How Many Mail-In Ballots will Timmy Get?

There's been a lot of speculation on various blogs and in the press on the final total of Mail-In ballots for 4th Ward candidate Timothy Occhipinti.

As you know, 'machine' forces have aligned against his opponent, Mike Lenz, in an unprecedented drive for 'Mail-In Ballots' from HHA residents; results are sure to be decisive. MSV reports today the number of Mail-In ballot applications so far to be about 500. Wow. Well, that number is expected to climb so how high can it go and what will it be?

In a GA Exclusive, we have the final amount... well, not exactly the numerical amount.

GA has put the boxes of Timmy's Mail-In ballots on a scale with a heavy object on the other side.

See how the scale is tipping?

Now, mind you, the object on the other side is very heavy. Actually, it's David Cruz, Occhipinti's Communications Director.

David is a wonderful fellow! I adore him.

I had the pleasure of meeting David at the Lenz-Occhipinti Debate last week, and he impressed me so much with his firm and manly grip that I decided to put him on the scale.

Yes, David is a strong fellow; one can assume he gets his bulk from cracking the bones of elderly and infirmed women or punching out little girls. I hear there's a word for big strong guys who like to hurt women... starts with a 'p'... oh, it slips my mind. Do you know it?

Please post below if you think of the word.

Anyway, as you can see from my Scale of Injustice, it looks like the quantity of Timmy's Mail-Ins is so enormous it exceeds a David Cruz. Wow.

4th Ward Voters... only massive turnout can tip the scale back from a pre-weighted result.

Please vote on November 2nd.


  1. HA...good one! I never would have believed the other side of the scale could have tipped this bloated guy so high. Wow, those absentee ballots just keep pouring in!

    The Occhipinti people better be very careful if they want to avoid going to jail.

  2. Looks like Perry's latin cousin. Well, you can't say they don't eat well on the Occhipinti campaign.

    And eat.

    And eat...

  3. To paraphrase the Bard, "there's something rotten in the 4th Ward." How can one think otherwise with public comments like these from team Occhipinti:

    “Do I think Tim’s going to get a couple hundred absentees? Yeah,” Councilman Russo said. “Do I think he’s going to get 600? I hope so.”

    Supporter Perry Belfiore said confusing ballots, especially in November specials, sometimes necessitate absentee ballots more than other times.

    “There’s a lot of noise on the ballot,” Belfiore said, and older people and language-barrier residents many times need help navigating.

    Raia said, “I’m making a concerted effort to get every resident of the 4th Ward out to vote. If it means we have to pull people out, if they have to vote by mail, if we have to drag them to the polls, whatever. There’s a lot of disgruntled people in Hoboken.”

    Raia said of Lenz’s team, “They’re in for a war.”

  4. Hasn't anyone thought of that 'p'-word yet?

    Darn, my failing memory.

  5. I thought of it when I saw his picture. Why, is there another reason?

  6. Dear GA,

    I believe the word is "Putz", but my Yiddish isn't great. (I'm just a Little Ole Presbyterian, after all). I cannot believe just how stupid Russo's and Raia's public comments are. They haven't got a clue that they are under scrutiny by the NJ AG's office. DUH!

  7. 425 GA. There must be some honest, gruntled people in the 4th Ward,right?

  8. There are many honest people in the 4th Ward who are appalled by what's going on. Every single one of them must get out and vote next Tuesday. If anyone reading this has not already done so, make sure you get in touch with all friends and family living in the 4th Ward and tell them that it's imperative that they get out and vote for Mike Lenz on Tuesday to keep positive change coming to Hoboken.

    It's simply amazing...the old guard and its minions just keep coming; it's like Night of the Living Dead!!! They are fighting tooth and nail to preserve the old ways that nearly bankrupted Hoboken. They need to be stopped before they steal again.


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