Saturday, March 31, 2012

2, 4, 23, 38, 46- Mega Ball: 23

Didja win?

Hoboken Now is reporting 1 winner in New Jersey!  And another in Georgia.

GA only got ONE winning number- the 38.   Do I get anything?  

I'll never forget a client complaining to me- way back, what a hassle it was being rich (he was).  You know, all the bother managing one's wealth, various properties, stocks, assorted assets.  Boo freakin'-hoo.

While I thought he was showing off, I remember thinking there was probably a grain of truth in that.  A teeny-tiny one.

How would you handle a $640 million (divided by 2) windfall?   

GA's known some born-rich and nouveau riche and they are different animals.  The born-rich think rich, the nouveau riche act rich.

In other words, you may spend an hour talking to a born-rich and never know it- they don't want you to.

A nouveau riche, on the other hand, has a learning curve to develop the social and psychological aspects of being wealthy.  Some are so modest- even seem in denial like Frank Raia- who is about as down-to-earth as they come. Others choose to be chauffeured than walk, or delegate simple tasks to 'the help', or use their money in a lavishly conspicuous fashion (millions of bucks on a Mile Square mayoral campaign) acting out their financial success.

Whatever it is, the sudden acquisition of vast wealth must be mind-blowing.

 GA remembers once chatting with a modest, genial fellow at a party on the upper West side of Manhattan who invited some of us back to his place.  Which turned out to be a sprawling Fifth Avenue  over-the-top, custom-designed (fantasy) penthouse by a famous architect (Helmut Jahn?  Hans Hollein? Forgot). Everything was custom, down to fixtures and accessories.  Well, I'd hung out with the guy all night, and who knew?

That's when I became aware of my own discomfort with extreme wealth.

Which is WHY I'm so grateful I ONLY got number 38 and not the others: 2, 4, 23, 46 and Mega Ball 23.

Yeah, right... 

Update, 12:00 noon
Hoboken Now got it wrong:

 Lottery ticket-holders in Illinois, Kansas and Maryland each selected the winning numbers for the world record-breaking $640 million Mega Millions jackpot, lottery officials said early Saturday.
No New Jersey winner. 

Friday, March 30, 2012

The Dark Side Flips on Term Extensions

From the get-go, The Dark Side opposed the movement of elections- first the City Council from May to November, and then the BoE- for a whole host of reasons.  To these nocturnal feeders, an elected official extending their own term was fascist and November elections were a threat to the People's Right to Decide.

Well, it looks like those same dwellers of the Dark were FOR the People before they were AGAINST them.

That's right.   Take a look.

July 27, 2011

Moving municipal elections to November, means that the terms of all current council members will be extended by six months. If the measure goes through, elections will be held in November 2013 for the at-large councilmembers and in November 2015 for the ward representatives.

In order to have the referendum, The Committee To Let the People Decide—which is what the residents behind this initiative are calling themselves—needs 2189 signatures.

"It’s just about letting the people decide, that’s really it," said Jamie Cryan, who is part of the new found committee. Cryan, the chairman of the Democratic party in Hoboken, said he is involved in this issue in his capacity as a private Hoboken citizen, not on behalf of the party.

March 30, 2012

The Hoboken Democratic Committee on Thursday night voted to extend the terms of all 72 committee members by one full year, according to the party's chairman Jamie Cryan.

 Both political sides in Hoboken agree with the move, Cryan said. Roughly 40 people showed up on Thursday night to vote on the matter.

When compared to a recent debate about extending council members' terms by moving elections from May to November, which was met by a lot of criticism, Cryan said this situtation is different.
Different?  Why, because he says so?

Frankly GA is thankful that Cryan, Russo, and all of their allies on The Dark Side flipped like   pancakes and extended the Democratic Committee term from 1 to 2 years.  Meaning one less election next November.  Thanks to their weak-kneed hypocrisy, the rest of us can focus on electing those we support for statewide and national elected office.


Aren't you grateful they're a bunch of double-talking, phoney-baloney, flip-flopping, disingenuous gas bags?

I am. 

R.I.P. Maurice 'Mo' DeGennaro- UPDATED

GA extends sincere condolences to the family and friends of Maurice 'Mo' DeGennaro, who passed away today at the HUMC.  He was 71.

Mo was a fixture at City Council meetings, an activist whose voice and presence were felt at City Hall, and I enjoyed hearing him speak his mind.  A Hoboken character who shall be remembered.

R.I.P., Mo DeGennaro.

Published in the Jersey Journal, December 3, 2008

(Updated: April 1, 11:00 AM)

More on the life of Mo DeGennaro is at the Failla Memorial Home web site.

The funeral mass will be offered on Tuesday, April 3, 2012, at 10:00am at St.Ann’s R.C. Church, 704 Jefferson Street, Hoboken; where continuous visitation will be held on Monday, April 2, 2012, from 2:00pm through 9:00pm.

Interment will follow at Holy Cross Cemetery in North Arlington, NJ. Arrangements are under the direction of the Failla Memorial Home.

ANOTHER Defamation Suit Against H411?

GA got a tip the other day on a  Patch posting detailing an alleged $4.75 million dollar defamation suit  by a local business against Hoboken411.

For those 'regular' Patch readers and discussion participants, you know that a rash of comment- deleting has infected that place.  Posts disappear faster than a box of Twinkies at... you know.

It began around March 15 with a clean sweep of 'Reform' comments- GA had 24 deletes that day.  The delete notifications were received 6 days later, on March 21-  'no reply' messages (see screenshot below) which say this:

Your contribution has been removed from the site because your neighbors on Patch flagged it three times for being inappropriate.

Now it appears an Old Guard operative is deleting their own posts along with 'ours' to accuse Reform of 'censorship'.

Childish, no?

Well, I bring this up because GA couldn't find the post alleging the Klaussen suit.  It must have been  deleted.

So I asked around, who  might know of yet another Plaintiff suing Klaussen.

GA did hear back about several businesses who might have an axe to grind, but nothing substantive enough to post.  Except for this tip from one source:

I heard someone in town has a beef with him. might be the telemarketing place at HBC that had a beef with 411 about the SCAM posting and video from a few months ago? Perry was asked to take down the post and he didn't. The telemarketing company was indeed legit and does employ people that do very well.  A disgruntled employee didn't understand the job and after a week quit because he didn't read the job right and thought he was owed 2k or some shit?

A lot of people are after him. I would assume its the telemarketing place.

The story was written without perry calling to ask questions. perry never called for facts, just posted the videos and story based on what some guy that doesn't live here had to say.  Libel. Maybe these are the people going after him? 
Does this ring a bell with any of you?

