Arresting Robin

GA was shocked to learn of last night's arrest of Hoboken business-owner and philanthropist, Rory Chadwick on (2) 9 and 11 year-old traffic violations in Jersey City and Weehawken, respectively.

Those were for an illegal U-turn and parking in a crosswalk. 

After my conversation with Chadwick this morning, I am incensed.

Without disclosing specifics but from the incident described, one thing seems clear: Chadwick was targeted.

In other words, here we go again.  

Again, the HPD are using their power to settle political scores and personal vendettas- all under Chief Falco's nose.   

Maybe it's time for Hoboken to get itself a new proboscis.

Of course, we all remember the Ian Sacs arrest-by Falco's daughter- and ridiculed by the judge before being thrown out of court.  Then of course, the 2 detectives dispatched to my home by Tim Occhipinti for a satirical blog post- the hour long interrogation- with my child present.

From my notes that day, August 22, 2011:
(detective's name redacted) wouldn’t answer my questions, it was like he was following a pattern, leading me, pressuring me, later inferring I had made ‘terrorist’ threats, saying an investigation “up and down Hudson Street” would be launched if I did not “cooperate”, that he would have to go back and tell his boss Sergeant Williams that I was “not cooperative” if I did not “name names” of oblique references I’d made in my satirical post. I repeatedly said that I’d need a lawyer to continue that line of questioning

I said at one point I was going to blog this police incident, and (redacted) told me that I would be arrested immediately for “interfering with an investigation."
That's a small excerpt of 4-typewritten pages.  Oh, yes.  Just a little sampling to give you folks the flavor of what some (not all) bad apples on the HPD do for friends.

Now for the Chadwick incident.

Last night around 8 or 8:30 pm 'Batman' and 'Robin' were walking to the PATH station on Washington Street where they approached and stopped by 2 'beat' cops.  Out of the blue, the police asked them for   ID. 

Were the dynamic duo doing anything wrong?   

No.  So why were they stopped?

One cop said something like "Robin might have warrants out."

Ooh... get the picture?

Either opposition research found these old warrants and 'gave' them to the HPD or the HPD was asked to scour Chadwick's records.  All this in the middle of a 'crime wave'- a string of unsolved Hoboken burglaries  and 2 Hoboken beat cops were dispatched to nail ROBIN for decade-old traffic warrants.

Do you recall that 2 weeks ago, Perry Klaussen 'forgot' to show up for a court date with Chadwick, who charged him with criminal coercion.  And the judge issued a bench warrant for the arrest of  Klaussen.

That's right. A 2-week old bench warrant.

If the HPD has TIME to enforce open 11 year-old Weehawken traffic warrant against Chadwick, how about picking up Klaussen who's got a 2 week-old open bench warrant?

OK, so here's a question.

Which man do you think the police body searched and  handcuffed to a bench?
(a) The guy who didn't show up for a March 6th court date and under bench warrant.

(b) The guy who's charged him with criminal coercion, who had an outstanding 11-year old warrant for a U-turn in Weehawken?

Can anyone guess WHO the Hoboken police arrested?

I hope no one's Hoboken home was robbed at the time 2 cops on street patrol were arresting Robin for his 11 year-old illegal U-turn in Weehawken. 

Message to Rory: this is how they roll.

My story has yet to be told.

(Updated... 30 minutes later!)

Da Horsey is reporting that Perry Klaussen was arrested on March 8th by the HPD and kept it hush hush...


  1. i remember sometime in the 80 a bunch of people got summons on old tickets non of us knew about....i and many went to court to fight it....the courts just dropped them all since they were so old. Now reading this.... 10 yrs??? 7 yrs i thought was the limit to keep it on the dmv books?

  2. We need a civilian complaint review board, NOW!

  3. Another disgusting but not surprising alleged abuse of power. There's surely an unfortunate pattern with the HPD. Not only overt, but also convenient "benign neglect." Sadly, it also taints any who endeavor to do a good job.

    Oracle's suggestion is excellent. Who & what need to be mobilized for the board's creation? Who has the ultimate authority to ensure it happens with some efficacy?

    As for Klaussen's reported 3/8 arrest by not-the-HPD, MBB is curious about the details. Any attorney involved? How about any terms of "release"?

    (As an aside: Separate from the unfortunate arrest scenario, how amusing that Mr. Chadwick has an alter ego as the sidekick to Hoboken's madcap Caped Crusader. Does Mr. C.'s store perhaps also carry a line of gently-used super-hero costumes, in addition to fancy-brand accessories? MBB is curious about the impetus for appropriating the Batman-accessory persona....)

  4. while this nonsense is going on, the gutters off of OLG church and Chase on River St. gets robbed!! F'n incredible! why do we have to put up with this mickey mouse stuff?? I am more than angry!

  5. meanwhile, a bank one block from police headquarters is robbed in broad daylight. good to know the cops in this town have their priorities straight.

  6. lots of copper on that building that burnt down on 3rd and Washington......did they sell that copper? Just wondering about these robberies of copper? And geeezzz there are so many cameras by Chase....this crook has to live close???


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