After-Party Brief

This will be brief.

This is the missing 'end' of the previous post, where I tell you what happened after the DUH-bate ended when the lights came on, the swag bags were distributed, and folks from both 'camps' stood around in clusters.

I confess to apprehension at being in a room with so many on the team I'd lampooned. So when a few approached me, my eyes darted over each, looking for weapons: steak knives, nun-chuks, stun guns, bows and arrows...

No weapons... what a relief!

Just civility. Even class. I figured they must be talking to someone behind me. But, no. The Occhipinti folks I met were polite, which told me they get it. Cryan, Belfiore, Liebler.

Then a curious incident happened outside.

A fellow approached and introduced himself- David Cruz, Occhipinti Communications Director. We chatted only briefly, but I felt a different vibe from him than other Occhipinti-people I'd met that night. Which I can only describe as a thin veneer of politeness over seething rage. He was trying hard-- I'll give him that, but the anger was palpable. Just my impression, of course. But when Cruz shook my hand, he squeezed it so hard I actually yelled, "Ouch!". To which he joked, "Uh-oh, I broke Grafix Avengers' hand!" Well, I do have a small, bony hand. With occasional carpal tunnel syndrome. But he squeezed it hard.

So maybe not everyone on that team can brush off satire and take it for what it is.

Well, I'll say the stress level is high on both campaigns, and the folks at the epicenter of each are working long,long hours and hard. With much at stake for each.

So I say in the spirit of sportsmanship: may the best man win.

That's Mike Lenz.


  1. GA

    Not surprising to me in the least. The three you cited are the most civil of Mo and the Crude. And there were CAMERAS around and PEOPLE with eyes and cell phones. BUT D Bag let his best shine outside away from others and any potential image taking equipment. And the fact that he approached you alone, outside and tried such idiotic and crass physical intimidation with a woman reinforced the frat boy aura that hangs low over TO.

  2. GA

    Finished watching the debate at POG. TO was actually hard to watch. The smirky, snarky comments were weird. (I id not know that you paid 1k for the zoning appointment LOL) The pen stabbing was weird. He really did not understand or grasp some of the questions. He could only really read answers, not speak about the issues from any inner base of knowledge. I had feared that Mike would come across as arrogant and unapproachable and not speak in accessible sentences. He surprised me. I had heard that TO did a great job at the Reporter debate earlier that day. I cant see how after watching this. Ultimately, it is scary that TO could be the 5th vote.

  3. GA

    Pooch walking last night and I was approached by a couple of teens walking around with TO flyers. They approached me and told me to vote for TO because he is a great guy. I asked them who was paying them, they seemed surprised at the question and one said that "This is how it goes around here. We like elections cause we get paid some money. That's the only time we see anyone." No answer to my question, and it was apparent that they were not telling, so I asked them what they knew about TO. He's a "good guy", "You would like him". I asked them what they knew about the budget problems and flooding. Blank stares. Then, "Why, that stuff don't matter". I chuckled, said that was a sad comment and told them no, I was not going to vote for the "nice guy" TO. We said our good nights and they walked away on to their next encounter on behalf of the 4th Ward's resident, but vapid, Mr. Nice Guy. Teens, without any understanding or desire to understand issues, being paid to walk around on a cool mid-October Friday evening asking random people to cast their ballot for their patron. It must be Hoboken and there must be an election in November.


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