Bench Warrant!

Bwaa- HAW HAW! 

My friend Da Horsey is reporting that Perry Klaussen was a NO-SHOW for his court appearance today and a warrant has been issued for his ARREST!  Further, Da Horsey is saying that the complaint is being sent to to the Prosecutor's office for grand jury consideration.

Man, Klaussen really screwed the pooch.  (And I don't mean Oscar)

A lawyer friend of mine believed the complaint would have been summarily dismissed by the judge, but now... Klaussen's in a world of hurt.

Think of the implications.

Beth Mason let Klaussen twist in the wind.

The Mr. brings home about 150K of bacon per week; with one phone call a lawyer could have been there at that court house.  But, she didn't lift a finger.   Hoboken411, Mason's own Pravda,  was not deemed 'worth' it.

Indeed the lack of help (or charity) shows the waning influence of her not-paid-for-friendship operative Lane Bajardi.   Because in the 'old' days when he carried  Mason's purple pillow to the City Council to slide under her rump, he might have persuaded her to assist the financially-strapped Klaussen.  One may assume either he didn't make  the appeal- or he did and she didn't listen.

Whatever, it shows the unHoly Trinity has broken up; her minions untethered from Ricky's wallet and left to their own devices.

It's been 10 months since the F.B.I. came to Hoboken and took custody of our City's hard drives.  Mason and Bajardi have been interviewed by them.  GA has no idea whether Klaussen was.

What could (or did) the F.B.I.'s investigation with respect to the 'data-theft-ring' have to do with their 'break-up'?

I suspect a lot.  Every man and woman for him/herself.