Not with GA, who doesn't dive in cyber-dumpsters.  Here's the piece:

A representative of the company using the moniker 'Reputable Company' posted this rebuttal below:
Rebuttal to the Ridiculous & False Allegations against Diamond Enterprises of Broward & its Affiliates.

There are 2 sides to every story so we are hoping you read this rebuttal with an open mind & do not judge this company from what one disgruntled ex-employee alleges without fully understanding what the job entails.

First of all, we wanted to thank everyone that is reading this report as it shows you are a very educated person just trying to do research on a company. We give all of our reps a full accounting of every single appointment they write with the phone numbers so you are able to call them back, find out why they didn’t show up & reschedule them. Quite often, they always show the second time around. How would you be able to perform your job properly if you’ve quit after a week? We all get paid on commission, based on the customer showing up to the presentations. We have reps that have made in excess of over $1,000 in a week & have the paycheck stubs to prove it. We also have the same reps working with us since inception.

You will never find a company that is more dedicated to helping their reps make a nice living every week. “From working 10 AM -10 PM every day verifying every appointment that is written” to “Solidifying the Appointment with the spouse re-pitching the deal for you” to “Confirming every appointment the day before & the day of” to make sure YOU as the rep makes a nice paycheck every Friday. We all work together as a TEAM to ensure you making a nice paycheck every week.

Contrary to this ex-employees beliefs, we of course are a reputable firm, otherwise these huge corporations that we are under contract with would not be affiliated with us or hire us to do their marketing. Sales are Sales even though we do not sell anything, you need to have sales experience to do telemarketing & you need to build up your pipeline. You don’t just work for a week & then quit. Just as with any real sales job like selling Stocks, Commodities, Biz opps, etc… You need to give it some time at least 2-3 weeks before your pipeline starts to snowball from one week to the next. If you view his video, he doesn’t even add up the commission correctly what was paid to him. 3 shows x $80 each = $240, not 120 as he stated. If you also view his other videos posted, he plays with pet crabs, talks to himself on subways & strangers at restaurants. He obviously is not operating on all 8 cylinders.

Scam, Scam, what Scam? The only Scam here is this ex-employee posing as a sales person. He will soon realize that there are repercussions for ones actions. We have given him ample time to remove the video & he has not complied. A civil lawsuit is currently being filed with our corporate attorney for slandering our company, recording the management’s voices & obtaining video without anyone’s authorization or consent. To make matters worse for him, he video taped the entire thing. At this point, we really don’t care if he removes the video or not as we have the evidence saved on our computer. So there’s no question if he did it or not. Guilty as Charged.

The claim amount for disparaging our company name & damages will be in upwards of over $10,000 so it will not be in small claims court. We will keep everyone posted as to the outcome.

We encourage anyone who is seeking employment & would like to earn a nice living working 10-4 or 4-10 PM, not selling anything, setting up appointments on a predictive dialing system to please inquire within to the address below. We don’t interview YOU. You can interview US. Good Luck & we look forward to YOU hiring US to help YOU become an essential ingredient to our successful money making team. $$$$

Thank you & let’s all have a Profitable Day!!!

50 Harrison Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030
So, there you have it.   

Getting between a disgruntled former employee and the corporation he/she is maligning is NOT a place any third party in their right mind should insert himself.

The operative words are "in their right mind."

Because repeating libelous and defamatory allegations which result in damages to a business make that person an accessory to the libel.


So, GA has no idea if this is the suit that coming down the pike, but it is one that is 'out there' according to Diamond Enterprises of Broward.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Dwek-iversary

GA might be a day off, but it was around 1 year ago that the publication to  Russo-Dwek meeting at Jersey City's Lighthorse Tavern became public information in then-just released Jersey Sting. 

And props to MSV for breaking that one on March 28.

So what was the Russo response? 

On April 1, 2011 the  email jihad on the mayor's staff was launched to make sure everyone forgot about the stuff in the book.

And, a certain river in Egypt gushed forth from the lips of the Councilman, essentially calling the book's authors 'liars'.

What happened next?

On April 14, 2011, the authors released the actual FBI surveillance video.

Here's what Jersey Sting co-author Josh Margolin told me about why they'd released the tapes:

Thanks for you interest. We reviewed the recordings and considered the questions that had been asked. We decided to let those interested review the videos for themselves.

Thanks again.
Translation:  We're not the ones lying.

Isn't Hoboken a wild and crazy place?

Dwek ordered the Chocolate-Bread Pudding.

Guess who ELSE met with Solomon Dwek a bunch of times?

Former Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano.

And guess WHO defended Cammy's control of Zoning Board appointments  SIX DAYS AFTER the FBI recorded Cammy selling 2 zoning variances at the Malibu diner on July 16, 2009?

WHO is Mason's Stalker-Boy?

Based on GA's brief exchange with Mason's personal videographer, 'Tim' the other night, combined with his odd behavior, I strongly urge those assigned with the Mayor's security to get his ID, then run a full criminal background check.


After being dispatched to lurk outside the mayor's home (she's got 2 young sons) this pursuit of a 'money shot' has not only crossed a line, but my contact with him on Tuesday night impressed upon me that something is seriously off.

Perhaps his employer, Beth Mason would be willing to provide his identification, if asked.   Our Public Safety Director can obtain this from her.

If Mason is not cooperative, I would hold her responsible for anything that her employee does to the 'subjects' of his lens.

GA suspects Mason dispatched her employee on Tuesday night to provoke an incident.  After civil,  benign words to the Mason videographer, he threatened he would "get the police" because I was "looking at him".

GA smelled a set-up, a stunt.  

An orchestrated distraction... a familiar tactic used by the gang of THUGS that Beth Mason is known to employ.

Does anybody remember this?

One of the STALKER pics taken by then 18-year old Matt Calicchio in 2007

 On Friday, Zimmer was walking her dog when she got into an argument with an 18-year-old wanna-be paparazzi. Campos initially said he didn't know who the amateur photographer was; now it turns out it's Matthew Calicchio, the little brother of one of his supporters. The Campos campaign says they no longer want to talk about the incident. It's obvious that the confrontation between Zimmer and an 18-year-old wanna-be paparazzi on Friday was a political stunt - but it's hard to say which candidate it was intended to help.

In an exclusive interview with Calicchio, the 18-year-old tells The Jersey Journal that he saw Zimmer walking her dog on Friday around 5:15 p.m. near First and Madison streets, and he took her picture because the dog did its business on the sidewalk but she didn't pick it up. However, Zimmer denies that she didn't pick up after her dog, and Calicchio couldn't provide the newspaper with a picture of the act in question nor its aftermath.

