U.S. Americans (and Mike Russo) Need Maps

Did you know that 20% of Americans can't locate the U.S. on a world map? Miss South Carolina of the 2007 Miss Teen U.S.A. Pageant can tell you why:

U.S. Americans don't have maps.

She's right!

Without maps how do we know that America isn't Brazil or even the continent of Africa?

Did you know that 100% of 3rd Ward City Councilman Mike Russo doesn't know that City Hall is NOT centrally located in Hoboken, New Jersey?

It's true, 100% of him really doesn't know that. In today's Hudson Reporter:

In a press statement, Russo said,“Ian Sacs, Director of Transportation and Parking for the City of Hoboken, has already proceeded with blueprints and everything except picking out the drapes on moving the Hoboken Parking Utility from its centrally located offices at City Hall to the residentially located offices at the mid-town garage near the Hoboken University Medical Center (HUMC) at 330 Clinton Street..

Wow. I've got another question for you.

Did you know that 100% of 3rd Ward City Councilman Mike Russo doesn't know that there is a network of public transportation throughout the city of Hoboken running N-S from Observer Highway to 15th Street, and E-W from Hudson Street to Harrison Street, serving the ENTIRE city?

More of Russo's statement:

“The mid-town garage offices are presently leased by the HUMC, providing services to the public and revenue to the City. The move, orchestrated by Director Sacs, who is supposed to be providing parking solutions, will force residents to compete [for parking] with individuals doing business at the HPU. In addition, there is no public transportation in the area, causing significant inconveniences for residents and visitors needing access to the HPU.

Holy cow. 100% of Mike Russo said there is NO public transportation in the area...

U.S. Americans AND Mike Russo need maps!

Well, Mike. GA is here to save the day.

Please find below a map of The Hop Bus Route and, check THIS out: you can track the location of The Hop in REAL TIME on the City Hall web site! How cool is THAT? I wonder if Mike Russo knows about it? Ask him.

You've never heard of The Hop? Check the City Hall web site:

The City of Hoboken provides a community shuttle bus service called “The Hop” within two blocks of almost every resident. Local shuttle bus service is so easy and convenient, you can think twice before getting in the car to get around town. Our mini-transit system is called “The Hop”, because you can easily “hop on” and “hop off” at any intersection along the route. Each Hop route circuits the city in less than thirty minutes. That means it comes more often than before and is also more reliable. The simplified route also makes it easier for all residents to understand and use. The end result is that many more Hobokenites benefit from this improved service. Coming Soon: Monthly and Annual Unlimited Ride Cards!

We'd better hurry and get that map to Mike Russo so he can take The Hop from his Church Towers residence to the newly-located Hoboken Parking Utility (HPU) offices 1 block away!

For your convenience, Mike, I've colored your ward on this map 'purple', so you can see how much closer the new HPU location is to your constituents, some of whom are elderly and infirmed... ask them if City Hall is "centrally located".

Please note the blue, red and green lines are the routes of the Blue, Red and Green Hop buses.

Mike, that purple patch is YOUR ward.

Not only is the new HPU location closer and more convenient for your constituents, but it's accessible from nearly everywhere in our city!

Listen to Miss Teen South Carolina, Mike.

Get yourself a map.


  1. Move over Russo- your time is up. GA for City Council!

  2. Only if I can phone-in appearances.

  3. Isn't it great how the MIDtown garage isn't centrally located in the MIDdle of town in Mike's world? Ha ha.

  4. Esteemed Councilman, thanks for shining a light on this scandal. Now they've gone TOO FAR!!! I submitted a resume and I SPECIFICALLY ASKED to be nominated for the "Drapery in the New Parking Utility Steering Committee". If Mr. Sacs is out picking out drapes without keeping me in the loop, believe you me, there will be hell to pay! Where's the transparency?! I would march over to that new Parking Utility location right now and give them a piece of my mind, but first I'll have to make hotel accommodations for an overnight stay if I am to journey to such a remote location. I really had my heart set on those carrot drapes they have in the kitchen on the Simpsons.

    By the way nay-sayers, I notice you have all CONVENIENTLY not mentioned that the suggested boondock location for the Parking Utility is nowhere near:
    1. An airport or even a helipad.
    2. Horse hitching post.
    3. Boat dock.
    4. Submarine accommodations.
    5. Parking for tractor-trailers.
    6. Etcetera, so on and so forth!!!

    So, smarty pants blog-o-philes, maybe "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy." !!?!@#!?!!


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