The SIX DAY Bombshell

What did he know and when did he know it?
This one comes on the heels of yesterday's discovery that on July 22, 2009, political operative  Lane Bajardi had given an impassioned defense of Mayor Cammarano to retain control over zoning appointments SIX DAYS AFTER the mayor had 'sold' zoning variances to Solomon Dwek at The Malibu.

Bajardi had vigorously defended Cammarano, calling the proposed legislation a "fork in the eye, sour grapes ordinance" that was based on "assumptions and innuendo " with "no basis in fact".

It seems the F.B.I. disagreed with Cammarano's designated City Council pitch man.

Because the very NEXT DAY after Bajardi implored the City Council to allow Cammy to KEEP zoning appointment control, the FBI dropped the net and arrested Cammarano along with 43 others in a sting that received nationwide attention.  And spawned the NY Times bestseller, The Jersey Sting.

Apparently, 'the one that got away' is so afraid of this story that Patch was hit with a rash of deletions last night- many but not all, linking this story.  No joke, people.

THIS is the post they targeted... I must have re-posted it 15 times, no kidding.  It was gone this morning, so here's the latest re-posting:

Now, his idiot wife, Kim Cardinal (Curious Gal), is posting links to their Nazi-gate smear of yours truly.  Yawn.  See what I put up, people to expose these rats?

That is supposed to distract you-all from this bombshell: hubby Bajardi participated in the effort to maintain the sale of zoning variances by then-Mayor Peter Cammarano AFTER Cammy had committed the crime.

The question is: WHAT did he know, and WHEN did he know it?

Was he duped into being pitch man for a crook, or was he in on the operation?  Was there compensation given (or promised) for his pitch at the City Council?  Remember, Bajardi's pitch for Cammy was six days AFTER Cammy sold variances to Solomon Dwek.

Man, that smells bad.

I have to ask my legal department, Not-Stempler what that all means... if he can spare me a little time.

On another note, GA got an email this morning: 
1010wins just did a story on Hoboken "crime wave" .... Hoboken used to be known as a safe place now know for its recent break-ins???

Wonder who pitched THAT story!?

(spouse) just heard it too and came downstairs to ask..... He never asks! He thought it was weird too. Jesus, between him Novack and Maureen... No one will want to live or shop or work or go to school here ... Wonder what their prize is for that winning strategy??
"Hoboken crime wave"?  Jeez. 

Are we living in 'Fort Apache', the Bronx?  Why is 1010WINS promoting Hoboken, of all places, as a city under siege?

Oh wait... our 6-Day Man works there. 

Here is the Hoboken his ilk work 24/7 to 'promote': rotten parking, a terrible business climate- Chamber of Commerce President Mike Novak telling the Wall Street Journal "the jury is out on Washington Street," a crime wave on 1010WINS,  rogue BoE members ranting about our terrible' schools... yeah, according to these anti-Zimmer operatives and elected officials, Hoboken is a shit hole.

If only they'd succeeded in killing our hospital; they TRIED so hard.  At least they did kill a $4.5M   simple garage bond refinance so now taxpayers get LESS tax relief than they SHOULD have.

So 4 idiots on the City Council- Russo, Mason, Occhipinti, Castellano- could claim 'victory' over the mayor.  Because if it hurts her, then it's good.

Sick, isn't it?

So, these 4 and their operatives will keep spreading the 'bad' word about Hoboken: don't come here, don't live here, don't do business here, don't educate your children here.  If you own property, watch your property values drop as these imbeciles disparage this city.

Well, back to the 6 Day Man...

GA is in touch with Patch's Editor, Claire Moses, who is certainly not responsible for last nights wave of comment deletions- all those deleted were critical of the 6-Day Man and his political operative wife.  It looks like she is getting to the bottom of what went wrong over there.

Hopefully, there is an innocent explanation.



    robberies ae never good news but this seems a bit overblown.

  2. There is a crime wave across Hudson Co, the Hudson County IA was raided twice, there's Riccardi, Cammy, Ange,Corea,Anthony Russo, Shaeffer, Shaw and many others in this crime wave.

  3. odd that all of a sudden there is a rash of robberies? Have they found this group or person....and the people being robbed...are they a specific target group?
    "something's rotten in the state of Denmark"

  4. just hear on channel 5 news about a rash of robberies in hoboken.....come on .......


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