Perry's Hair

Perry Belfiore has the best hair. I've been wanting to pay tribute to it for a long time.

Perry, if you are out there, this is not snark. I really mean it.

It's so gorgeous in fact, I thought it was a rug. But my sources tell me it's all yours. Furthermore, I notice that you cut it recently (why, oh why?)-- now, who cuts a rug? (No pun intended, because I've been told I can 'cut a rug' on the dance floor)

What does this all mean?

Nothing at all. I just get tired of politics sometimes and want to think about nice things. Like Perry's hair.

Now he is a handsome fellow, of course, and don't mean to ignore the rest of him. But who are we kidding? It's all about the hair.

GA gives you big props, Mr. Belfiore. Perhaps one day you can tell me how you keep it so healthy and luxurious. Mine is a big mess.

Please tell me your secret!

(Update, 10/09/10 5:40 pm)
A reader sent me some circa 1993 pics of The Hair poised atop a youthful Perry B. He had pretty much the same 'do back then though a darkish brown hue.

Frankly, he looked a little bit rock-n-roll and not one bit country.

Speaking of which, weren't they great?


  1. I may find myself on the opposite side of most political issues with Belfiore but where his hair is concerned I'm a fan. I've seen it up close- close enough to touch it- and believe me I was tempted. It is a thing of magnificence and deserving of the regal throne setting you created. But why cut it before the election? Hasn't he heard of Sampson? Is this Belfiore haircut a harbinger of the 4th Ward election results? But more importantly what shampoo does he use?

  2. These are all fascinating questions. Which deserve answers.

    I have never been up close to his glorious Greek god-like mane... if I were, I don't know if I could keep myself from running my fingers through it. Unless of course he called the cops on me.And had me arrested.

    Would molesting an unconsenting head of hair be a misdemeanor or a felony?


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