The Wife of Lenz Corrects the Record

GA Note:
Miscreant Perry Klaussen hit bottom this week, taking the cheapest of cheap shots at the object of his infatuation: former City Councilman Mike Lenz. What did Klaussen do?

He attacked Lenz' wife on Hoboken411.

If anyone knows the Mrs., she is a quiet, unassuming lady- a mom of 3 boys - with NO PUBLIC POLITICAL INVOLVEMENT at all in Hoboken.  ZERO.  She's also got a career managing software development projects- that's what she does.  And very well.

So, what about the Mrs. would have provoked the cyber-scumbag?

Who knows.  But attacking family members of those who've chosen a public life is off-limits

For members of the human race, that is.  GA's not sure what the thing is that wrote this:
And finally in the “rumor mill,” got word that the city is considering nominating (redacted) to the Business Administrator position. (redacted) is the wife of Michael Lenz (who has a very storied history in Hoboken political circles.) One resident I spoke with said “this is the most obvious puppet position I’ve ever seen, beating even that of the current Mayor!”
This is an absurd fabrication.

Now,  you may have noticed I've redacted her name.  And I would respectfully ask all you blogger-peeps to follow suit.  You know why.

So, the Mrs. did respond- her statement was read by Jen Giattino at the City Council last Wednesday. Da Horsey cut a clip- you can see it with the original audio here.

But a GA reader submitted the City Council video swapping the audio with a soundtrack, and that's what I've posted.  Because Timmy's facial spasms and twitching are simply mesmerizing and requre a musical score.

Please read the TEXT of Mike's wife's statement below.  

That Hoboken411 son-of-a-bitch is protected by the First Amendment, but there's no protection from his own bad karma.

After reading the fabricated report on Hoboken 411 that I was being considered for the position of BA of Hoboken, I asked Councilwoman Jen Giattino to publicly read this letter to set the record straight, since I'm traveling on business for the remainder of the week.

The prior libel regarding my husband Michael Lenz and the same position, while malicious, was at least plausible. He, unlike me, has many qualifications for the position and in theory might want it, though he hasn’t applied.

In my case, however, I am NOT qualified for this position. I do have a successful 30 year career running software development projects. I do build infrastructure like data warehouses and other software "behind the scenes" of large companies you deal with every day in finance, telecommunications and healthcare. But I do not have any experience running large, public sector bureaucracies.

I've also seen what the move from private to public sector cost the family finances. Next year we’ll have two boys in college. We could not afford two public sector positions, even if Mayor Zimmer was in the habit of hiring ill-suited employees like me, which is not the case.

Normally, I'd just laugh at 411, but I feel a need to take a stand against creeping retro-sexism. Consider what this says of their opinion of women: they assume the old political dodge of "give the job to the wife" is still relevant in the 21st century, long after a wife became far more than an appendage.  They assume the BA job would be some sort of a "plum" job for me without bothering to check on LinkedIn to see that I already have a better paying one, and one that I'm fully qualified for.

They constantly snipe that strong woman like Carol Marsh, Mayor Zimmer, Theresa Minutillo, Rose Markle, Ruthy McAllister and now me (but no men) "take orders" from Michael.

I strongly object to this post for its willful misstatements, for its contempt for women, and for its cynical use as a teaser to drive traffic to Hoboken 411. 411’s ridiculous and made-up attacks hurt real people. Anyone associated with this site in any way has something to answer for.

I hope you hire a BA soon, one as competent as your departing BA. But on the implausibly remote possibility that someone was considering me--please don't.

(name redacted)


  1. Human garbage strikes again. It's doubly cruel.

    First, he starts a false rumor about someone. Then others chime in to say she's not qualified, who does she think she is, what the hell is wrong with Zimmer, etc.

    All stemming from something that isn't even a rumor. It's a flat-out lie.

    Whenever I think we're being a little rough with these bastards they pull a stunt like this, and I just want to see them wiped off the map.

  2. Despicable, indeed!

    Kudos to Mrs./[redacted], whose statement exemplifies astute insight, grace and professionalism.

    MBB has always known her to be a woman of high intelligence and gentle dignity.

    As understatement, her good character is the diametric opposite of the "human garbage" that is 411.

  3. I smell that rotten carcass Fin Boy. This reeks of his type of sleaze. I had heard that he was threatening ML with "destruction" if ML didnt control his women, you included, GA. Such a despicable little toad,with such deep seated issues about females. The fact that he styles himself as a political consultant should strike nausea and revulsion in every woman with even a semblance of a brain. Letting him near any indicia of power or influence is scary. Well, that does exclude his mistress, Beth. GA, ask the goof Dr. if Bet is a self loathing female for having such a woman hating toad as her interactive media consultant, or butt boy?

    1. Given the proximity of "f" & "d" on the keyboard, I must assume Khoboken's comment is a classic example of parapraxis, e.g., a "Freudian slip." Surely, Khoboken intended to refer to me as "the good Dr.," rather than "the goof Dr."

      In response to Khoboken's query, I might suggest that s/he consider that at core, narcissism is grounded in profound intra-psychic insecurity/instability. Hence, the entrenched behavioral patterns around arrogance & grandiosity, sense of entitlement, attention-seeking, envy-driven fixations with attendant revenge fantasies, etc. All in fact may reflect elaborate compensatory behaviors for profound fear and self-loathing.

      This entrenched, negative self-concept can easily be projected onto the genderal landscape of envied objects, in Mason's case, other women, especially women of personal accomplishment. They represent "power," to her sense of "powerlessness."

      Perhaps as further evidence of this insecurity, she engages in seduction via money-as-power (consistent, one might add, with general societal norms of what may connote "power"), indicative of an inner belief that the she has little else to offer, so inadequate may she actually feel as a female specifically & a human being generally.

      Moreover, that symbolic "power" (money) has not been attained by any positive, autonomous personal accomplishment, but rather is yet another reflection of narcissistically-driven interpersonal exploitation for personal gain. In this case, her husband functioning as a need-gratifying object in her schema.

      We have addressed other aspects of this dysfunctional, complementary pathology-enabling dyad elsewhere. In lay terms, the rocks in Mr. Mason's head fit the holes in Mrs. Mason's & vice versa.

      While we will not engage in speculation here regarding the couple's libidnal attachment, consistent with her other pathological behavior, one might speculate this indeed reflects a very primally-rooted perceived inability to "attract" via sexual "allure" as a female.

      Again, part of her destructive envy seems to involve acted out fantasies of annihilating her rivals--other women of genuine accomplishment. Toward that end, she would indeed seek out men who share her deep fears and insecurities about women. Surrounding herself as she must with "self-reinforcement" (compensatory, for all the narcissistic injury, with its attendant underlying lack of self) she chooses "less-than" men who are only too "happy" to do her destructive bidding.


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