Mason's Announcement

I received this in my Inbox this morning, from 2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason.


  1. Ga

    The fact that she still employs that odious wart hog masquerading as a bottom sucking toad fish, Jimmy B. the Fin Boy is enough to make anyone run screaming in horror at the thought of her maintaining her central and pivotal role in the Axis of NO.

  2. I'm laughing and crying at the same time; please Tom Greaney save the 2nd Ward and the City of Hoboken from the menace that is Mason!

  3. I concur- Can't wait for next May either.

  4. GA

    Saw this tidbit on politickernj about the latest ad from Bet. I never really thought that she was bright, just had access to Ricky's checkbook.

    "Political watchers are dumbfounded as to why Mason would run an ad now when most viewers are counting the hours until Election Day just to make the ubiquitous ads stop. Not to mention that rates are higher - but apparenly Mason doesn't care. One politico marveled at the prowess of Mason's political consultants who apparently sold her on the idea for the ad while an actual race is taking place in Hoboken's 4th Ward."


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