Calicchio then filed a simple assault complaint against Zimmer, saying she cursed at him, grabbed his wrist and tried to snatch away his camera. Zimmer denies that also, saying at first she smiled and bantered with Calicchio as he snapped away, but became frustrated because he kept moving in front of her to block her path.

She says she asked him where he lives, and he said the Fifth Ward - though he's apparently registered to vote in the Fourth Ward. (His older brother told the newspaper they are moving to an apartment on Marshall Drive that is currently being renovated.) She also asked his name, but Calicchio told her he didn't have one.

In the police report, which you can view on Hoboken411 along with Zimmer's handwritten account of what she said happened, Calicchio doesn't say anything to police about a dog. He says he wanted to take Zimmer's picture because he is interested in politics.

Calicchio told our own Carly no one told him to take pictures of Zimmer; he also said that Campos is "a great guy" but he doesn't work for the campaign. However, his older brother Nick Calicchio - a city employee (actually, we're now told he is NOT a city employee) - does work for Campos.

Guess who Matt Calicchio works for now?

Photo credit:  MSV


Folks, that's how these people roll.  They create incidents to slime opponents.  They bully, intimidate. Because they're THUGS.  With cameras.

The Mason videographer's threat to call the police was so over-the-top, disproportionate and strange that GA could smell something bad.  

After hearing that Mason dispatched this very strange person to the HOME of Mayor Zimmer, and that he lurks in the City Council Chambers, I URGE those responsible for the security of our elected officials to VET this oddball.  

Find out WHO he is.

Certainly, anyone is allowed to film public meetings.  If that is really what they are doing. 

But the stalking behavior outside the Mayor's house and threats to call police for being 'looked at'  aren't 'normal' so those responsible for protecting our elected officials must vet this character or be responsible for what he may do.  

Find out who this guy is. 

Start with Beth Mason.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Join the Team!

GA's got fantastic news.

The Beth Mason for Assembly media juggernaut is off and running with a shot heard 'round Hoboken City Hall! 

A video shoot that is- with last night's filming of the first campaign commercial of the 2013!

That's right.

As the self-appointed Chairperson of the Beth Mason for Assembly campaign, GA was delighted to see Mason's personal videographer focused on new prey for the insatiably vicious candidate!  (Well, not so new.)

In fact, the Mason camera crew displayed such immature and thuggish instability, GA hears a restraining order may be in the works.   Is it true?

I hope not, because we've got a schedule to keep... a long campaign ahead with many vicious, lying commercials to shoot and ads to run.

Join the Team!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


In loving memory of my Dad, gone 12 years today.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Timmy for Mayor?

Hot from Da Barn, MSV's Talking Ed Note is reporting:

Mason thinks if she can get on a Brian Stack ticket, she'll then create a new campaign for Tim Occhipinti in 2013 - For Mayor! 

It makes perfect sense.

Occhipinti was crafted from the ashes of the once-golden Cammarano- by the same players- to fulfill a trajectory cut short by an FBI sting.

Other than being about the same age and same height the two don't have much else in common. Where Cammarano was arrogant, unethical and smart, Timmy is arrogant, unethical and carries his brain on an external hard drive.

Cammrano was his own worst enemy- he got in his own way and destroyed himself.

The voices guiding Timmy on his external hard drive- telling him what to do, what to say, what to think- are his own worst enemies.  They just don't know enough. Whether it's where the overpass is that Timmy wants to clean (Jersey City), or blaming "the administration" for litigation  while forgetting he IS the legislative branch of Hoboken government and responsible for much of it.

All defensible, by the way.

But Hoboken's Corporation Counsel was reduced to telling Timmy that his own votes have resulted in litigation against the City.

Incredible that Timmy didn't seem to grasp litigation is the consequence of resisting powerful interests who wish to tap the City's resources to the detriment of it's residents.   That litigation is the reasonable recourse of citizens who have sought tax appeals which the City must defend.  That employee terminations for misconduct- if challenged-  cause the City to defend it's position in court.

Chalk it up to willful ignorance on the part of Timmy's external hard drive; actual ignorance on the part of Timmy.

Timmy's handlers who tell him where to go and what to say repeatedly make him look foolish.   It's only a matter of time until they get him in real trouble.  Unlike Cammy, a man with political gifts and brains, who undid himself, Occhipinti's over-confident, under-informed handlers will be his undoing.

GA calls Timmy the Golem of the Dark Side.  (A Golem is a anthropomorphic creature from Jewish folklore made from inanimate matter- like ashes - that mindlessly serves its creator)

Through all his gaffes and inappropriate decorum, he is impervious to humility and growth.

And that is the nature of a Golem.

So, GA doesn't think too much about Mason's alleged mayoral aspirations for Tim.  Not with the coterie of numbskulls guiding him.  

Timmy's lost without his mentor, the late Maurice Fitzgibbons.  That is clear.

Take Her Money

My friend Al Sullivan has been reporting that Union City Mayor and NJ State Senator Brian Stack has been wooing Hoboken's unpopular Councilwoman Beth Mason- even considering her to run for the State Assembly on his ticket.

As the new, self-appointed Mason for Assembly Chairwoman, GA would like to say to Mayor Stack: DO IT!

First of all, GA would like to say I LIKE Brian Stack.   He always sends me a birthday card.

Don't laugh. I'm not joking.  How many of you out there sent me one of these last year?

Or one like this the year BEFORE?

So wipe that smirk off your face.

Brian Stack is thoughtful and kind.  To me.  And that's what matters.

OK, so he's not thoughtful and kind enough to let Hoboken residents swim in his gorgeous swimming pool in Union City, but more thoughtful and kind than those who didn't send me a birthday card this year.  Or last.

Like YOU.

Union City's beautiful public pool

So, I do wish him well, and am going to vote for him- again and again.

And I beseech you, Mayor Stack: please, please... pull up the Brinks truck at her Hudson street address, and fill 'er up!  

As her Campaign Chairperson- she's ALL YOURS!  Put her on your ticket and GET HER OUT!


Um, I mean, to Trenton... where her special talents will be pumped dry... uh, I mean, 'appreciated'.

Beth Mason for NJ State Assembly- 33rd District

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mason for Assembly

Folks, based on the publication of Beth Mason's letter AND the companion pro-Mason puff-piece in today's Hoboken Reporter, GA can tell  you: the Councilwoman IS running for NJ State Assembly.

And that's GREAT news for Hoboken!

GA is THRILLED. Although Trenton isn't quite far enough, it's not Hoboken City Hall!  And that's what Me the People WANT.

So to fulfill this dream, I've appointed  myself the Mason for Assembly Campaign Chairwoman, Graphic Artist, Author of all printed and online campaign lit, Official Sloganeer, Jingle-writer, Chorus, and Mascot... you can just call GA a ONE-woman Beth Mason for Assembly Band! 

