Timmy Does Not Like Green Eggs vs. Ham

Hey Dave, didn't your mama warn you that your face could get stuck like that?  

GA just watched the clip from Saturday's budget meeting over at Da Horsey's place and, well... my face did the exact same thing!  

I'll bet yours did, too.

Just like one's leg will kick when tapped below the knee- facial contortions, eye-rolling, smirks and laughter are the body's natural, involuntary reflexes to hearing the addle-brained seepage from Timmy's maw.

Is it possible that all this ribbing about reading scripts from handlers got him to write his own material this time?

It was that moronic.  Timmy laid the City's legal costs at the Mayor's feet- without providing ONE example to back up his accusations.  Along with blaming Zimmer, he held "the administration" responsible- for "not working together."


Timmy FORGOT that he IS the administration- the legislative branch.  And so indicted himself.  Perhaps that was a lecture best given to a mirror, Tim?

Corporation Counsel Mark Tabakin had to gently remind him that he was the administration, an elected legislator, and not a guy reading a script from the podium.  In fact, the 2012 Occhipinti sounded EXACTLY like the  2009 Occhipinti who spoke in the Council Chambers for the first time (defending Mayor Cammanaro's right to retain zoning board appointments).

Here is what Timmy told the City Council on July 22, 2009:
This is... there is NO dispute as to whom the council majority is. However, this council needs to work together as a WHOLE. You all took oaths to represent all residents of this City. Not just one particular faction. We expect you to listen, reflect and compromise as an issue such as this.

Wow.  That's the speech he gave last Saturday, only not from the PODIUM but from the DAIS as an elected official!  

So when does Timmy 'own' his own voting record? When does Timmy 'own' his argumentative and divisive conduct?    When does Tim take responsibility for his record as a legislator instead of blaming everybody else?

When does 'the buck stop' with Tim?

I'll tell you when.  When it comes from the NJ Transit Guy.

I am telling you, folks.  If I had a shred of compassion for him, I would have felt sympathy.  Because it was embarrassing.

Corporation Counsel had to inform Occhipinti his own votes have resulted in litigation against the City.

Timmy did not know this.  Timmy does not grasp that litigation is the consequence of resisting powerful interests who wish to tap the City's resources to the detriment of it's residents.  Timmy does not understand that litigation is the reasonable recourse of citizens who have sought tax appeals which the City must defend.  Timmy doesn't understand that employee terminations for misconduct- if challenged-  cause the City to defend it's position.

Our courts are the branch of government to resolve disputes- the final word- and when the City acts in its OWN self-interest, it is inevitable we will be required to defend our position, defend our TAXPAYERS in court.

In Timmy's coloring-book world ALL litigation is BAD.  Bad, bad, bad!

Timmy does not like Green eggs vs Ham,
Timmy won't sue them, Sam I am
Timmy will not litigate with a fox,
Timmy will not litigate in a box,
Timmy will not litigate here or there
Timmy will not litigate anywhere
Timmy does not like Green eggs vs. Ham
Timmy won't sue them, Sam I am

In Timmy's pop-up book world, ALL litigation is a consequence of 'mistakes'.

His thought-bubble says: the City did wrong and got sued for it. 

Wow.  He really is dumber than a box of rocks.

Occhipinti simply doesn't get that most of the litigation against the City has to do with protecting the interests of Hoboken and it's taxpayers.  That the City cannot 'walk away'- or surrender- to exploitation by outside interests (a.k.a. Occhipinti's donors), and likewise must defend itself in every instance where  we are at odds with the interest of a plaintiff suing us.   If the City 'rolls over', just pays out to every claim, Washington Street will be lined with more plaintiffs than Carlos' Bakery has tourists.

Timmy doesn't GET it.

That's OBVIOUS.  Please watch, you will be horrified.

Of course, he's playing his role to perfection. The fresh-faced Golem of the Dark Side. 

Thank you, Dave.  You are a natural teacher.  Please bring a dunce cap to your next meeting.

video credit: Mile Square View