Y Now? Because You'll Save $25

Spectacular view from the Liberty House Restaurant in Liberty State Park

... on the price of tickets to the fabulous YMCA Spring Gala!

If you purchase your tickets BEFORE midnight tonight, you will save $25 on each!  WOW!

And for all you cheapskates out there (like me) doesn't that just make your heart go pitter-pat?  I LOVE to save money.  Why do you think I buy generic microwave popcorn instead of Orville Redenbacher?

By all means, do take advantage of the lower ticket prices- which will rise like GA's blood pressure tonight when Tim Occhipinti opens his mouth at the City Council.

So, here are a few words from my dear friend, Paul Sommerville, President of the YMCA Board of Directors:

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

Don’t miss this opportunity to welcome spring. Kick up your heels to the tunes of “Swingadelic” at this important charitable event to benefit the Hoboken-North Hudson YMCA. The bountiful buffet will be outstanding, including vegetarian items and choices for those observing Lent as well as a signature white sangria cocktail created for this occasion. www.libertyhouserestaurant.com

Tickets are still $ 150.00 (61.36) tax deductible). Take advantage of this lower price and purchase your tickets before midnight on Wednesday when the price will rise to $ 175.00. www.brownpapertickets.com/event/224671

Parking will be validated and our event is wheelchair accessible.


Paul J. Somerville
President, Board of Directors


  1. EVERYONE, PLEASE GO!! Fun, fun, fun & such a wonderful institution to support!

    (GA: Generic or otherwise, solid research now indicates microwave popcorn is actually toxic. Best to go back to the air-popper.)

  2. Oh for sure, MBB air pop is the best for you nutritionally speaking but in my book it just ain't great popcorn unless it's made stovetop with the popcorn re-united with a little bit of corn oil, popped the old fashioned way and drizzled with melted butter. Call me a romantic but the way I choose my battles, if my popcorn doesn't make my hands greasy why bother. Otherwise one is missing out on one of life's simple joys. Please don't rat me out to my doctor. But definitely lay of the microwave popcorn until they ratchet up the regulations in 2015.

    BTW last one to buy a ticket to the Y's and Mr Sommerville's "Spring Gala" is a rotten egg! Well, okay, strike that, maybe not the last one to buy a ticket, rather then anyone who doesn't buy a ticket. Please support this great cause.


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