Well, I might need a little help... if anyone wants to join the campaign just say the word.

So, I'm taking the first official campaign slogan for a test-drive.  

Out with the Old, in with the Shrew.

Like it?  No?  How about this:

Garbage IN, Garbage OUT.

Better?   GA favors the short and sweet. 

She's Vain, Vindictive and Lies like a Rug.

Maybe one that rhymes?

Though she belongs in a Strait-jacket, 
To Trenton she's going, 
Hope you can hack it

Too long?

This campaign is dead in the water until we get the right slogan.  


Friday, March 23, 2012

How They Do It

GA's finally figured out how political operatives Kim Cardinal and  hubby Lane Bajardi slip seamlessly between screen monikers Curious Gal, prosbus, etc., as they spew poison on local internet message boards. 

With His and Her's laptops:

click to enlarge

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Zombie Message

The Zombie Council: Mason, Russo, Occhipinti and Castellano

That's the message the FOUR Undead  sent last night at the City Council.   ONE of the messages, anyway.

GA counted six.

You see, the UnDead are petulant.  And calculating.  

To boot, one of the FOUR is not a great thinker.  GA affectionately calls him the Golem of the Dark Side. (A Golem is a anthropomorphic creature from Jewish folklore made from inanimate matter- like clay or soil - that mindlessly serves its creator)

Can you guess which of UnDead GA means?

(Hint: he totes his brain to meetings on an external hard drive and it (the brain) makes fabulous artichoke dip.)

So  last night's City Council meeting was attended by FIVE living, breathing  City Council persons and FOUR of the Eternally Damned. All FIVE of the pulse-bearing Council members with beating hearts voted 'YES'  on a line-item transfer of funds to cover $450K in outstanding legal bills from LAST YEAR.

All FOUR Zombies voted 'NO'.

And the measure FAILED.

Yep, the Zombies said 'NO' to paying Corporation Counsel Mark Tabakin's firm,  Weiner Lesniak, LLP, for work performed, as well as 'NO' to paying Scarinci Hollenbeck, among others the City has hired as outside counsel. (Remember Donald Scarinci was the general counsel for the HUMC until he flounced off on July 16, 2011, slamming the Hospital Authority, 2 weeks before the hospital filed for bankruptcy)

So what messages did the Zombies send by by stiffing our lawyers on their fees?

(1)  If you want to get paid in Hoboken, you play by Zombie rules.

The Zombies want Mark Tabakin to quit.  They are setting the stage so that only their 'friends' will be willing to come in as attorneys.  That way, the Zombies can control things again.  GA was told by a source that Hoboken is having a hard time attracting outside counsel. Of course.  Because the word is out that Zombies won't pay lawyers who are not 'friends'. 

Do you know about the Zombie Game?  It was 'allegedly' played in City Hall for years, prior to the efforts of Mayor Zimmer to put the kibosh on it.

A 'friend' sues the City for some alleged infraction, often frivolous (like Billy Campbell, former PIO ), the City attorney would hire an “outside counsel” (read “politically connected law firm”) and that outside counsel would allow the suit to drag on and on and on and on, billing hourly.... ka-ching ka-ching. (with the benevolent approval of the city attorney *wink* *wink*)

All this time the politically connected outside counsel is making campaign donations and wining and dining the various politicos whose approval was needed to get and keep the “outside counsel” designation.

After enough money has been sucked from the city’s coffers, a suitably generous “settlement” is EVENTUALLY arranged with the assistance of the plaintiff’s attorney.

From the “settlement” pot: (i) the plaintiff’s attorney gets his cut of the settlement for his fees, as the case was taken on a contingency basis; and (ii) the “friend” gets his slice; and (iii) and the various politicos that make this merry game keep churning all get a taste; and (iv) the outside counsel gets a new case and the Zombie game begins again.

This was risk free litigation, with the costs of the litigation essentially funded by the City. There was no hurry to bring the case to resolution, legitimately, when the billing is hourly and the results are guaranteed by the City’s coffers. The rules of the Zombie game make sure that everyone gets paid in the end.

Interesting side note: GA heard the Billy Campbell case is not going according to Zombie-Plan.  Were the Zombies calling the shots he may have already WON a big, whopping settlement.  And that's what they want- to call the shots again.  Mark Tabakin stands in the way.

(2)  Zombies drive up legal fees.

This is a fact.  A source tells GA that municipal work was never risky. A lot of firms have lower rates for municipal work because theoretically such work eliminates a large part of collection-risk.

Enter Hoboken, and it's City Council with its FOUR Zombies.  Zombies delay the payment of legal fees.  Zombies stop payment of legal fees.  Thus, Zombies drive up the legal fees.  

Because the hiking of fees account for the risk factor that they will not be paid in a timely manner. This is true.  Did I tell you my source was a lawyer?

(3)  Zombies Drive up Taxes. 

What happens to the credit rating of a city habitually late with paying it's bills and/or stiffing its vendors?  Does it get better?


It TANKS.   For every downgrade in our credit rating there is a corresponding uptick in the interest rate that we have to pay on any bonds that are used for capital improvements.

Higher interest means higher taxes.  The council should be doing everything in it's power to protect the credit rating in order to reduce taxes.

 Zombies don't care.  They want higher taxes so you'll get pissed at the MAYOR.

(4)  Zombies Cause Litigation.

Isn't that obvious?  A law firm that can't collect fees from the City for work performed is going to SUE.  Which is what the Zombies WANT.

So while they create scenarios which place the city at risk of litigation, they blame the Mayor for the so-called abundance of litigation, and refuse to pay our attorneys...

Further, the Zombies would LOVE Scarinci to sue the City-- to tarnish the Mayor's successful sale of the HUMC.  The Zombies would like nothing more than to throw mud all over this great Zimmer-Tomarazzo-HMHA achievement.  If Scarnci sues, the Zombies can revive the  their Hospital Authority smear campaign and mar the Mayor's political victory FOR Hoboken.

(5) Zombies Reduce Tax Relief.

Must I tell you this?  When the Zombies voted "NO" on a simple, cost-free garage bond conversion from non-taxable to taxable status, it cost Hoboken taxpayers $4,500,0000.  You didn't feel a thing, right?  Because that cash came out of the City's cash SURPLUS.

Which means less tax relief for you.

Where do you think the $450K that the Zombies are withholding from the City's law firms and other vendors is going to come from?

From our 2011 surplus.

So what have we learned?

Zombies work AGAINST Hoboken,  AGAINST the taxpayer and AGAINST 'normal' procedural  governing practices...

