Timmy Saves the Day!

Did you hear what Mike Lenz was doing while the 4th Ward was flooding and men, women, children and their adorable furry pets were swept out to sea?

Mike Lenz was "feeding his face" at a fancy-shmancy fundraiser according to a new Timmy Occhipinti campaign press release.

Here's what it said:

“While the mayor and Michael Lenz were entertaining out-of-town politicians at a political fundraiser, 4th Ward residents were being inundated with flood waters yet again,” said Occhipinti, referring to the mayor’s political insider event at a swank restaurant away from the flood zone. “Residents in the 4th Ward are sick of this business as usual. Lenz feeds his face while the 4th Ward floods.”

Lenz feeds his face as the 4th Ward floods? That son-of-a-bitch. All I can say is...

It's about time.

Every time I look at that guy all I can think is why doesn't he feed his face?

It's half gone.

Lenz doesn't eat. He can't afford to. Have you seen his new campaign headquarters? 'Shabby' is a nice way to put it. The guy doesn't have a pot to piss in. Not like Timmy, who eats pretty well over their in his fancy, newly renovated, painted-yellow digs. Timmy's got a money-tree forest over there.

But let's get to the point.

Timmy says that Lenz was feeding his gaunt, underfed face at the 7PM- 11PM fundraiser while the floods raged in the 4th Ward.

Interesting. I was out last night until 11pm and, not a drop of rain fell in Hoboken.

So, let's chalk up Timmy's confusion to that giant rain cloud following him inside the his Pet Shop headquarters.

In any event, Timmy tells us that floods raged in the 4th Ward while that skinny bastard, Mike Lenz, gorged on fantail shrimp and hobnobbed with celebrities.

So let's ask Timmy: what were YOU doing while the 4th Ward flooded?


Timmy saves the day!


  1. I try not to notice these things...but the duck looks nervous, and er... not completely... comfortable...

  2. Info, don't tell me... 'Deliverance' Hoboken-style?

    Squeal like a duck! Squeal like a duck!


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