You say Po-TAY-to, I Say Po-TAH-to

Didja read Timmy Occhipinti's letter in the Hoboken Reporter this weekend?

Haw... haw...

In it Timmy teaches us that mail-in ballots are NOT absentee ballots. Why not?... Because they have a different name. As he wiggles and jiggles like a stripper around the elephant in the room: his refusal to sign the Clean Campaign pledge.

WHY won't you sign it, Timmy?

Are you trying to distract us with your blizzard of words? Look there, not here! That's NOT a piece of fudge... it's a creamy smooth blend of butter, heavy cream, sugar and cocoa powder...

Here's a riddle:

Q: When is an absentee ballot NOT an absentee ballot?
A: When it's a Mail-In ballot!

Hmmm... that was fun. OK, here's a joke:

-Knock, Knock!

- Who's there?

- Want to make 75 bucks?

- Want to make 75 bucks WHO?

-Open up the door and fill out this Mail-In ballot application, THAT'S who!


Q: What's black and white and read all over, and works just like an absentee ballot?
A: A Mail-In ballot with ketchup on it.

Please, post YOUR Mail-In ballot jokes below.

The winner of the Best Mail-In Ballot Joke gets $75 on November 2nd, Election Day, no questions asked.


  1. It may be time for "quieter" ballots but luckily we have Belfiore to help "navigate the noise".... team Cammarano is very thoughtful- Occhipinti is a lucky boy.

    Supporter Perry Belfiore said confusing ballots, especially in November specials, sometimes necessitate absentee ballots more than other times.

    “There’s a lot of noise on the ballot,” Belfiore said, and older people and language-barrier residents many times need help navigating.

  2. More Belfiore balderdash if you ask me, hullabaloo.

    "'...noise on the ballot,'"--!
    What in tarnation does that mean?

  3. Git your rebate. Get you mail in rebate here. Rebates here. Send in your mail in and get your instant cash rebate!

    MSV has just uncovered the most egregious violation of Operation Bounty. It's up at Mile Square View now.

    That report is the saddest story ever posted as MSV.

  4. A question about... potahtoes, these being infinitely dissimilar to potaytoes...

    Can one tell via opra or other means who has voted using the potahto capability?

    That list could then be matched to the list of 300 or so 'street workers' Timmo is likely to 'require'.

    A while ago there was a story in Politicker about the, potahto... campaign in the 4th. It was 'debunked' because the ballots aren't yet available. But what the campaign would need to do would be to file applications to be able to ... potahto. And those could be counted. And those could be the basis of a loud boast about how many absentees...potahtoes... were expected.

    There is 1 truism in Wall Street and Hudson County politics: the rats always figure out the maze in the end.

  5. Bravo, Info.

    Let's hope that ill-gotten po-TAH-toes get fried on November 2nd.


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