The DUH-bate

How many of you watched the Lenz-Occhipinti DUH-bate on Wednesday night?

Don't all raise your hands at once.

Not many, I see. If you live in the 4th Ward or know folks who do, I urge you to watch the video.

I was there. First, I want to say it was a triumphant night for everyone.

For me because I finally got to touch It. You know. It. And It was every bit as soft and fluffy as I'd ever hoped and dreamed. Now I know why:

So thank you, Mr. Belfiore for sharing your secret (I won't tell a soul), for your patience, and for not calling the police and having me arrested. You're an awfully good sport. So what if our politics are diametrically opposed? What matters is hair.

And buddy, yours rocks.

What were we talking about?

Oh, yeah. Politics. The evening was triumphant for both Mike Lenz and Timmy Occhipinti.

For Lenz because he showed a mastery of the issues in his thoughtful, complex responses extemporaneously produced from his brain.

For Timmy because... um... well, few living humans will ever watch this debate.

And Timmy put the 'DUH' in that DUH-bate.

I want to describe his overall demeanor that night as 'angry chihuahua'. Ironic because who was sitting in the front-row center, nodding encouragement like a proud papa with each Occhipinti response? Lane Bajardi, whom I call Beth Mason's pet chihuahua!

Hmmm... and Timmy's HQ is in a Pet Shop... are we seeing a theme here?

Woof, woof!

Down, boy or back to the Pet Shop you go! In a crate. No, not the one filled with mail-in ballots... the one that says 'Timmy'.

Another problem with Timmy's performance, other than the canine attack, attack, attack mode was his utter reliance on notes he had tabbed to various topics, suggesting if a Chinese menu were placed in front of him he might order the egg foo yung lunch special with wonton soup instead of proposing solutions for flood remediation in the 4th Ward.

Now I'll refer to MY notes. Very sloppy notes.

Yours would be, too if all you had was a crummy 3-inch long pencil that Scott Siegel gave you. Thanks for the truncated pencil, Scott-- what happened to the rest of it?

OK, these 'moments' jumped out at me:
  • Occhipinti opened with a disclaimer that he pauses as he speaks "because he's thinking!" In other words, the more halting and stumbling his answers, the MORE Timmy's thinking! I wonder if we listened really hard, we could hear gears turning in his head and motors whirring as his thoughts were being strenuously produced? Do his eyes blink while this thought creation process is underway?
  • Occhipinti cited the debunked '20 million dollar surplus' figure over and over again, a la Beth Mason.
  • Timmy to Lenz: "You have a county job to feed your family!" Your honor, I rest my case.
  • Timmy berated Lenz for NOT offering a 'referendum' decrying Governor Christie's pulling the Connors School renovation funding. Huh? So Timmy's giving us a preview of the meaningless grandstanding he'll bring to the City Council, by declaring war on our Governor? Smart move, Timmy. Hoboken doesn't need him.
  • Timmy to Lenz: "What's that going for, $1,000 a pop?" Regarding seats on the Hoboken Zoning Board of Adjustment. This one got boos and hisses.

There was so much more, folks. I couldn't keep up. Perhaps someone can post more.

All I can say about that DUH-bate is Mike Lenz did a wonderful job telling how he'll continue to make things better for 4th Ward residents.

And Timmy Occhipinti? He did a wonderful job convincing folks to vote for Mike Lenz.

If only they watch the video.


  1. Well put, GA. I thought I was gonna pass out if I heard Timmy O call something initiated or supported by the Zimmer Administration a "travesty" just one more time. If you want to know what a travesty is, just replay the debate and watch Timmy wilt. It's hard to imagine the Old Guard couldn't find a better candidate.

  2. I should have ate beforehand. I was hungry. Sorry, GA. I just sent Tim the info on the true $11.88 surplus. I hope that will enlighten him. It would nice if Beth was the only council person or candidate still spreading the lie and miss truth known as the infamous $20mm surplus we don't have.

  3. GA

    It is telling that NO ONE, under ANY screen name has posted anything, anywhere remotely close to praise regarding TIMMAY's performance, or lack thereof. The fact that Hate 411 has totally ignored the debate is beyond hysterical. After all of the trash talk about ML over there for the past week, you would think that PK and Lame would not waste the opportunity to trumpet the fourth Stooge's Academy Award/SNL worthy comedic interpretation of a political candidate at a debate. So we can only surmise that even Mo and the Crude realize just what an awful cardboard cut-out they chose. TIMMAY! will never be Mr. Smith, and it is highly doubtful that he will ever go to Washington, let alone City Hall, except as a visitor.

  4. From your keyboard to G-ds's ears, k.

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  6. This is a re-post of the smashed up post that I asked GA to delete so I could clean it up. Here goes.


    I stumbled across this post from July on the Hoboken Reporter forum. Funny how nothing has really changed, except that TIMMAY has absolutley confimed that he is part of Mo and the Crude and makes no pretense at being independent. It now seems that TO and the Crude have abandoned any pretext that there is a reason to vote FOR TIMMAY!. The latest flyer tha arrived in my home only screamed "GET RID OF LENZ!".

    « khoboken wrote on Tuesday, Jul 13 at 11:36 PM »

    Your post is way too funny. I certainly do not live breathe and eat Hoboken politics. I just own a house here and pay an exorbitant amount of taxes and am sick of the blood sucking leeches that have inflated my tax bill, expecting me to subsidize their lives.

    You obviously have a lot to learn about the recent history of Hoboken. Following is a quote from which explains why I, along with many friends and neighbors, are sick of the current political situatiuon in town.

    "As Peter took the oath of office, I had this sinking feeling that I didn't have a Plan B," said Hoboken native Perry Belfiore. "For a while now I've felt that I was about to surrender to someone who was not born and raised. That turned out to be Peter. I

    Plan B is TIMMAY! The reincarnation of Peter Cammarano, a toally fake and manufactured candidate who will be anything but independent, if elected. Either Timmay! is too stupid to know that or he is so cynical that he thinks that anyone who has lived in town more than 3 years will believe his crap. Either alternative is more than enough for me to point out his shortcomings.

    I could care less what self congratulatory things ML says, as long as he does not wrap them around some faux charity that was conceptualized to foster his political ambitions.

    ML is a polarizing figure -- many like and many hate him. But he is what he is. No real pretense and he has been around since the early 1990's. TIMMAY! is a fraudulent and phony candidate, invented by Hoboken politicos who have a stake in maintaining the gravy train upon which they depend to fund their lifetyles. Given the choices, I will likely vote for someone who doesn't pee on my leg and try and tell me that it is raining.

    And what is up with the latest "I don't speak for the H&B Club, I am just a private citizen garbage?

    He has now told so many different versions of the "important" pool story that it is hard to keep them straight.


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