The Sound of Silence

Guess WHO showed up to... um...defend the person he's not supposed to be- at least according to the corporate owner of 1010WINS, CBS.


It was overdue, frankly.

His wife Kim Cardinal was getting pounded, forced to fend off the onslaught of commenters asking the obvious: was Lane Bajardi unwittingly used to aid and abet the corruption of Hoboken's zoning adjustment authority or was he Cammarano's willing pitch man in this corruption?

GA can personally attest to Bajardi's long war on a fair and honest official- myself.   Now that we've discovered his alliance with Cammarano for control of the zoning adjustment authority (which Cammy sold to Dwek just days earlier) it puts Bajardi's lust for my seat in it's proper perspective; ingratiating himself with corrupt and powerful individuals is what it's been about. 

Take a look at who he and the Mrs. are sidling up to these days.   Al Arezzo.

Case closed.

Today prosbus is in a bit of a bind.  He can't 'defend' or 'explain' the actions of Lane Bajardi without  stepping out from behind his screen name. It's delicious.

But he did finally show up-   to suggest the Cammarano-Bajardi disclosure was "undocumented hearsay" from a "biased source" (GA).

So here's his comment with my response below.

You will see I asked 'prosbus' to answer three questions.

All we've heard back is the sound of silence.


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