Class Project: Women's History Month

Did you know that March is Women's History month?

Women are about half of the wold's population but we only get one frigging month out of 12.

Go figure.

So LA (Little Avenger's)'s 4-th grade class was assigned a weekend 'Women's History Month' project-  each child had to select a woman, then had any number of creative options to convey information about the life and contributions of that woman to our society/the world. 

LA picked Harriet Tubman.    And spent the entire day yesterday working on a board game.  The objective: to travel the 'path to freedom' (Underground Railroad) with quiz cards and 'event' cards which either help/hinder the players toward the finish. She wrote 30 multiple choice questions for the 'quiz' cards.  Sample:
After her death, Harriet Tubman became:
a) a great American icon
b) inspiration for generations of African Americans struggling for equality
c) celebrated throughout the nation
d) all of the above
Well, I'm very proud of her.  (brag, brag, brag)   

Take a bow, LA!


  1. You should be very proud. Like her mother, LGA knows her audience and the value of combining fun with truth and facts into a learning experience. Brava!

    1. BIG DITTO from MBB!

      LA is a creative gem, just like her mother!

      And in her brilliance, LA has created something as interesting & informative for Black History Month as it is for Women's History Month!

      (Something else LA might find interesting: Alfre Woodard's extraordinarily powerful reading of Sojourner Truth's "Ain't I a Woman?" Alas, MBB can't find it to link here.)


    2. Thank you, sweet MBB. I got her a Kindle Fire so will see if the text is available for download.

      Pssst... she got an A+. And today the class is going to play her game.


    3. Hurrah!

      MBB can only imagine what a delight she is in any classroom! (But then she is delightful wherever she is!)

      Perhaps you might want to consider approaching Scholastic or similar, with this inspired stroke of genius? What a wonderful interactive learning tool she has created!

      With XOX to LA, from one of her biggest fans,

      PS: MBB recalls that Woodard reading might have been on Youtube.

  2. I WANT THIS GAME. In addition to educating me (good luck with that) it's got a little Keith Haring & Henri Matisse about it. It's gorgeous.

    LA have any thoughts about interior decorating? My place needs the help.

  3. Thanks so much, fellas.

    For sure, LA will have your place decorated in no time, Info... you mind lots and lots of color?


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