(6)  Zombies work for the benefit of... ZOMBIES.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SLAPP-Happy Talk

GA sprayed a whole can of RAID over on Patch yesterday, but... darned those little varmints!  So hard to get rid of.

Yesterday a Reform superstar of  the blogging world was threatened with a SLAPP suit- for allegedly calling former Hoboken PIO Billy Campbell a 'drunk' on a blog or internet message board.

Today's SLAPP suit threat was lobbed at... GA!  

Kim Cardinal, political operative wife of Lane Bajardi, and blogging as Curious Gal and 'prosbus', and new co-conspirators 'Be Heard' and  'Alan', are setting up a narrative that the speech they can't censor is fodder for a defamation claim.

Not only is such a cry of victimization from this gang of smear merchants hilarious, but they are posting bits of legal analysis that not only don't they understand, but in fact support the First Amendment and privacy rights of internet bloggers!  That's you and me.


Here's what Kimjardi did posting as Be Heard, the legal equivalent of Cheez-Whiz.

She snatched a blurb from a legal blog with respect to a  NJ Superior Court of NJ Appellate Division case called Dendrite Corporation V.s John Doe 3  .  And she plagiarized the blurb,  providing neither  source nor a link.   (Thank you to Patch commenter We've Heard for sleuthing the legal blog source)

Next Kimjardi frames the blurb (the case was about a corporation making a defamation claim against an anonymous blogger) to murkily suggest that Reform BLOGGERS BEWARE: the long arm of the NJ Appellate Court will PUNISH you for your mean blog posts!  

What is Kimjardi  up to here?

They seem deeply frustrated that no amount of post deletion can stop the buzzing about Lane Bajardi's fire and brimstone City Council defense of Peter Cammarano's right to retain zoning appointments powers SIX DAYS AFTER  Cammy sold 2 variances at The Malibu Diner.  WOW.   So, instead of   answering the question on EVERYONE'S minds: what did Bajardi know about Cammy's Malibu variance-sale and when did he know it?-  Kimjardi are calling the Hoboken Questioners 'meanies'!

And threatening them with SLAPP suits.

Well,  Not-Stempler knew the Dendrite case and pulled up the decision for me.  Oh boy...

In the case law these morons cited to scare and intimidate we reform bloggers, the bloggers actually WON.  That's right,  the Plaintiff (Dendrite) claiming defamation LOST and the Defendant (anonymous John Doe 3) WON.

So is Kimjardi that stupid or just pretending?

Either they didn't read the Court decision or they did and didn't understand it OR they understood it but only excerpted an innocuous piece which could be spun.

Here is what the Superior Court of NJ Appellate Division Decision  in the Dendrite case said with respect to obtaining that bloggers identity from his/her ISP:
Here, although Dendrite's defamation claims would survive a traditional motion to dismiss for failure to state a cause of action, we conclude the motion judge appropriately reviewed Dendrite's claim with a level of scrutiny consistent with the procedures and standards we adopt here today and, therefore, the judge properly found Dendrite should not be permitted to conduct limited discovery aimed at disclosing John Doe No. 3's identity. Moreover, the motion judge's approach is consistent with the approach by both the District Court in Seescandy.Com, and by the Virginia Circuit Court in the America Online decision. 
Get that?  DENIED.

It must be said that  the lobbing of such SLAPP suit threats designed to stifle speech and send a chill through the blogosphere by political operatives like Kim Cardinal and Lane Bajardi- two political operatives with a long history of mean postings need to WATCH OUT for what they wish for.

This is from my terrific legal department, Not-Stempler, who offhandedly remarked that "99.9% of Plaintiffs regret their decision to make a claim or file a law suit".


Because aside from the fact that losing Plaintiff's are forced to pay the Defendants' legal fees, damages and are subject to counter-suit, the Plaintiff can expect to undergo a public proctology exam.  

It's called Discovery.
  •  Every cent the Plaintiff has earned and spent in the last 10 years will be scrutinized.  
  • Every medical record for the last 10 years will scrutinized.
  • All of the Plaintiff's friends, family, associates, and employers for the last 10 years will be deposed.  
  • The Plaintiff's friends/ associates/ suspected associates may have their computer hard drives be obtained by subpoena to obtain communications with the Plaintiff and web pages accessed,etc.
(Can you imagine the Kimjardi's coughing up 10 years of financial records?  And Beth Mason (former employer) being deposed- under oath?   Don't you suppose the FBI might have a looksy at the transcripts to check for discrepancies in what they've been told by Bajardi/Mason in prior interviews?)

The Plaintiff's life will be turned upside down, his/her character shredded, he/she will be flayed and fileted in the public square.

Then after Plaintiff LOSES, good luck paying the Defendant's exorbitant legal fees and damages.

Hey, but why let actual experience intrude upon Kimjardi SLAPP Happy Talk?

Y Now? Because You'll Save $25

Spectacular view from the Liberty House Restaurant in Liberty State Park

... on the price of tickets to the fabulous YMCA Spring Gala!

If you purchase your tickets BEFORE midnight tonight, you will save $25 on each!  WOW!

And for all you cheapskates out there (like me) doesn't that just make your heart go pitter-pat?  I LOVE to save money.  Why do you think I buy generic microwave popcorn instead of Orville Redenbacher?

By all means, do take advantage of the lower ticket prices- which will rise like GA's blood pressure tonight when Tim Occhipinti opens his mouth at the City Council.

So, here are a few words from my dear friend, Paul Sommerville, President of the YMCA Board of Directors:

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

Don’t miss this opportunity to welcome spring. Kick up your heels to the tunes of “Swingadelic” at this important charitable event to benefit the Hoboken-North Hudson YMCA. The bountiful buffet will be outstanding, including vegetarian items and choices for those observing Lent as well as a signature white sangria cocktail created for this occasion.

Tickets are still $ 150.00 (61.36) tax deductible). Take advantage of this lower price and purchase your tickets before midnight on Wednesday when the price will rise to $ 175.00.

Parking will be validated and our event is wheelchair accessible.


Paul J. Somerville
President, Board of Directors

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

SLAPP suits on 'Zimmer-Bloggers'?

It's been a rough week for the online combatants on The Dark Side.

Vastly outnumbered and unable to censor the shocking discovery that on July 22, 2009 Lane Bajardi passionately defended Peter Cammarano's right to control zoning appointments only 6 DAYS AFTER Cammy sold 2 variances at the Malibu, the Dark Side has launched a new offensive: 'Zimmer-bloggers' are MEAN.  VICIOUS.  


They're MEAN!

GA would respond that mean-spirited governing- like trying to kill our hospital sale or costing taxpayers $4.5 million for voting down a cost-free garage bond refinance- or having subordinates bash  public schools 24/7 is MEAN.

