say-- a puppet controlled by dark forces-- you will ORDER your people to STOP these tactics, to STOP the vandalism... it is only gong to blow back on YOU.

Personally, I don't believe you sanctioned any of this skulduggery. For all of GA's poking fun at you, I don't believe you are a BAD guy. But you have BAD guys doing BAD THINGS on your behalf.

Get them under control, the word is spreading fast.

GA wants JUSTICE for Patty.

I hope the police find these THUGS. Occhi-THUGS.

(Updated, 3:55 pm)

The NJ Star Ledger has the Waiters vandalism story up. With a photo of her graffiti-ed windshield.

Here it is, and please note THERE IS A PAPER BEHIND THE WINDSHIELD... the "Lenz Sucks" was written directly on her windshield in permanent ink.

photo credit: NJ Star Ledger

From the article:

"Around 10 p.m., Waiters, a self-proclaimed supporter of
Michael Lenz, left the game with her two children and found the message written in blue ink on the driver's side front window of her Plymouth Neon that had been parked on Jefferson Street, she and police reports said.

"It just bothered me more because my kid was there and he was like, 'Mommy, look what they did to your car,'" she said.

Hoboken police are still investigating the incident."

Nice job, Occhipinti-vandals.

You fucked up her car at a football game she attended with her KIDS. That takes a real man. To vandalize a SINGLE MOTHER'S car IN FRONT OF HER KID.

How does she explain that to a child?

Jesus Christ. All because she SUPPORTS the WRONG CANDIDATE.


To the residents of the 4th Ward: do you want to reward Timmy Occhipinti for his supporters' criminal conduct with YOUR VOTE?


  1. Not surprising at all. Have you seen the thugs that "hang out" at TO's HQ? Just like the purchase of Mail In Ballots - TO is keeping just enough distance so that he can "plausibly deny" that he is connected to either of those issues. That means he can make that assertion wihtout busting a gut and falling into a heap of laughter at the absurdity fo the statement. However, you hit the nail on the head - it is HIS campaign, and it is in HIS name and for HIS benefit that this stuff is happening. For him to accept the benefits and spoils of such action(s) is despicable and demonstrates his utter lack of character. I did not think that he started out as a venal little Cammarano wanna be - but he certainly seems to have adopted that persona easily and quickly.

  2. GA

    Did I read that correctly? Diminutive Lame is taunting someone about their diminutive size? Pot meet Kettle! Hysterical. How tall does he think that he is?

  3. Should we expect anything better from the team that brought us Cammarano? They are playing for keeps and there is a lot at stake. If Occhipinti wants to distinguish himself from Team Cammarano he needs a new team and maybe then he can sign that Clean Campaign Pledge until then he will be defined by the company he keeps.


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