Mason for Assembly

Folks, based on the publication of Beth Mason's letter AND the companion pro-Mason puff-piece in today's Hoboken Reporter, GA can tell  you: the Councilwoman IS running for NJ State Assembly.

And that's GREAT news for Hoboken!

GA is THRILLED. Although Trenton isn't quite far enough, it's not Hoboken City Hall!  And that's what Me the People WANT.

So to fulfill this dream, I've appointed  myself the Mason for Assembly Campaign Chairwoman, Graphic Artist, Author of all printed and online campaign lit, Official Sloganeer, Jingle-writer, Chorus, and Mascot... you can just call GA a ONE-woman Beth Mason for Assembly Band! 

Well, I might need a little help... if anyone wants to join the campaign just say the word.

So, I'm taking the first official campaign slogan for a test-drive.  

Out with the Old, in with the Shrew.

Like it?  No?  How about this:

Garbage IN, Garbage OUT.

Better?   GA favors the short and sweet. 

She's Vain, Vindictive and Lies like a Rug.

Maybe one that rhymes?

Though she belongs in a Strait-jacket, 
To Trenton she's going, 
Hope you can hack it

Too long?

This campaign is dead in the water until we get the right slogan.  



  1. As much as I want her gone, I don't want her in Trenton. She won't be getting my vote and unless she is running against a mass murderer, I'll be voting for her opponent.

  2. i'm with ya! assembly seems like it has less direct day-to-day impact on hoboken compared to the city council, doesn't it? ramos seems to spend all his time co-sponsoring all kinds of nice-but-unimportant/non-critical bills, seems like perfect busy work for someone like beth, would probably make her feel important. ricky's probably thrilled as it will likely get her out of the house more.

    will lane and the mrs. be trotting out this line pretty soon, you think?

    1. Bingo!

      And hopefully she'll stuff a U-Haul with her whole despicable gang (Bajardi, his rotten wife,Sara S-- a.k.a. Tim's Brain, the Calicchios) and cart them off with her to Trenton.

      Trust me, she'll be so busy schmoozing it up and trying to make connections for the next rung up the ladder (to the US Senate), we'll barely hear a peep out of her. Maybe she'll swing by for a fundraiser or photo-op, but that's it.

      So that's why I'll be running her campaign. To wheel her out of this town.

      Are you in, JAM? (I would ask Red too, but it sounds like he wants to keep her right here)

    2. But at the same time, she can really f*ck us over when it comes to state funding and I'll bet she does her best to do just that so long as the people she hates are in power. She will have fewer opportunities for mischief but the opportunities she has could be potentially very damaging. How about we just recall the witch & call it a day.

      Plus, you just know that Franz putz will be the one she and Applied push for in the next election so not like the 2nd will suddenly swing reform if she has anything to say about it.

    3. Can she really do worse than trying to kill our hospital, destroy our credit rating and send taxes skyrocketing, put thousands on the unemployment line, blow holes in our budget you can drive a truck through, finance character assassinations on members of our community, wheel cash to morons so they can buy an election, engineer FOX to come to Hoboken at Christmas to attack Hoboken parking timed to hurt small business, run tv commercials attacking the mayor lying about Council minority contributions to Hoboken, fund operatives to attack public schools 24/7... this is only a PARTIAL list.

      No, Red. I don't think she could do more direct harm to Hoboken from Trenton, though you are right- she will be working against our interests, for sure.

      I don't think she gets elected again. She needs something to keep her busy and far away.

      With any luck, she moves out- eventually.

    4. The only way she moves out is if she is driven from public office here in Hoboken or gets elected to her ultimate goal, US Senate. No way in hell I want to help her w/ the next stepping stone to that ultimate goal. This witch will never get my vote.

      And yes GA, she can do worse. She can actually succeed at denying the city funding from her perch on some committee in Trenton. You just cited numerous examples of her failures here in Hoboken. But when she is in Trenton and she is our lone advocate in some Assembly appropriations sub-committee, she can easily snuff out our state aid if she wishes.