So really, GA is more concerned with our CITY and all of YOU than the feelings of the MEANIES.

That said, this new strategy of calling Zimmer-allies 'mean' was rolled out and today a stalwart cyber-thorn in the Old Guard's bottom was threatened with a law suit.

That's right.  The meanie hurt my feelings, so I'm gonna sue.

The intent is to send a chill through ALL your Zimmer-lovin' spines and shut your Zimmer-luvin' mouths. (It's bogus and not-actionable, by the way.)

But here it was, from a first-time poster.
just since we are talking about the usual old guard new person stuff i have to add this here too, so as i (and i hear the media is on this story too) understand it apparently one person here has stepped far over the line. it is not a crime to post mean spirited and obnoxious things and definitely not to post criticism. However, (your name here) apparently went to far a few weeks ago with a posting referring to someone as a drunk, just because that someone dares to sue the mayor. You can criticize all you want but spreading an actual lie or trying to maliciously defame someone is breaking the law.

a slander suit is being filed this week and this one person is going to be the defendant. since (your name here) has posted on several sites, those sites will have to cough up info about were she logged in.

i have been told patch and will have the info next week. let this be a lesson, you can criticize all you want but you CANNOT break the law just because you know or like the mayor,
OK, so here's what GA gleaned from this- the commenter is talking about Billy Campbell,  Hoboken's former PIO, who is suing the City of Hoboken for wrongful termination.  The blogger- irrelevant.  Put your name in there. 

The point is, the Dark side bloggers trying intimidation to shut us up while they tar Zimmer as having 'meanie' supporters. 

I'll wait until you stop laughing to continue.  Done yet?  Jeez, it's like I'm tickling you with a feather...

So, I did shoot the post over to GA's $850/hour legal department, Not-Stempler, to ask him his thoughts on the merits of suing a moniker on a message board for a perceived slur from a political adversary. He was too busy to  write something but here are notes from our chat.

First of all, he called this a SLAPP suit.
A strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP) is a lawsuit that is intended to censor, intimidate, and silence critics by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition.

The typical SLAPP plaintiff does not normally expect to win the lawsuit. The plaintiff's goals are accomplished if the defendant succumbs to fear, intimidation, mounting legal costs or simple exhaustion and abandons the criticism. A SLAPP may also intimidate others from participating in the debate. A SLAPP is often preceded by a legal threat.
So here's what Not-Stempler said:
It's interesting they've threatened a SLAPP suit.

In many cases the person who files the SLAPP suit comes to regret it because if they lose have to pay damages and legal fees for the defendant and expose themselves to counter suit.  The person who sues opens up all avenues of push-back.  For example, medical records and proof of propensity toward the behavior that is the basis of the complaint.  In this case, drinking.  

Further, the plaintiff has to show proof of damages caused by the basis for complaint. In this case as the direct result of this specific blog comment.

Did the person ask for the offending post to be taken down?  What is the evidence or record of the Plaintiff's objection to the post?  Can the Plaintiff disprove the commenter's claims of libaciousness?  Did any others comment on this libaciousness or only the Defendant?  Were other offending posts asked to be removed? 

This person is anonymous.   The only way to get her/his IP is by subpoena. A corporation like AOL will not give this up easily or readily. Most media outlets won't go near naming registrants because threats to their business and traffic. may (or may not) provide an email, and if so, the registrant's ISP will likely resist a subpoena. 

Finally, but most notably the court will issue a motion to dismiss because the individual claiming libel is a former public official, Hoboken's former Public Information Officer, and as such is not protected under the First Amendment to public opinion and public commentary.

After the summary judgment dismissal the Plaintiff, as I said, has opened himself to damages and counter-suit. 
OK, I hope I got that to Not-Stempler's satisfaction.  If not, I'll hear from him later. 

Got that people? Now you're on alert to their latest schtick: calling you "mean" and threatening to sue.

WAAAAA... they're being mean!  Call Bruce Gates!

Arresting Robin

GA was shocked to learn of last night's arrest of Hoboken business-owner and philanthropist, Rory Chadwick on (2) 9 and 11 year-old traffic violations in Jersey City and Weehawken, respectively.

Those were for an illegal U-turn and parking in a crosswalk. 

After my conversation with Chadwick this morning, I am incensed.

Without disclosing specifics but from the incident described, one thing seems clear: Chadwick was targeted.

In other words, here we go again.  

Again, the HPD are using their power to settle political scores and personal vendettas- all under Chief Falco's nose.   

Maybe it's time for Hoboken to get itself a new proboscis.

Of course, we all remember the Ian Sacs arrest-by Falco's daughter- and ridiculed by the judge before being thrown out of court.  Then of course, the 2 detectives dispatched to my home by Tim Occhipinti for a satirical blog post- the hour long interrogation- with my child present.

From my notes that day, August 22, 2011:
(detective's name redacted) wouldn’t answer my questions, it was like he was following a pattern, leading me, pressuring me, later inferring I had made ‘terrorist’ threats, saying an investigation “up and down Hudson Street” would be launched if I did not “cooperate”, that he would have to go back and tell his boss Sergeant Williams that I was “not cooperative” if I did not “name names” of oblique references I’d made in my satirical post. I repeatedly said that I’d need a lawyer to continue that line of questioning

I said at one point I was going to blog this police incident, and (redacted) told me that I would be arrested immediately for “interfering with an investigation."
That's a small excerpt of 4-typewritten pages.  Oh, yes.  Just a little sampling to give you folks the flavor of what some (not all) bad apples on the HPD do for friends.

Now for the Chadwick incident.

Last night around 8 or 8:30 pm 'Batman' and 'Robin' were walking to the PATH station on Washington Street where they approached and stopped by 2 'beat' cops.  Out of the blue, the police asked them for   ID. 

Were the dynamic duo doing anything wrong?   

No.  So why were they stopped?

One cop said something like "Robin might have warrants out."

Ooh... get the picture?

Either opposition research found these old warrants and 'gave' them to the HPD or the HPD was asked to scour Chadwick's records.  All this in the middle of a 'crime wave'- a string of unsolved Hoboken burglaries  and 2 Hoboken beat cops were dispatched to nail ROBIN for decade-old traffic warrants.

Do you recall that 2 weeks ago, Perry Klaussen 'forgot' to show up for a court date with Chadwick, who charged him with criminal coercion.  And the judge issued a bench warrant for the arrest of  Klaussen.

That's right. A 2-week old bench warrant.

If the HPD has TIME to enforce open 11 year-old Weehawken traffic warrant against Chadwick, how about picking up Klaussen who's got a 2 week-old open bench warrant?

