Timmy's Gas Problem

Guess what?

Timmy's got a gas problem.

Occhipinti's paid campaign workers (where does he get all that money?) were distributing fliers yesterday in the 4th Ward. The fliers are downright scary; reminding 4th Ward voters about the 8 people killed in a California gas line explosion along with hundreds of homes destroyed. Timmy wants a MEETING tomorrow, October 17th with concerned 4th Ward residents to discuss his opposition to a proposed gas line.

Sounds like an issue. So what's the problem?

The gas line doesn't run through Hoboken. It doesn't run in his 4th Ward "neighborhood".

It runs through Jersey City! On the OTHER SIDE of the rail yard! Not near a single Hoboken residence!

See what I mean?

So, is that lying or fear-mongering? Or both? Timmy's Truth or Timmy's Two-fer?

Want to read what Timmy's people were passing out? Here it is:

Hey, how about YOU show up tomorrow at Timmy's meeting and ask him WHY he's scaring Hoboken residents about a project that's not in Hoboken? That's not even NEAR "hundreds of (4th Ward) homes" like the ones destroyed in California.

Sorry to say, folks. What we have here is a case of pants-on-fire.

4th Ward voters, let's put out those fiery pants on Nov. 2nd.


  1. This guy is not to be believed!!!First, he goes to a Council meeting and makes a fool of himself by saying that he doesn't think it's necessary at this time to spend $166,000 on flood protection sensors and then he turns around and manufactures a fake crisis to get attention. What a bone head!!!

    Timmy needs to spend the next few years reading up on all of Hoboken's problems, particularly those in the 4th ward, and then run for Council. He sure isn't ready for prime-time. If this is the best the Old Guard can come up with, I almost feel sorry for them. (NO I DON'T!!!)

  2. Oh Timmy. You seem to be on this never ending search across the Great Plains in search of a reason for anyone to vote FOR you. But I guess that you will have to keep on searching. Gas line approvals are under federal protection and regulation because of interstate commerce issues. Local zoning usually has to give way and FERC regulates safety and location and maintenance of the pipelines. States generally don’t have too much to do with the issue. JC is looking to intervene in the FERC hearings on the pipeline – not sure what Hoboken (or TO) adds to the mix – to me it is an expenditure of political capital on an issue that does not directly affect Hoboken at a time when there are so many other issues – FS Drive, 4th ward flooding, the NJ Transit plan, the municipal garage, tax reductions that need the FULL attention of the mayor and the council, especially someone representing teh 4th Ward. TO does not need to create an issue merely to allow him to pontificate and grandstand. But then again, he is looking to join the Axis of No that has never met an office chair, let alone a whole pipeline, that they are not capable of mounting and making fools of themselves.

  3. As said it is in Jersey City, not Hoboken. If Tim and the NIMBY's would dump their flat screens, computers, peripherals, etc. I'd listen to them. We need more and more energy for bigger homes and the toys that come with them. From Edison to California the explosions have one thing in common. They are all decades old. New pipelines are much safer just like most everything is compared to 40-50 years ago.Another useless issue to dwell on.

  4. ss1959
    Many people said as much about off shore drilling -- safer now than in the past -- and then BP happened.

  5. As always pride will goeth before a fall.


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