Hoboken Swimming Hole

Anyone who's been reading Grafix Avenger for a while knows of my one-woman jihad for a world-class community pool for Hoboken.

By 'world-class' I mean the kind of pool that will lure W Hotel and Maxwell Place residents out of their multi-million dollar condos to mingle with Hoboken's full socioeconomic spectrum.

Imagine: HHA residents and luxury-homeowners side-by-side, floating in cool, blue waters, sharing the same spectacular view of the New York skyline. The kind of view enjoyed by the slim fraction of our population nesting in the luxury towers that wall off this view from the rest of us.


Instead, THIS is the 'community pool' past Hoboken administrations have bequeathed our taxpayers:

What a frigging disgrace.

And look, there's 4th Ward candidate Tim Occhipinti-- champion of keeping Hoboken's tin backyard bucket open an 2 extra weeks! I kid you not. It's on his website. Timmy's satisfied with this swimming 'solution' for Hoboken. It's good enough for YOUR kids.

In fact, he fought for weeks MORE backyard-bucket fun for Hoboken's 5-12 year old population.

Has Timmy ever been to a REAL community pool?

GA did an entire post on the facility that Secaucus provides for it's taxpayers. One of their 3 pools looks like this:

So, after you've paid your 2nd Quarter tax bill to Hoboken City Hall, get your hot and sweaty ass in the car and drive to Secaucus for a swim.

Which begs this question: if we grown-ups bust our humps to meet our tax obligations in Hoboken, why the hell do we have to drive to Secaucus to cool off?

Timmy, get this straight: Hoboken has NO public swimming facility for ADULTS. And KIDS younger than 5 or older than 12. Therefore, Hoboken has NO community pool.

So keep fighting for the tin bucket, keep pretending it serves a COMMUNITY that it doesn't.

He calls it T'im's Truth'.

In the meantime, until the Zimmer administration works out the logistics of WHERE and HOW Hoboken gets a world-class pool for ALL of us, GA would like to propose a terrific (temporary) solution.

A fantastic prime piece of pool real-estate with a river-view opened up this past Friday:

photo credit: Hoboken Patch

What do you think?

No costly digging needed; just fill 'er up and we're good to go! And no big-bucks road repair required... how's that for killing 2 birds with one stone in these tough fiscal times?

Now you know why folks are begging me to run for City Council; I'm a visionary.

So here's what this pool might look like:

It sure beats a backyard tin bucket.

Let's go, Zimmer administration... summer is 8 months away.


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  2. You may think I'm all wet, but I think your proposed pool location is a little off the deep end. However, I'll still dive in and support you for council, because the existing town pool concept is a little dippy.

  3. Didn't roberts propose a pool once that we reported as "having gotten away?"
    Where would you put this pool if you could actually get someone to pay for it?

  4. I'd locate it on the rooftop of our new community center.

    Benefits to that: it would save on land use and keep the pool inaccessible in the off-months. In addition, an elevated pool would/ could provide a 'view', depending upon location. The dimensions I've seen for a 'large' public in-ground pools are 25' wide by 75' long, but defer to the experts on that.

    That's what I would propose.

    The floating pool would have been marvelous. I understand it 'floated' to Brooklyn.

  5. HHmmmm, GA, Sully calling you out of your sanctum of satire.

  6. Oh, k.

    There's a serious-minded gal lurking under the smart-ass. It's time for Hoboken to get a world-class public pool. Especially now when so many are suffering financially; less $ for vacations, summer camp, etc.

    This is an amenity we've more than paid for; it's time.


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