OK, so here's a question.

Which man do you think the police body searched and  handcuffed to a bench?
(a) The guy who didn't show up for a March 6th court date and under bench warrant.

(b) The guy who's charged him with criminal coercion, who had an outstanding 11-year old warrant for a U-turn in Weehawken?

Can anyone guess WHO the Hoboken police arrested?

I hope no one's Hoboken home was robbed at the time 2 cops on street patrol were arresting Robin for his 11 year-old illegal U-turn in Weehawken. 

Message to Rory: this is how they roll.

My story has yet to be told.

(Updated... 30 minutes later!)

Da Horsey is reporting that Perry Klaussen was arrested on March 8th by the HPD and kept it hush hush...

Monday, March 19, 2012

Class Project: Women's History Month

Did you know that March is Women's History month?

Women are about half of the wold's population but we only get one frigging month out of 12.

Go figure.

So LA (Little Avenger's)'s 4-th grade class was assigned a weekend 'Women's History Month' project-  each child had to select a woman, then had any number of creative options to convey information about the life and contributions of that woman to our society/the world. 

LA picked Harriet Tubman.    And spent the entire day yesterday working on a board game.  The objective: to travel the 'path to freedom' (Underground Railroad) with quiz cards and 'event' cards which either help/hinder the players toward the finish. She wrote 30 multiple choice questions for the 'quiz' cards.  Sample:
After her death, Harriet Tubman became:
a) a great American icon
b) inspiration for generations of African Americans struggling for equality
c) celebrated throughout the nation
d) all of the above
Well, I'm very proud of her.  (brag, brag, brag)   

Take a bow, LA!

Heard in Passing

Got this in my Inbox:
Behind A&P in the parking lot, overheard three Old Guard stalwarts- one a high-profile figure at City Hall- nodding in consensus about Mayor Zimmer as one says with hand gestures,  "Come on, those are some BIG balls .... she's taking on Arezzo." All heads nodding in agreement.
 Well, well.

Timmy Does Not Like Green Eggs vs. Ham

Hey Dave, didn't your mama warn you that your face could get stuck like that?  

GA just watched the clip from Saturday's budget meeting over at Da Horsey's place and, well... my face did the exact same thing!  

I'll bet yours did, too.

Just like one's leg will kick when tapped below the knee- facial contortions, eye-rolling, smirks and laughter are the body's natural, involuntary reflexes to hearing the addle-brained seepage from Timmy's maw.

Is it possible that all this ribbing about reading scripts from handlers got him to write his own material this time?

It was that moronic.  Timmy laid the City's legal costs at the Mayor's feet- without providing ONE example to back up his accusations.  Along with blaming Zimmer, he held "the administration" responsible- for "not working together."


Timmy FORGOT that he IS the administration- the legislative branch.  And so indicted himself.  Perhaps that was a lecture best given to a mirror, Tim?

Corporation Counsel Mark Tabakin had to gently remind him that he was the administration, an elected legislator, and not a guy reading a script from the podium.  In fact, the 2012 Occhipinti sounded EXACTLY like the  2009 Occhipinti who spoke in the Council Chambers for the first time (defending Mayor Cammanaro's right to retain zoning board appointments).

Here is what Timmy told the City Council on July 22, 2009:
This is... there is NO dispute as to whom the council majority is. However, this council needs to work together as a WHOLE. You all took oaths to represent all residents of this City. Not just one particular faction. We expect you to listen, reflect and compromise as an issue such as this.

Wow.  That's the speech he gave last Saturday, only not from the PODIUM but from the DAIS as an elected official!  

So when does Timmy 'own' his own voting record? When does Timmy 'own' his argumentative and divisive conduct?    When does Tim take responsibility for his record as a legislator instead of blaming everybody else?

When does 'the buck stop' with Tim?

I'll tell you when.  When it comes from the NJ Transit Guy.

I am telling you, folks.  If I had a shred of compassion for him, I would have felt sympathy.  Because it was embarrassing.

Corporation Counsel had to inform Occhipinti his own votes have resulted in litigation against the City.

Timmy did not know this.  Timmy does not grasp that litigation is the consequence of resisting powerful interests who wish to tap the City's resources to the detriment of it's residents.  Timmy does not understand that litigation is the reasonable recourse of citizens who have sought tax appeals which the City must defend.  Timmy doesn't understand that employee terminations for misconduct- if challenged-  cause the City to defend it's position.

Our courts are the branch of government to resolve disputes- the final word- and when the City acts in its OWN self-interest, it is inevitable we will be required to defend our position, defend our TAXPAYERS in court.

In Timmy's coloring-book world ALL litigation is BAD.  Bad, bad, bad!

Timmy does not like Green eggs vs Ham,
Timmy won't sue them, Sam I am
Timmy will not litigate with a fox,
Timmy will not litigate in a box,
Timmy will not litigate here or there
Timmy will not litigate anywhere
Timmy does not like Green eggs vs. Ham
Timmy won't sue them, Sam I am

In Timmy's pop-up book world, ALL litigation is a consequence of 'mistakes'.

His thought-bubble says: the City did wrong and got sued for it. 

Wow.  He really is dumber than a box of rocks.

Occhipinti simply doesn't get that most of the litigation against the City has to do with protecting the interests of Hoboken and it's taxpayers.  That the City cannot 'walk away'- or surrender- to exploitation by outside interests (a.k.a. Occhipinti's donors), and likewise must defend itself in every instance where  we are at odds with the interest of a plaintiff suing us.   If the City 'rolls over', just pays out to every claim, Washington Street will be lined with more plaintiffs than Carlos' Bakery has tourists.

Timmy doesn't GET it.

That's OBVIOUS.  Please watch, you will be horrified.

Of course, he's playing his role to perfection. The fresh-faced Golem of the Dark Side. 

Thank you, Dave.  You are a natural teacher.  Please bring a dunce cap to your next meeting.

video credit: Mile Square View

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Dumb-inatrix Debut

While it seems Hoboken's own City Council Dumbinatrix has darkened our lives forever, he grew from a twinkle in the late Maurice Fitzgibbon's eye to a full-blown case of glaucoma in less than 3 years.

Imagine that!

For a short time, we had the thinking-machine, budget-whiz Mike Lenz sitting where Occhipinti is today.

Lenz came equipped with a sophisticated internal hard drive, allowing him to speak  extemporaneously, form complex thoughts in real time, and articulate a vision for our City in a manner even his critics might agree was thoughtful and statesman-like.  And after the grand-standers and show-ponies on the dais had their say, GA had always looked forward to the breath of intelligence from Lenz, sprinkled like fairy dust over the resistant skulls of  the Council minority, hoping against hope they'd give up the game and finally govern.