    5. Hmmm... well, I will take your concerns under advisement as I lead the way to Trenton.

      There are plenty of others down there with $$$, maybe more than her, smarter, with more political talent.

      IMO it takes more than cash, it takes political skills and charisma to get to the next level, and think the Assembly is the end of the road for that one. Really, she ain't going further (IMO).

      But I don't doubt the Dems throw her a bone of sorts to reward her generosity and keep the $ tap flowing- a title and job in some big bureaucracy. Speculation, who knows...

      OK, Red. Sad you will not be supporting this effort. I was going to ask if I could borrow your wheelbarrow. Shucks.

  3. If Beth Mason runs for Ruben Ramos's assembly seat, is it safe to assume he'll be running for mayor? Even without her severe personality disorder, she's uniquely unqualified for elected office. The corrupt wing of the democratic party must know that she's unelectable - a "toxic asset", but they will use Ricky's checkbook as she naively assumes she's headed for the big time.

    With her track record of utter failures in the private sector, she should stick to something she's successful at: convincing a wealthy husband she's worth keeping and employing an endless entourage of sycophants, like the Keims, Bajardis and Calicchios.

    When her foray into politics is over, sooner than later, apart from her inept, destructive, corrosive and corrupt involvement and the damage it's caused in our city, Mason will not rate a footnote in the history of piffle.

    1. Once again, you've nailed it, Oracle.

      While Ricky finances an all-expenses-included trip to the Garden State's Haz-Mat Central, good riddance to the whole entourage.

  4. How about this slogan: SUPPORT THE 1% VOTE FOR MASON

  5. Would she have to give up her city council seat? Stack kept on as Mayor, was that because he was grandfathered in?

  6. I always go back to my personal experience of Ray Flynn as a member of the Boston City Council. I was an intern for another council member at the time. If you ever mentioned his name, eyes would roll. Then he ran for mayor and won. And was re-elected. Beth Mason is a lot smarter than Ray Flynn. He had good intentions so far as I could tell; his problem was that it seemed like all the space between his ears was, well, space.

    Getting Mason out of daily Hoboken politics in the form of an Assembly seat may seem great, but the potential unintended consequences aren't worth it, especially if it ends up leading to her attaining higher office. Thus, while I understand GA's point about needing some skill to rise further, it does not have to be Mason's skill, just as it wasn't Flynn's. And she has essentially unlimited money at her disposal, so she can find "friends" when she needs to.

    I do honestly believe that the only proper solution is for her to lose every election. Eventually she'll move on -- i.e., maybe move to some other lucky town (planet, universe, dimension - or maybe, just maybe a prison). Maybe we're just stuck with her, but better out of office than representing us, on any level.

    Flynn resigned as mayor of Boston on his appointment as Ambassador to the Vatican by Bill Clinton, in thanks for Flynn reaching out to Catholic voters. (Flynn is anti-abortion.) It is true that he then disappeared politically, failing in a run for the U.S. House of Representatives once he'd done a 4-year stint in Rome.

    But Mason has too much money and too much stubbornness, and too much bile to leave us alone willingly. If she holds office anywhere or of any type that can affect Hoboken, she'll not bump into ways to hurt us, she will actively seek them out. After all, we maligned her by not electing her mayor. We, the people of Hoboken, need to be taught a lesson. Indeed, she may well look to use an Assembly seat as a springboard to running for mayor.

    1. Given her already well-demonstrated pathology, your point is well-taken around the "spite-quotient."

    2. According to the last census, the 33rd legislative district (Hoboken, Union City, Weehawken and parts of Jersey City) has 224,489.

      Assuming half can vote and 2/3 of those won't, Beth Mason will have to get a majority of over 37,000 people to vote for her lame-ass, corrupt and corrosive style of politics.

      How deep are the coffers at Wachtel Lipton Rosen & Katz?

  7. Perhaps we can convince Obama to appoint her to be the US Ambassador to the Principality of Sealand? She won't cause trouble there.


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