ANOTHER Defamation Suit Against H411?

GA got a tip the other day on a  Patch posting detailing an alleged $4.75 million dollar defamation suit  by a local business against Hoboken411.

For those 'regular' Patch readers and discussion participants, you know that a rash of comment- deleting has infected that place.  Posts disappear faster than a box of Twinkies at... you know.

It began around March 15 with a clean sweep of 'Reform' comments- GA had 24 deletes that day.  The delete notifications were received 6 days later, on March 21-  'no reply' messages (see screenshot below) which say this:

Your contribution has been removed from the site because your neighbors on Patch flagged it three times for being inappropriate.

Now it appears an Old Guard operative is deleting their own posts along with 'ours' to accuse Reform of 'censorship'.

Childish, no?

Well, I bring this up because GA couldn't find the post alleging the Klaussen suit.  It must have been  deleted.

So I asked around, who  might know of yet another Plaintiff suing Klaussen.

GA did hear back about several businesses who might have an axe to grind, but nothing substantive enough to post.  Except for this tip from one source:

I heard someone in town has a beef with him. might be the telemarketing place at HBC that had a beef with 411 about the SCAM posting and video from a few months ago? Perry was asked to take down the post and he didn't. The telemarketing company was indeed legit and does employ people that do very well.  A disgruntled employee didn't understand the job and after a week quit because he didn't read the job right and thought he was owed 2k or some shit?

A lot of people are after him. I would assume its the telemarketing place.

The story was written without perry calling to ask questions. perry never called for facts, just posted the videos and story based on what some guy that doesn't live here had to say.  Libel. Maybe these are the people going after him? 
Does this ring a bell with any of you?

Not with GA, who doesn't dive in cyber-dumpsters.  Here's the piece:

A representative of the company using the moniker 'Reputable Company' posted this rebuttal below:
Rebuttal to the Ridiculous & False Allegations against Diamond Enterprises of Broward & its Affiliates.

There are 2 sides to every story so we are hoping you read this rebuttal with an open mind & do not judge this company from what one disgruntled ex-employee alleges without fully understanding what the job entails.

First of all, we wanted to thank everyone that is reading this report as it shows you are a very educated person just trying to do research on a company. We give all of our reps a full accounting of every single appointment they write with the phone numbers so you are able to call them back, find out why they didn’t show up & reschedule them. Quite often, they always show the second time around. How would you be able to perform your job properly if you’ve quit after a week? We all get paid on commission, based on the customer showing up to the presentations. We have reps that have made in excess of over $1,000 in a week & have the paycheck stubs to prove it. We also have the same reps working with us since inception.

You will never find a company that is more dedicated to helping their reps make a nice living every week. “From working 10 AM -10 PM every day verifying every appointment that is written” to “Solidifying the Appointment with the spouse re-pitching the deal for you” to “Confirming every appointment the day before & the day of” to make sure YOU as the rep makes a nice paycheck every Friday. We all work together as a TEAM to ensure you making a nice paycheck every week.

Contrary to this ex-employees beliefs, we of course are a reputable firm, otherwise these huge corporations that we are under contract with would not be affiliated with us or hire us to do their marketing. Sales are Sales even though we do not sell anything, you need to have sales experience to do telemarketing & you need to build up your pipeline. You don’t just work for a week & then quit. Just as with any real sales job like selling Stocks, Commodities, Biz opps, etc… You need to give it some time at least 2-3 weeks before your pipeline starts to snowball from one week to the next. If you view his video, he doesn’t even add up the commission correctly what was paid to him. 3 shows x $80 each = $240, not 120 as he stated. If you also view his other videos posted, he plays with pet crabs, talks to himself on subways & strangers at restaurants. He obviously is not operating on all 8 cylinders.

Scam, Scam, what Scam? The only Scam here is this ex-employee posing as a sales person. He will soon realize that there are repercussions for ones actions. We have given him ample time to remove the video & he has not complied. A civil lawsuit is currently being filed with our corporate attorney for slandering our company, recording the management’s voices & obtaining video without anyone’s authorization or consent. To make matters worse for him, he video taped the entire thing. At this point, we really don’t care if he removes the video or not as we have the evidence saved on our computer. So there’s no question if he did it or not. Guilty as Charged.

The claim amount for disparaging our company name & damages will be in upwards of over $10,000 so it will not be in small claims court. We will keep everyone posted as to the outcome.

We encourage anyone who is seeking employment & would like to earn a nice living working 10-4 or 4-10 PM, not selling anything, setting up appointments on a predictive dialing system to please inquire within to the address below. We don’t interview YOU. You can interview US. Good Luck & we look forward to YOU hiring US to help YOU become an essential ingredient to our successful money making team. $$$$

Thank you & let’s all have a Profitable Day!!!

50 Harrison Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030
So, there you have it.   

Getting between a disgruntled former employee and the corporation he/she is maligning is NOT a place any third party in their right mind should insert himself.

The operative words are "in their right mind."

Because repeating libelous and defamatory allegations which result in damages to a business make that person an accessory to the libel.


So, GA has no idea if this is the suit that coming down the pike, but it is one that is 'out there' according to Diamond Enterprises of Broward.