A Boy and his Binder

Well folks, it turns out that this bit of snark I wrote the other day about last Wednesday's Lenz-Occhipinti DUH-bate was prophetic:

Another problem with Timmy's performance, other than the canine attack, attack, attack mode was his utter reliance on notes he had tabbed to various topics, suggesting if a Chinese menu were placed in front of him he might order the egg foo yung lunch special with wonton soup instead of proposing solutions for flood remediation in the 4th Ward.

Because today Da Horsey published a bombshell which includes this photo:

That's Timmy's binder, complete with topic-tabs for quick-flipping!

So when Timmy warned us at the start that he may speak haltingly because he's "thinking"... shouldn't he have said "page-flipping"?

Now, Da Horsey has an actual page transcription, but take my word: Timmy is not referencing an outline, or 'targets' to hit when he responds; this is a SCRIPT... to read VERBATIM... with vocal cues in bold font on where the 'emphasis' belongs-- perhaps in decibels or pencil-thumps.

Bold font = bold Timmy.

Oh, Lord, what next? Big words written phonetically?

If you didn't understand that last word, it's pronounced: FOW - NEH- TIK- LEE. Got it?

There was one pic which Da Horsey thought was a little too embarrassing for Timmy... of course he let me have it. I will publish later, but gotta run right now.

(Update, 3:50 pm)
Here's the pic that Da Horsey (a.k.a. Roman Brice) balked on publishing... Timmy was doodling in his binder whenever it was Lenz's turn to speak.

Timmy was so annoyed that Brice kept snapping his picture that he drew him.

Photo courtesy Da Horsey, Mile Square View


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  2. You have it from the horse's mouth that this debating technique was a three ring circus. As I said before - Mr Occhipinti is usually a speaker of note, but I see he is feeling his oats and has to draw the line somewhere. His mane objective now should be to rein in his campaign, loose the binder, stop horsing around, and pony up his own thoughts! I'll bet Horsey doesn't like this one bit!


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