Guest Artist- Al Sullivan

You know him as a political columnist for the Hoboken Reporter and more famously, my boyfriend of 13 minutes and Grafix Avenger fan, but did you know he is a prolific writer of novels, screenplays, is an award-winning photographer and video auteur?

I'll bet you didn't. Neither did I.

Before I met him, I thought Al Sullivan was some dried-up old geezer who wrote his columns with one eye open, half- asleep. WRONG. I found out that Al's a vibrant, creative, artistic, handsome devil who writes his columns with one eye open, half-asleep.

I adore Al. And the feeling is...uh... well. He hasn't filed a restraining order.

So as today's Guest Artist you'll enjoy one of his (many) video works; each is unique, none representative of a single style or theme. Al plays all the parts, created the music for this one and shot it. It's called "Paranoia", and is a tribute to the classic, b&w horror film genre with a Hitchcockian psychological twist.

Al said about it:

I made it late last year. It was shot in Greenwich and downtown Jersey City. I deliberately created strange music based on the old horror movies I saw as a kid.

I love paranoia, and the fear of things that may or may not be real.

Wasn't that creepy? And kind of funny? I don't know if it was supposed to be funny...

As a hardcore fan of the classic 1950 style horror genre, I find this kind of project very exciting. So, Al if you are interested in doing another horror video, I'd like to collaborate with you!

I've even got an idea for our film. It's a horror flick loosely based on the current Hoboken 4th Ward election. It's called "The Little Pet Shop of Horrors".

It starts like this:

Aliens land in Hoboken, New Jersey and take over a Pet Shop on Observer Highway. They're looking for an earthling whose tiny brain they can devour and replace with a microphone wired to his mouth... so when the earthling's mouth moves, the aliens' words come out. The invaders look far and wide throughout Hoboken's 4th Ward to find the perfect subject: not evil, not overly bright, but very ambitious so he can't see that they're only using him to suck out his brain and take over his body! At last, they find the perfect specimen. After removing his brain, they trot him around to recite their words at City Council meetings, debates, various forums, while more aliens swarm the HHA buildings depositing giant space pods filled with cash that turn into votes on November 2nd! Finally, it looks like the aliens will take over the City Council, so they can appoint other aliens to municipal boards and important city jobs. So what happens next....

What do you think, Al?


  1. Well done!

    Love the pitch for Little Pet Shop..., GA!

    Soon enough, you may have to add a scene with the Pet Shop Boys, all dressed in orange, making license plates.


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