Oh, do I love our mayor.

That's right. Big, BIG props to Mayor Dawn Zimmer on busting up a discreet Brian Stack-Timmy Occhipinti rendezvous, disguised as a 'constituent meeting' over at the HHA yesterday.

Yeah, right. A 'constituent meeting' in the 4th Ward 2 weeks before a major contested 4th Ward election... and Stack hasn't been to Hoboken's 4th Ward since 2007, according to politickernj.com.

Well Zimmer was right on top of it. You go, girl!

When a little birdie whispered in her ear that the mayor of neighboring Union City, Brian Stack, had a 3-hour "mobile office meeting" event planned in Hoboken yesterday, without notifying City Hall as common courtesy would dictate, she decided to bust up the lovers' embrace!

According to politickernj.com:

The tradition, Zimmer said, is for the visiting official to reach out to the mayor, at least for a heads-up.

“That would be my understanding,” Zimmer said. “But I do appreciate that he was here. I hope he comes back and visits all of our wards.”

Stack, honey... you are SO busted.

Your little 'unofficial' Timmy endorsement party crashed, by Hoboken's Mayor, a Mike Lenz- supporter, whom you side-stepped tradition and courtesy by neglecting to call.

I would even say this was a show of disrespect. But that's just me.

So Zimmer swooped down upon the private party with a team of directors, staff, and Hertz reps who were pitching the city’s innovative car share program , and ended the day with 10 new applicants.

Again, big props to Zimmer, Hoboken's Woman of Steel.

(On edit: an attendee emailed me that she didn't see Timmy but a cadre of his supporters were there including Perry 'Best-Hoboken-Hair' Belfiore and HHA Ballot-Harvester-Extraodinaire Nick Collicio (sp?).)


  1. You got that right, GA!!! Between busting Brian Stack and staring down the Hoboken PD, the Mayor has more than proved her mettle. She's a lot smarter and lighter on her feet than those "Goliaths".

  2. They didn't invite me to the party either! I HATE THAT!
    Really messes up my karma.
    Why wouldn't they invite Mayor Zimmer to the private party? I hear she not much with small talk, but she's a hell of a dancer!

    Why I even heard at the party they rocked out to a new version of "The Limbo":

    Every limbo boy and girl
    All around the limbo world
    Gonna do the limbo rock
    All around the limbo clock
    Stack be limbo, Stack be quick
    Stack go unda limbo stick
    All around the limbo clock
    Hey, let's do the limbo rock

    Limbo lower now
    Limbo lower now
    How low can you go

    Little help here Avenging One! Could you embed this please:

  3. ply,

    I just tried but got the message "embedding disabled by request".

    Find another I can embed and I will be happy to com-ply.

    Get it? ComPLY?

  4. ComPLY? Puns from the Avenger now?!?
    As Ricky Ricardo would say :
    "Now evrybody wanna get inna the act!" : )

    Looked around for a different version of "The Limbo". After a painstaking artistic selection process, I settled on this one because it had an apropos "je ne sais quoi". Enjoy, and remember, don't take any wooden nickels.


  5. Oh, thank G-d: another "embedding disabled by request"-- praise the Lord.

    That was insufferable.

    ply, your embedding request privileges at GA have been revoked.

  6. I hate to admit it, but I support your decision, and will learn to like it.

    I will slink back to a neutral corner and forever keep my posts here in the realm of snappy patter and light-heated banter, as I should stick to what I do well. That video was a low-water mark for my commenting career.

    Bullshit. Did I get ya? I still think it's funny. Not entertaining, but funny.

  7. Ya got me.

    And I thought you were chastened, but I was fooled. You are unbowed... except below the limbo stick, swaying to that limbo beat.

    Cha, cha, cha!


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