G.A. Meets The Hair

G.A. loses control at the sight of The Hair. Charm offensive or just offensive?

This is a teaser, folks... I will post on last night's Lenz-Occhipinti DUH-bate later.

But Da Horsey just sent me this pic that he took for me last night... and couldn't resist posting it.

Also, in case Perry Belfiore decides to bring me up on hair molestation charges, I want you folks to see that he surrendered his follicles willingly and I daresay he enjoyed the attack.

More later...

Photo courtesy Da Horsey, Mile Square View


  1. So let me get this straight. You go around feeling people hair? In public?

  2. Oh, Al. That's not a 'people'... that's The Hair. The Best Hair in Hoboken... possibly Hudson County. It should have it's own zip code.

    Do you know how soft and fluffy it is? I'll bet you want to feel it, too.

    I forgot to ask him what shampoo he uses. It must be Nectar of the Gods.

  3. I'll take your word for its virtues. But if you get the name of the shampoo, I might be interested if it gets such applause

  4. Okay, will do.

    Perry... hello! Please email me with the name of your shampoo so Al can try it.

    Do you use conditioner?



  5. My jealousy at your triumph may leave me a bitter hollow person unless you get and share that shampoo solution. Don't fail us GA!

  6. Bitter, raging jealousy aside that picture is incredible- the expressions on your respective faces are priceless- talk about timing. Send that Horsey a big bag of oats- organic of course!

  7. Nancy,
    Per your request, I shampoo every day with Fructis Garnier Shampoo with Conditioner. It was a pleasure, if not a somewhat surreal experience, meeting you.

  8. Oh, Perry.

    It was MY pleasure to meet you as well, and what a delight to have you at GA! Thank you for divulging your 'secret recipe' but...

    Are you SURE you use ordinary, store-bought shampoo and not some magical elixir or heaven-sent, sweet nectar-of-the-Gods?

    You're not pulling my leg, are you? Just ordinary, factory-made hair goop, full of chemicals and unnatural dyes, shipped on a pallet from China, delivered cross-country on a truck, sitting for weeks on a shelf in CVS?

    I thought it would be something mixed on Olympus and hand-delivered to you by the God Mercury.

    Ah, well.

    You struck me as an honorable man, so I have to believe you.

    Al, are you listening?

    Well, I've wanted to meet you and your hair for a long time. It was indeed my pleasure and look forward to chatting again sometime.


  9. I predict a spike in the sales of Fructis Garnier in the 07030 area. Count me in and they have a handy dandy Hair 411 (not to be confused with H411) in their tips and styling section- you can take a quiz:

  10. That is such a fantastic picture.

    We don't gotta let political differences turn all of life into some kind of forced march.

    Kudos to the very sporting Mr Pelfiore for indulging.

  11. What cast of characters! What a legacy!

    Remind me - who was the great Hoboken patriot who said:
    "I may not agree with what you're saying, but I'll defend to the death your right to run your fingers through my hair!"

    I love you guys (and dolls)!

  12. For some people like Tim Occhipinti, it is hair today gone tomorrow. Kudos to Perry Belfiore for being a good sport. He has great hair and a knack for obscure words that make for fun when consulting an online theasuraus. As the unofficial Bard of Hoboken Perry, will catch even me off guard every so often with a new word or two.

    GA obsession fulfilled, now can we get back to the issues?...... ha ha:)

  13. RG, are you suggesting that GA is NOT a serious web site but one that dabbles in satire?


  14. GA

    I think that that you underestimate the impact that your silly little site has had on the political discourse in Hoboken. Initially, you were vilified, excoriated, crucified and condemned to a heinous death because of a punch bowl that some found offensive. The evilly vicious attacks were not against you personally, you were simply a pawn in the efforts to discredit the Mayor. No one thought to look under the hood and see who you actually were or what your satirical posts really said. Finally, your new BFF Sully Babe decided to take make an independent assessment (instead of regurgitating the pablum fed him by the same old same olds) and discovered what most sane and rational adults in Hoboken already knew - you are an engaging, funny, at times acerbic and witty person who has an independent and curious mind, is not a wall flower and not easily intimidated. And that you are not some villainous evil creature that should be banned from otherwise "polite" Hoboken political society. What HAS the world come to? God knows that some of the Old Guard is off rails at the recent turn of events, but who cares? How does it feel to be Hoboken's version of the "It Girl"?

  15. k, I'll take some of what you're drinking.

    Well, you're awfully sweet.

    I'm guessing some folks would say you forgot 2 letters in front of the 'It' (in front of the 'Girl').

    Thanks, k.

  16. GA
    There is nothing more serious than satire. It is a bullet that gets passed all defenses. Ask me. I still have a few lodged in my heart.


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