They never did.

Then on November 2, 2010 a tidal wave of absentee ballots and 575 campaign workers washed out Lenz and left in it's wake...

The Dumb-inatrix.

The difference between the two men is striking.

While Lenz came equipped with a lightning-fast internal hard drive, the Dumb-inatrix came with an external hard drive, outsourcing his brain to handlers who transmit Timmy's thoughts via the electronic devices he clutches at every meeting like life preservers in a stormy sea.

Here is Timmy with his latest external hard drive, the one sending words to recite and questions to ask- in real time during City Council meetings.   Is she just being helpful or is she Outofcontrol?

Like Velveeta Cheese Spread, Timmy's a processed creation marketed in a nice, shiny package- but would you serve him to guests with a bottle of wine?

Timmy the Cheese Spread was pitched as an 'Independent Voice'.

Tastes like cheese- almost!

Well folks, not only was he NEVER really 'independent' due to the outsourcing of his brain to handlers, but his VOICE comes to us via texters and other electronic gizmos.

And you can't say we weren't WARNED.

Because the roll-out of Timmy the Cheese Spread- his public debut- was at the City Council meeting of July 22, 2009.  Does that date ring any bells?

This meeting was the DAY BEFORE Mayor Peter Cammarano's arrest for selling zoning variances at The Malibu Diner.  Timmy came there to speak in FAVOR of Cammarano's control over zoning board appointments.

In fairness to Tim, someone wrote this for him.  I'm not even sure he knew what he was reading, or knew what it meant, as he stumbled a bit over the big words and seemed to swallow others whole.  In fact, this was the most difficult transcription GA's done so far because of Timmy's rapid delivery and  swallowing of words- as though Occhipinti couldn't wait for his biscuit and pat on the head.

No he raced through the thing, reading off papers, not looking up.

Good boy, Tim!  Here's your biscuit!

Now for The Dumb-inatrix Debut, his opening remarks of July 22, 2009:
Tim Occhipinti? Hoboken?

Good evening, members of the Council?

I must admit that I was a bit taken back (aback) by the introduction of this ordinance 3 weeks ago at the first city council meeting.

I intended (attended) your inaw-gerration (inauguration) and listened to you speak about setting differences aside and moving this city forward in the right direction. Our governor, senator and others urge you to get Hoboken back on track by opening communication and working together with the mayor's administration. It seems these calls to unite the city have fallen on deaf ears shortly thereafter.

This ordinance IS nothing more than a political power grab aimed at the new administration.
GA would like to thank one of my fave guys, the talented Eric Kurta, for cutting the Timmy video.

And if you think that GA has exaggerated or been  a 'mean bully-blogger' watch it for yourself- it's 2 minutes and 19 seconds of your life you'll never get back.

Send your thank-you's to:

We were warned, people.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

prosbus Fakes Own Death

click HERE to read

Here's HOW he did it:

Suicide note.

GA (and others) had a belly laugh over this one. Here's what someone sent last night:
Reading this had me howling in laughter, almost in tears, "given up writing for other sites (Hate411 admission) too and I've had it with my wife."
Not buying, prosbus.

You see, I've seen my share of true-crime dramas on TV.

One familiar plot line of a criminal who wishes to break from his past- or disassociate himself from the commission of a crime is to fake his own death.

C'mon, we've all seen that a thousand times.  It always goes like this:

Person X aids and abets Person Y to sell zoning variances at a local diner.  Person Y does the actual crime and six days later, Person X appeals to the governing body of his city to grant Person Y control of the zoning adjustment board for the remainder of his term. (Did I tell you that  Person Y was the Mayor?)

So, Person Y commits the crime then Person X appeals for Person Y to retain the power to continue his corruption of the zoning adjustment process.

But guess what?

Person FBI heard the entire cash-for-variance exchange and ARRESTS Person Y the next day!  Wow!

So what happens to Person X?

He scurries away like a RAT amidst all the hoopla, escapes public scrutiny.  Does he thank his lucky stars and try to make amends for being an accessory to the now-disgraced and infamous Person Y?


In addition to participating in many vicious smear campaigns, possible data theft off the City's servers and numerous unethical political activities including online attacks under a series of monikers, Person Y sets his sights on Person GA- who happens to sit on the board that he, Person X sought to corrupt on behalf of the now-indicted Person Y.

Big mistake.  Because Person GA never surrenders to bullies, clowns or accessories to crimes like selling zoning variances.  Did I tell you Person GA had a blog?  Similar to the one you're reading right now.

So  now we're getting to the end of this familiar true-crime story...

It seems that Person X and his wife, Agent Twinkie (she eats them by the box) have been blogging disturbingly hateful and twisted political fiction in a prolific manner under (2) names in particular:
Agent Twinkie as Curious Gal and Person X as prosbus. 

(An example of their depravity if you remain unconvinced: Agent Twinkie and Person X are parents of a young child yet attack our public schools 24/7 for reasons unknown)

Back to our true-crime drama.

So, after Person X/ prosbus pens yet another lie about Person GA, she gets fed up with the little runt (Did I tell you he was diminutive?  Pocket-sized, in fact.  Is everything tiny on Person X?  Including his.. you know.  Perhaps that's why he's very, very angry- at women in particular.  Maybe Agent Twinkie knows.  Perhaps we should call her Agent Tweezers?)

Alright, alright... I'll wrap it up.

So Person GA reminds everyone that Person Y's crime was followed 6 DAYS later by Person X's City Council DEFENSE of Person Y's authority to fill more variance 'promises'...

Person Y and Agent Twinkie go NUTS.  They don't WANT to talk about it.  They don't want US to talk about it.

First, Person Y and his portly partner try censorship.

Somehow they have dozens of inquiries about the Person X/Y relationship deleted on a local message board because they HAVE TO SHUT DOWN THIS CONVERSATION. This backfires badly. They can't stop the online community from buzzing with interest and asking questions.

Worse, Person X and Agent Twinkie can no longer smear and obfuscate and post fiction because NO ONE wants to talk about anything else with them. So... if censorship fails, death is the only answer.

That's right.   

prosbus must 'off' himself.  Then, after some time passes, Person X and Agent Twinkie will rise gain, to continue where they left off only under new screen names.

So Person X or Agent Twinkie or a third party posts the suicide note, promising to leave political life and... slamming Agent Twinkie  on the way out: "I've had it with my wife."

Only he doesn't mean it, but we do!

Listen folks, this fire-breathing weasel and his poisonous spouse ain't going anywhere.  They're counting on memory loss to save the day, but we won't let that happen.

Will we?

Secret Agent Twinkie on duty.