City Budgets- by Eric Kurta

Chart by Eric Kurta w/a few GA comments

City Budgets

Prosbus, frequent poster and irritant on Hoboken Patch, had this to say recently:
my point is that the budget process is not complete largely because of Dawn and her administration's procrastination and inability to deliver the document in a timely fashion. This is nothing to blame Councilperson's Russo, Mason, Castellano and Occhipinti for and in fact something Dawn needs to be accountable and responsible for.  
Is the Zimmer administration moving the budget process in a timely fashion? Let's compare to prior years.

Dark blue bars indicate the number of days into the budget year before the budget is first introduced (think of introduction as a draft version or a first reading) and silver-blue bars indicate days before the final budget is adopted.

The 2011 budget was the first full year's budget wholly owned by the new administration. The city's 2012 budget has been introduced but not yet adopted (as of March 14, the red line on the chart). Years 2000-01 were former Mayor Russo's budgets. Years 2002-08 belonged to Mayor Roberts. Years 2009-10 were during the reign of the state fiscal monitor, Judy Tripodi.

 Conclusion?  I think the chart speaks for itself.

GA Note:  The above has been reprinted from Eric's blog, Hoboken Advocate. Thank you, Eric!


  1. Given how long Lane Bajardi (aka: "Inane Blowhardy" - or - "The Unibrownoser") was out of work, you'd think he'd have more concern about his professional life and think twice before spreading lies in support of the politically corrupt team of Mrs. Richard G. Mason, Tim Occhipinti, Michael Russo and Theresa Castellano.

    These mouthpieces of the council minority and "not paid for" friends of Beth, seem to believe that if they lie often enough, loud enough and long enough, somehow that will override truth, facts and the track records of their own destructive actions. New flash: IT AIN'T WOKIN'!

    Some of us have been here long enough to know who the players are and what they have done (or tried to do) to our small city.

    They have no shame, no morals, no ethics and it's also clear they have NO CLUE!

  2. If Mayor Dawn Zimmer gets her budget adopted by May 5, it will be the earliest that a Hoboken city budget has been adopted in at least the last thirteen years (as far back as my archives go). Only once in that period has it been adopted within the first six months of the budget year. Dawn told me last night that she expects to get it done in April. Bravo.

    I spent a considerable amount of time figuring out dates of introduction and adoption, as - not surprisingly - many city documents are not dated. I did so to refute Blowhardy's charges that the budget is unacceptably late, understanding that he will not acknowledge the truth and merely move on to the next big lie.

    "A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes." Mark Twain

  3. A little off topic but don't forget the $100K+ in city health benefits former Mayor Russo was caught illegally receiving which was uncovered in an audit last year. All the more curious after Councilman Russo's "expose", at a 2008 council meeting, of employees he discovered were illegally receiving city health benefits and we are to believe he missed his father's name. So reminiscent of the missing $million quarters cover-up with the Councilman Russo and cousin Councilwoman Castellano insisting "it's all been cleared up." It's hard to believe anyone could be shilling for this crew but yet they do....

    Russo's healthcare benefits "expose" Dec. 3, 2008 City Council:

    1. Not to mention the 300k Anthony Russo still owes the city.


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