The Dark Side Flips on Term Extensions

From the get-go, The Dark Side opposed the movement of elections- first the City Council from May to November, and then the BoE- for a whole host of reasons.  To these nocturnal feeders, an elected official extending their own term was fascist and November elections were a threat to the People's Right to Decide.

Well, it looks like those same dwellers of the Dark were FOR the People before they were AGAINST them.

That's right.   Take a look.

July 27, 2011

Moving municipal elections to November, means that the terms of all current council members will be extended by six months. If the measure goes through, elections will be held in November 2013 for the at-large councilmembers and in November 2015 for the ward representatives.

In order to have the referendum, The Committee To Let the People Decide—which is what the residents behind this initiative are calling themselves—needs 2189 signatures.

"It’s just about letting the people decide, that’s really it," said Jamie Cryan, who is part of the new found committee. Cryan, the chairman of the Democratic party in Hoboken, said he is involved in this issue in his capacity as a private Hoboken citizen, not on behalf of the party.

March 30, 2012

The Hoboken Democratic Committee on Thursday night voted to extend the terms of all 72 committee members by one full year, according to the party's chairman Jamie Cryan.

 Both political sides in Hoboken agree with the move, Cryan said. Roughly 40 people showed up on Thursday night to vote on the matter.

When compared to a recent debate about extending council members' terms by moving elections from May to November, which was met by a lot of criticism, Cryan said this situtation is different.
Different?  Why, because he says so?

Frankly GA is thankful that Cryan, Russo, and all of their allies on The Dark Side flipped like   pancakes and extended the Democratic Committee term from 1 to 2 years.  Meaning one less election next November.  Thanks to their weak-kneed hypocrisy, the rest of us can focus on electing those we support for statewide and national elected office.


Aren't you grateful they're a bunch of double-talking, phoney-baloney, flip-flopping, disingenuous gas bags?

I am. 


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