Pet Shop Boys

No, not these Pet Shop Boys.

These Pet Shop boys.

video still courtesy of MSV, see video here

MSV has the scoop on Monday's midnight Pet Convention over at Timmy Occhipinti's Pet Shop headquarters. It seems that the Owners and Masters of the 4th Ward's most obedient and eager-to-please pet, Timmy Occhipinti, gathered for what looked like a Soprano Family sit-down.

A friend of mine who lives near there and walks his dog past the Pet Shop every night has been telling me he always sees guys that look like 'hoodlums' and 'glum-faced thugs' hanging around there inside and out. I didn't want to repeat such an observation without a pic to back that up... well.

We have one, above.

It's a still from a whole video showing the creepy enclave crawling with Occhipinti's machine... MSV cites several attendees in addition to those shown above; they are the candidate, Timmy, 3rd Ward Councilman Mike Russo and his mother Michelle Russo.

What was this late-night meeting about?

Did they know about the coming Lenz Campaign's election fraud lawsuit filed in NJ Superior Court?

Sources tell GA that the Occhipinti Campaign was blindsided by the Lenz lawsuit. They confirm that Timmy's people expected something to come down regarding the Mail-In Ballot 'buzz' on the internet and in the street, but believed it would be a tactic like soliciting the office of the AG. One source said "they didn't think Lenz would have the guts to take it to court".

Surprise, surprise.

The Occhipinti people are in shock. And seriously demoralized. Even if Timmy prevails, the cloud over his 'victory' will not go away, and outcome could even be reversed in court.

GA believes the Monday meeting was most likely a strategy session to develop a counter-strike to the Mail-In Ballot coming 'attack'- the silly Lenz Hearts Developer charge.

Just got word: the Hudson Reporter has the Timmy- lawsuit story.