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After a blogging-hiatus, former Assistant to the Hoboken School Superintendent, Dr. Anthony Petrosino, re-emerged yesterday under his Patch moniker Passkey to do what he does: attack Kids First.

Petrosino has been nursing a vendetta toward these School Board members since he was let go in 2009.

In fact, his contract was not renewed.  He'd signed a contract on April 7, 2009 which expired on June 30, 2009.  Petrosino then sued the Hoboken Board of Education for 120 days 'back pay' from September 1, 2009 to December 31, 2009 on the premise that he hadn't been given 120 days notice that his contract would not be renewed.

Of course, this was impossible since there were less than 120 days between the signing of the contract (April 7) and it's termination (June 30).

Petrosino lost.

Hoboken Board of Education then counter-sued because he'd been overpaid for the months of July and August; his summer contract (2 months) had been approved for less money and no benefits, but  his pay and benefits had not been adjusted. 

Hoboken won- the district retrieved the amount of overpayment from Petrosino- $3200.00.

 GA believes that hard feelings drive Petro-Passkey's continued involvement with Board of Education politics.  Though he's been gone for 2 1/2 years, he still posts every BoE meeting agenda on his academic blog  and coordinates with  political operatives on talking points, feeding them links to articles on his blog which are critical of Kids First. 

What's really peculiar about that?

He lives and works in Austin, Texas.  

And has for years.  When he was making $144K in his full-time position here, he was also teaching a class at a college in Austin.

Do you think I'm kidding?

See for yourself.   Straight from his deposition on January 10, 2010 in the suit, Dr. Anthony J. Petrosino vs. The Hoboken Board of Education.

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Now, GA found some of that mighty confusing.

He lives in Austin but votes in Hoboken?  He pays taxes in NJ but is not sure he pays state income tax on his Texas earnings?  He's not sure where his bills go?  (I'd love to send mine to Texas)

Anyway, GA doesn't understand why someone living so far away continues to act as a partisan, injecting himself into local School Board politics, and frankly, acting on a personal vendetta against selected School Board members- at the expense of the kids in our public schools.

Like mine.

Constructive suggestions and good ideas are always welcome, but GA hopes the good Doctor keeps the poison close to home.  That's Texas.


  1. http://www.utexas.edu/president/

    I would suggest that we make an organized effort to write or call the President of Austin University, Texas, and inform them about the Mr Anthony Petrosino's corruption. Petrosino's direct bosses do not care that he was basically stealing Hoboken taxpayers' money by pretending he conducts business in Hoboken. They don't care because the guy brings money to the university and the rest does not mater. Exactly, money corrupts even the academicians.

  2. I do not know this guy but I do know that Austin is paradise, and anyone who has the good fortune to live there and yet remains preoccupied with settling scores in a town thousands of miles away truly lacks an appreciation of life and needs to wake up and smell the roses.

    If I may be so bold, I suggest Dr. Petrosino try the honey-dipped chicken and biscuits brunch at Hoover's, 2002 Manor Road, followed by a dip in Barton Springs, a hike out at Enchanted Rock and then perhaps a bit of brisket at Ruby's, 29th and Guadalupe. If he's still nursing Hoboken disgruntlements after that, then I throw my hands up and say he truly is beyond help.

    1. Mmmmmm... those are some great suggestions, Polly. Especially that honey-dipped chicken. (Can you get it with a salad?)

      If ever end up on Death Row, that's what I'm ordering for my last meal- with a bowl of Heath-bar Crunch ice cream.

      Yummmmm. Thanks for the tips.

  3. Grudge-nursing with petty vendettas has long been a popular contact sport in the petri dish of Hoboken politics. Some folks can never cut the umbilical cord of spite.

    (Not unlike what happened to Santa Fe or Hoboken for that matter, Austin's unique character has apparently suffered from "discovery." For awhile now, Austin has reportedly become less of the "paradise" it once was & it was always an oasis in the desert of Texas cowboy conservatism. Only further fouled by the presence of a hack like Petrosino.)


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