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Friends, lightning strikes twice.

Timothy Occhipinti's political operatives have wrapped their poison tentacles around's management to silence free speech. Or simply put, to stop me from posting links to GA.

A particularly loathsome operative who hides behind screen names 'patiofurniture' and 'patiofurniture3' lobbed a threat at GA which I can no longer reply to. So I will do it here.

Bring it on.

Remember this?

Quite foolish of you, patio, but you admitted right there to committing a crime. Against me. Stalking. A "prima facie stalking case" is how you put it.

I haven't flunked law school myself yet, so had to look that up:

"prima facie denotes evidence which – unless rebutted – would be sufficient to prove a particular proposition or fact. The term is used similarly in academic philosophy.

Most legal proceedings require a prima facie case to exist, following which proceedings may then commence to test it, and create a ruling. This may be called facile princeps, first principles."

And there's more where that came from.

I documented the entire months-long harassment campaign launched by Jersey City and Weehawken political operatives against me who, at the time, were using me in order to embarrass Dawn Zimmer.

I have it all.

So if a public discussion of message board etiquette is on the table, that's a conversation I'd be delighted to have. I'm ready to publish the whole lot.

You may want to run this by your 'employers' first.

(Updated, 10/27/10 9:30 am)
I was surprised by the response this post received... numerous offline inquiries. It reminded me that only a handful of people were aware of what was done to me last year. And by whom.

Folks not 'in-the-know are shocked by the gratuitous viciousness and malice of these paid political operatives whose actions seem less about achieving political objectives than acting out mindless hatred, desire for personal destruction. Nasty, evil stuff.

From nasty, evil people.

To satisfy some of these inquiries, I'll post a few more examples because there's a point to make relevant to the current 4th Ward City Council election.

The same political operatives who harassed me months ago are supporting Timmy Ochhipiniti now.

Look at the quality of the people Timmy is surrounded by. A thug who tries to break my hand. Vicious paid operatives. Making threats, their M.O.

Here's one of Timmy's stalwart bloggers, 'patiofurniture'/ 'patiofurniture3'.

Had enough? Feel nauseous yet? This creature did everything but give walking tours to my home. Where my young daughter lives.

I have loads more examples.

As I said, this went on unabated for months-- until, let's say some 'electronic fingerprints' were left. Which I have.

Other operatives were part of this evil campaign.

One called 'insidersedge' barked a lot like the Mason chihuahua; focused on discrediting me on the Zoning Board by making a personal appearance to show my graphics or read my blog posts-- sound familiar?

OK, is there anyone out there that doesn't think this is the handiwork of Mason's chihuahua?

And look, another operative, 'horsesbehind' steps in to let Da Horsey and I know what the angry chihuahua "has in store for us":

Oh my, and do you know who this person is, and which City Council member he's a close friend and confidante of, and serves as webmaster for?

So 4th Ward voters, be warned: these slimy, unethical operatives are Timmy's people now.


  1. I don't believe in censorship. But I do believe in civility.
    If GA is dumped from, then so should these people -- such as hudson shark -- because they seem to be guilty of what they claim GA is doing. Maybe they're jealous because they wish they could be as clever as some of the GA's posts.

  2. Al, there's something way more insidious going on here.

    A friend just emailed to tell he's been blocked from for no other apparent reason than vociferous advocacy for Mike Lenz.

    Timmy's paid operatives are picking off effective Lenz advocates one-by-one in an unAmerican campaign to shut down dissent, to shut down free speech. If they really believed in their 'product' (Timmy) they wouldn't think of doing this.

    And further, these are the very same people who ran a senseless organized hate campaign against me... for what? Because I do satire on a blog?

    You have come to know me as a fair and ethical person. Not what these jackals portrayed to you at all. Simply because they don't understand or like what I do. A bunch of hateful losers. And misogynists.

    And they're ALL backing Timmy now.

    So whatever happens, Timmy carries a load of very bad karma with him.

  3. GA

    I concur with Sully. I also believe (actually know) that you have thrown the Crude adn their minions into a tailspin. Does it surprise anyone that these cretins are out actively buying votes to put their favorite potted plant, TiMMAY!, into the deciding council seat? Where Are the feds? Where is the AG?

  4. is much more political than I had at first understood. I used to like it warts and all because it was the only blog in town with significant bnr participation. (411 doesn't count).

    But the more you read it, the more you realize it's just a few people playing all the roles in a production.

    1) Hudsonshark, horsesbehind, antinucci, panamajak, a few others I'm forgetting.

    2) patiofurniture1,2,3, lenzrottweiler

    3) the drunk (6-10 names).

    After that, you have the robo-posting taxmoney.

    What's left?

    Taxmoney is flat-out an idiot. Patio badly over-estimates his cleverness.

    Geismars is kind of interesting and not knee-jerk. Borninhobo is worth reading. People on there don't like Zimmer, which is fine. But I like to read about old Hoboken sometimes, and that's the only place to do it. The trouble is, about 5 loud-mouths are crowding them out like weeds.

  5. GA

    Turn the lights on these cockroaches and watch them scatter. How can TO even suggest that he knows nothing abput who he surrounds himself with and how they are buying votes. Either he is an incompetent moron or he is bought and paid for himself. Or both.

    Interesting difference noted last night in the atmosphere prevailing in the the opposing HQs. At 60 Madison, the assembled were focused, earnestly discussing the events of the day, the importance of the events which had occurred and the impact on the election, planning a response. Stern, somewhat grim faces prevailed. Around the corner at the Pet Shop, hands were wildly gesticulating, eff bombs filled the air, D Cruz ranted on the sidewalk to no one in particular, Matt C complained about food and the mood of those assembled was sour, dour, nasty and loud. Blame seemed to be the theme of the night. TO certainly not in control of the situation.

  6. GA

    So the events of the day have validated my take on the vibe in the respective HQs last night - it was dead on.

  7. Addendum. Smarty got the boot too.

    Remember all those rants about the (not applicable) 1st Amendment every time a churlish or ugly remark was deleted from They seem to have thinned out of late.


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