REVISED - Voter Fraud Case Update

Hear ye, Hear ye... news from Lenz for Council:

The reports by our opponents and certain journalists that our case was “thrown out of court” are incorrect and represent wishful thinking on behalf of the Occhipinti campaign. Judge Maurice Galipoli ruled that our application to have Vote by Mail ballots sequestered was “premature” in part because the Hudson County Superintendant of Elections is in the midst of an ongoing investigation into the clear and solid evidence of allegations of pervasive Election fraud by the Occhipinti campaign. He did not issue any opinion or rule on the merits of the allegations that are still being investigated.

Evidence of fraud will, in any event, be presented to the Hudson County Board of elections during the challenge process now and after the election. In light of the substantial evidence already developed and the investigations being conducted by the Superintendent of Elections, we are confident that the ultimate judgement will be in our favor when the allegations are considered on their merits.

This was wrong, apologies to The Judge.

(Posted at 3:05 PM)
A source confirmed at 2:45 pm that the Judge threw out the Lenz campaign suit WITHOUT MERIT.

The complaint contained 4 signed witness statements. Individuals 'alledgedly' committing voter fraud were named. The witnesses were brave enough to come forward to 'do the right thing'. I wonder what they're thinking now.

The judge sent this message to all good citizens: fuck you. Don't bother. I won't even HEAR your case. Take the money and keep your mouth shut.

What a sham.

It's not over.


  1.'s only beginning. I don't know anything about this judge,but I'm sure going to do some research on him. I am a lawyer, sorry to say, and I don't know how a judge can simply toss this lawsuit with the affidavits that were submitted. I do know, however, that some judges are extremely arbitrary and capricious in their rulings, especially in state court. A lot of them simply don't care. This judge's inexplicable ruling needs to be appealed immediately.

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