GA Endorsement: Tony Soares

Keep that man in sewage where he belongs!

Tonight's the night when the City Council appoints- or reappoints- someone to the North Hudson Sewage Authority.   

GA hopes that you stuff Tony Soares back in the sewer, because I'm told he's been a terrific Commissioner- he's respected in all the strata of Hoboken: from yups to BnRs- and nobody can wrestle a rat quite like him.

(Not the kind of RAT that leaks Perry Belefiore's email to Al Sullivan- that's this kind:)

See those beady little eyes?  Always scheming. 

You just can't trust a RAT, can you Perry?

Tsk tsk.

Nope, that nasty little RAT's been bashing Hoboken Public Schools, at the same time this blog has been exposing the Pre-Kids First unbelievable theft of public monies (cell phones, fancy steak dinners, trips for friends to Atlantic City- with stipends, myriad paychecks going to people with NO NAMES, NO Social Security Numbers, NO job description, mysterious vendor contracts with no record of approval.... and ON and ON)  all sourced from the pages of the NJDOE-ordered  2005-2006 BoE audit and the BoE's own 2008-2009 Financial audit. 


And (2) of the current School Board members have been on since 2003 throughout the cash feeding-frenzy AND when JACKED-UP enrollment numbers were reported to the NJDOE: Carmelo Garcia and Francis Kearns.  A former Old Guard School Board member who  presided over this era of thieving, who partied in Atlantic City with Louis Picardo and the HVAC Repair Guy- Theresa Burns, STILL inserts herself in Hoboken School Board politics, attends our meetings, although she lives in Secaucus.

Burns is the intelligent, attractive and articulate friend of (rumored) School Board aspirant Frank Raia- who served on the same money-grubbing School Board with her. GA supposes that's why she's dispatched to Hoboken even though she really ought to be more concerned with Secaucus schools- did you hear about their bed bug infestation?
Bed bugs found in Secaucus elementary school

Earlier this week a bed bug was found in a classroom at Clarendon Elementary school in Secaucus, and another one was found Friday morning in the same room, a school official confirmed Friday. Sal Cioffi, facilities director, said that it was an isolated incident that the district responded to immediately by having their pesticide control manager, Stern Environmental Group, come and assess the situation.
Can you imagine that?  The kids in her own district are being savaged by bed bugs, and Burns is here fighting with a Hoboken School Board.

Does that make sense to you? Is she a tax payer here?

Secaucus bed bug. Secaucus schools are riddled with bed bugs- so why is Burns worried about bed bug-free Hoboken schools?

Who knows.  GA's solved the Riddle of the Sphinx, but not that one.
Riddle What goes on four legs in the morning, on two legs at noon, and on three legs in the evening?

Solution A man, who crawls on all fours as a baby, walks on two legs as an adult, and walks with a cane in old age.
Piece of cake.

By the way,  did you know that Hoboken public school enrollment is going up?  More on that another time.

This is a Tony Soares endorsement, after all!  


GA wishes you good luck tonight.


  1. Completely agree. Dedicated professional with a long memory and great instincts.

    We're lucky to have him and crazy not to keep him in an official capacity looking out for the best long-term interests of the city.

    I'm tired of people who can only talk with reform, only talk with the old guard, or only survive by making disastrous compromises.

    We need Tony. Do the right thing CC.

  2. I 2nd that, Info. If Tony wants to stay in that post, we are lucky to have him there. No drama tonight please, just vote yes!

  3. MBB dittos Info & Indie. Good luck, Tony!

    MBB also recalls that Pupie's appointment to the Authority, which at that time included a small stipend & also the coveted State Health Benefits insurance plan (does it still?), enabled the already independently-wealthy Raia to have his hip replacement surgeries on the taxpayers' quid.

    As for bed bugs in the Secaucus school, good luck "assessing" that one. Everything, including every book, even cinder blocks & mortar (also known propagation/migration venues), could be infested. They are extremely pernicious, difficult (& expensive) to eradicate.

  4. Tony Soares is a good man and an asset to Hoboken who knows where the bodies are buried. Keep him on.

    Maybe the Ba-job-seeking Ba-job-seeker will start attending Sewerage Authority meetings and making easel presentations, it would be fun to watch Tony rip him to shreds.

    Good luck, Tony.

  5. Btw I would like to add that without Tony's expertise on the sewerage board we could be up shit's creek. Don't piss away this golden opportunity and let our community go down the toilet.

  6. T. Burns 'articulate, intelligent and atractive'? Wow, I would say exactly the opposite ...that woman is Cruela Devil, bottom of society. No one, absolutely no one need non-human beings.

  7. Sorry, I made a typo: no one needs a leach.


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