She's 50, Again!

Congratulations to 2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason, who I understand is turning 50 again with a huge party at LUA!

I'll say it: you are some bitch, GA.

Very, very bitchy. Meee-ow.

Yeah, well... maybe I'm upset because I didn't get one of these:

ALL my friends got one: Paul Swibinski, Fin Boy, Team Occhipinti (including the guy who almost broke my hand)...

Rumor has it that Timmy will be there in disguise- I wonder what he'll be wearing? The reason: his presence could create the perception that Ms. Mason is endorsing his 4th Ward City Council run.

And we know that's not true.

*wink, wink*


  1. In the spirit of peaceful protest let's all show up and run up a bar tab that they can't cover.

  2. Dear p1ywood:

    We could all stay there and drink till Halloween and Rickey would still be able to pick up the bar tab.

  3. rudydawg, no one said it was going to be easy!
    Damn the torpedos, full speed ahead!

  4. The invitation I got doesn't have the hula dancer on it. I'm disappointed.

  5. So, Al. Are you bringing me as your date?

  6. GA, you're on.
    You want to meet me there?

  7. Nah. Without you, I won't make it past the velvet rope.

  8. I'm sure your enemies would love to make the rope into a garment accessory for you, something that would fit very tightly around your neck

  9. You mean a 'necktie party'?

    I know you'll protect me, Al. You can hit them with your pen, which is mightier than a sword.

    So you said.

  10. And who is going to protect me after I have brought their arch enemy into their midsts? I'm might be losing weight, but I can't hide behind a pensil.

  11. I thought she was throwing me my 50th birthday. She forgot to do it last year. Don't worry GA or Al her Lua events are, if nothing else amusing.


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