Timmy's Emboldened Ops

Earlier, when the ops (and GA) believed that Judge Gallipoli had thrown down with Team Timmy, his operatives had runneth over with glee and were gloating up a storm.

So sure were they that they had this election in the bag, that their hubris runneth over... forgetting THE ELECTION IS TUESDAY.

But Timmy's foolish operatives have started the Victory Party over at nj.com.

Where GA is still banned from posting. As is Da Horsey.

The Timmy operative called lenzrottweiller is threatening to VIDEOTAPE my HOUSE where my 8-YEAR OLD DAUGHTER LIVES.
Timmy's pedophile wants to watch her "comings and goings". To check out her handmade Halloween decorations. To see WHO she has play dates with. Maybe his recorder will pick up the sound of her piano practice.

4th Ward Voters: please turn out in overwhelming numbers to repudiate Timmy's pedophile.