We Need

is the sad refrain of the Mike Lenz for City Council headquarters.

I attended the Lenz HQ Kick-Off yesterday and was struck by 2 things: the size and energy of the turn-out and the, uh... the things he needs:

a coffee pot
a table
a sofa
a Brita water filter
trash cans

A coffee pot. A freakin' Mr. Coffee costs $17.89. The poor bastard.

See for yourself his humble circumstance, the Lenz digs:

Now... wait a minute. Back it up.

Word on the street (and everywhere else) is that money is pouring in to the 4th Ward race from real estate developers, businessmen, the Peter Cammarano donors... so...

WHERE is this money going?

Lenz can't afford a Mr. Coffee or a garbage can or a sandwich to feed his shrunken, shriveled-up face.

Then WHO is getting all of this Cammarano money?

Oh... that's who. It's pouring in to Timmy Occhipint's Pet Shop.

Well, that line of succession makes sense to me.

So what are the perks of a cash tsunami washing over Timmy's Pet Shop?

You get to decorate.

Last month GA wrote about the professional painting of Occhipinti's Pet Shop headquarters but hasn't been back since.

Well, the other day a GA spy infiltrated Timmy O's campaign HQ for a few photos to see how his office renovations were progressing. It appears he's so flush with big money contributions... take a look!

Here's Timmy's main office-- wow. A little Louis XIV for my taste. And check out that bear on the floor! Grrr...

For those late nights at the office, Timmy sleeps here while his writers write letters to the Hoboken Reporter and draft thoughts for his head.

Nice platform.

And every campaign HQ needs a place for the candidate to have a meal. Timmy's Pet Shop is no exception.

Here's where he feeds:

So, that's all my GA super-spy was able to get.

Which brings us back to Mike Lenz and his humble circumstance.

Mike's relying on The People to power his campaign, with sweat and cash. And if he prevails, he will owe US.

Timmy O. is relying on Big Money Interests to power his campaign, and if he prevails, he will owe... THEM.

Think about it.