Take Her Money

My friend Al Sullivan has been reporting that Union City Mayor and NJ State Senator Brian Stack has been wooing Hoboken's unpopular Councilwoman Beth Mason- even considering her to run for the State Assembly on his ticket.

As the new, self-appointed Mason for Assembly Chairwoman, GA would like to say to Mayor Stack: DO IT!

First of all, GA would like to say I LIKE Brian Stack.   He always sends me a birthday card.

Don't laugh. I'm not joking.  How many of you out there sent me one of these last year?

Or one like this the year BEFORE?

So wipe that smirk off your face.

Brian Stack is thoughtful and kind.  To me.  And that's what matters.

OK, so he's not thoughtful and kind enough to let Hoboken residents swim in his gorgeous swimming pool in Union City, but more thoughtful and kind than those who didn't send me a birthday card this year.  Or last.

Like YOU.

Union City's beautiful public pool

So, I do wish him well, and am going to vote for him- again and again.

And I beseech you, Mayor Stack: please, please... pull up the Brinks truck at her Hudson street address, and fill 'er up!  

As her Campaign Chairperson- she's ALL YOURS!  Put her on your ticket and GET HER OUT!


Um, I mean, to Trenton... where her special talents will be pumped dry... uh, I mean, 'appreciated'.

Beth Mason for NJ State Assembly- 33rd District


  1. I wonder how Senator Loretta Weinberg will feel about Beth Mason's design on the state assembly in Trenton, having broken every anti-wheeling law to get there.

    Isn't Mason a big Menendez supporter and isn't he on the outs with Stack? Or was that last week?

    Does Mason wheely think she can win any elected office with a recall campaign happening?


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